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20 Best Most Popular Soups in Nigeria. Please watch the ONE-minute video for a better understanding >>>>>

Most Popular Soups in Nigeria
Most Popular Soups in Nigeria

Soups are particularly essential in Nigeria since they are served with swallows such as Eba, Amala, Fufu, and Semo.

Soups in Nigeria come in a variety of flavors. You will, in fact, be spoiled for options.

Are you looking for Nigerian soup recipes? Find out more about the greatest West African soups to try and pair with your African swallow meals!

If you know anything about Nigerian food or West African cuisine in general, you know that their soups are very tasty and finger-licking wonderful!

What are Nigerian soups? Soups in Nigeria

Soups in Nigeria are cooked with a lot of, well, everything! From animal proteins to palm oil, leafy greens, and spices, abundance is usually the name of the game.

If I said Nigerian soups are what wonderful dreams are made of, I wouldn’t be exaggerating!

The delectability of their flavors, the mouthwatering variety of aromatic scents, and everything involved in preparing them,

Meals in Nigeria are divided into two categories, the most popular being Fufu, or Swallow foods, which are frequently served with one of the many soups in Nigeria. It is appreciated by both adults and children at all hours of the day.

Rice, spaghetti, yams, potatoes, and other foods fall into the other category.

Which Nigerian tribe makes the most delicious soup? In Nigeria, which tribe cooks the best soup?

The Igbo are without a doubt Nigeria’s best cookery tribe. Check out the most popular Igbo soups and dishes listed here: >>>

Which Nigerian state has the best cooks?

In Nigeria, the Efiks of Cross River state is often recognized as the best cooks. They offer a wide range of dishes that are popular throughout Nigeria.

Are Nigerian soups healthy?

If you’re on a low-carb diet, soups in Nigeria are a great option. Furthermore, many Nigerian soups mix delicious flavors from a variety of ingredients, including palm oil, crayfish, fermented locust beans (iru), proteins, vegetables, and spices, to create a nutrient-dense delicacy.

What do soups in Nigeria taste like?

One of the best things about soups in Nigeria is that they are all unique in flavor. Instead, they all have different flavors that range from sweet and spicy to nutty and unmistakably African. Nigerian soups are well-known for consistently being tasty.

What do you serve with Nigerian soups? Nigerian Eba and Soups

I recall telling you that in Nigeria, soups are not eaten alone, but rather with additional meals such as eba, semo, fufu, and wheat. Swallow is a generic term for all of them.

Garri (eba) is unquestionably Nigeria’s most popular swallow. Soup is always served with eba.

Other Nigerian swallows include pounded yam and tuwo shinkafa, but the options change as you move from one ethnic group to the next.

For a low-carb alternative, I replace these high-carb fufu meals with keto-compliant ones. Cauliflower fufu, cabbage fufu, and eggplant amala fufu are just a few of the items that go well with the soup.

Here’s a list of some delicious soups in Nigeria! Nigerian soups are in the top 20 list.
Ikong Edikang

People from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states make Edikang Ikong soup. It’s made using a lot of pumpkin leaves, water leaves, and a variety of meats, including beef. It’s quite nourishing.

Riro Efo

Efo Riro is a hearty vegetable soup popular among the Yoruba people. Efo shoko is one of the veggies that can be used to make this soup (green amaranth). If this isn’t available, spinach will suffice.

Soup with bitter leaves (Ofe Onugbu)

In eastern Nigeria, bitter-leaf soup is quite popular. The name “bitter leaf soup” can discourage you from eating it. This is not the case, as the traces of bitterness are removed by squeezing and washing the leaves several times.

Miyan Kuka

This soup is made from baobab leaves. It is mostly eaten in northern Nigeria. As a result, if you find yourself in that area, order a dish of Miyan Kuka with Tuwo Shinkafa (mashed rice).

Abak Atama

Abak Atama Soup is a wonderful soup famous among Akwa Ibom’s Ibibio people. The name comes from the two primary ingredients, Atama Leaves and Palm Fruit Concentrate (Abak).

Egusi Soup 

Nigerian Egusi Soup is one of the country’s most popular soups. This delectable soup is sought across the country and beyond, and it is loved by everybody.

In Africa, melon seeds are used to make Nigerian soup. When served with fufu foods, this nutritious soup, which is high in vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, tastes delicious.

Soup Ogbono

Ogbono Soup is another delectable Nigerian soup. In Nigeria, the soup is known as “draw soup,” which means “slippery soup.”

Ground African mango seeds are used to make ogbono soup, which is high in calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

Soup with Banga (Ofe Akwu)

Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu) is a Nigerian soup that will leave you speechless with its wonderful flavor. This soup is one of a kind, and few people can resist it.

Banga soup has a nutty, earthy flavor and is sweet and spicy. Traditionally made using marine seafood and palm nut concentrate, it can also be made with meat if desired.

Soup with Okra (Okro soup)

Another slippery soup is okra soup (or Kro soup). Its slimy nature may put you off at first, but if you give it a chance, this soup will convert you into an okra fan.

When sliced or grated, okra is inherently slick, yet it has a long list of health advantages. Smoked catfish, goat meat, fermented locust beans (‘iru’), and palm oil are commonly used in the soup.

Soup Ewedu

Another soup that is simple to make is Ewedu Soup. This soup is made with jute leaves that have been ground or blended, crayfish, bouillon, cayenne pepper, and iru (fermented locust beans). If you don’t live in Nigeria, you can buy leaves frozen.

Soups from Nigeria

Here is my second list of Nigerian soups, which includes both popular and ethnically diverse Nigerian soups.

Nigeria is home to over 400 ethnic groups, each of which has its own soup, with similar ingredients but slightly different preparation methods.

  • River State Native Soup
  • Gbegiri Soup
  • Nsala Soup (White Soup)
  • How to Make Afang Soup
  • Delta Banga Soup and Starch
  • Ofe Owerri

Questions People Ask about the Soups in Nigeria

What is Nigeria’s most popular soup?

Ogbono soup is the most popular of Nigeria’s draw soups. It originated in western Nigeria, but it is now enjoyed by people throughout the country.

The main ingredient, Ogbono seeds, inspired the soup’s name.

What are Nigerian soups?

Because they contain starchy ingredients/thickeners (in brackets), the following Nigerian soups are NOT low carb: Bitterleaf Soup, Ora Soup, and Rivers Native Soup (cocoyam), Nsala Soup (yam), Owho Soup (garri and/or starch), Egusi Soup (melon seeds), Groundnut Soup (peanuts/groundnuts), Gbegiri Soup (black-eyed or brown beans)

What are the healthiest Nigerian soups?

Edikang Ikong soup is considered one of the most healthy Nigerian soups due to its high nutritional content, which includes protein, vitamins B1, B2, and E, fiber, folic acid, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and potassium.

Top 10 Nigerian soups ~ 10 types of soups
  • Chicken and sweet corn soup; • Creamy chicken noodle soup; and • Cream of cauliflower soup.
  • Asian chicken noodle soup.
  • Australia’s most popular pumpkin soup.
  • Chicken and sweet corn soup.
  • Lamb shank and pasta soup.
  • Curried lentil and pumpkin soup
Top 20 Nigerian soups

Watch the video above for a complete guide to the top 20 Nigerian soups.

Yoruba soups that are popular in Nigeria.
  1. Efo Riro.
  2. Egusi.
  3. Ewedu
  4. Ila Alasepo.
  5. Marugbo.
  6. Waterleaf Soup. This is one highly underrated Yoruba soup.
  7. Obe Ata
What is Yoruba best soup?

Ewedu soup

This is a top Yoruba dish with a distinct flavor. The good news is that it is a nutritious dish that is simple to prepare.

What is the name of Yoruba soups?

Àbùlà is a soup popular among the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria. It is usually eaten with Amala, but it can also be eaten with other swallowed foods.

Abula literally means a soup mixture, but it is most commonly associated with gbegiri (bean soup), Ewedu (draw vegetable soup), and b ata (stew).

What is the most affordable soup to prepare in Nigeria? Cheap soup to cook in Nigeria ~ the cheapest soup to cook in Nigeria?

Okro soup is one of the simplest and least expensive soups to make in Nigeria, served either plain or with stew on the side.

Or, add some oil, pepper mix, dry fish, and seasonings of your choice and serve with either eba or semo.

What is the cheapest Igbo soup?

Ofe Okra

Okra soup is without a doubt the cheapest Igbo soup, as well as one of the most popular, delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering, and finger-licking soups in Igbo land.

Ofe Okra is popular not only because of its taste but also because it is simple to prepare.

What soup can I make with 1000 Nigerian Naira in 2023?

Okra Soup

This is a delicious, simple meal that can be made with ₦1000.

Best Nigerian soups ~ what is the best Nigerian soup?

Ogbono soup is the most popular of Nigeria’s draw soups.

It originated in western Nigeria, but it is now enjoyed by people throughout the country. The main ingredient, Ogbono seeds, inspired the soup’s name.

What are the top ten most popular soups on the planet?

The World’s Most Famous Soups • Gazpacho (Spain) • Harira (Morocco) • Laksa (Malaysia and Singapore)

  • Yayla Corbas (Turkey)
  • Minestrone (Italy) • Tom Yum (Thailand)
  • Tortilla Soup (Mexico) • Verde Caldo (Portugal)
What is the world’s best soup? What is the No 1 soup in the world?

With a rating of 4.63 out of 5, Filipino sour soup is voted The Best Soup in The World.

Taste Atlas has named Sinigang the Best Soup in the World,

Sinigang has been named the Best Soup in the World by Taste Atlas – and rightly so, during the international food database’s annual 2021 Awards!


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