Creative and Fun Ways to Present Nigerian Swallow

Nigerian swallow presentation comes in many ways for any type of swallow . There’s no limit to the shapes and sizes you will get. is a website that is committed to promoting Nigerian foods and presentation to the world.

For this tutorial, we decided to explore and share beautiful and fun Nigerian swallow presentations.

Check out the presentation below for any type of swallow such as; Eba, Pounded yam, Fufu/Akpu, Amala, Semolina/Semovita, Cornmeal, wheat meal etc.

The Nigerian Swallow Presentation

Shape 1: The roll

I have been seeing pictures of this unique method of presentation for a while. But I first saw it at Dunni of Dooney’s Kitchen where she shows step by step on how to put the roll together.

The eba roll
Nigerian swallow presentation :The eba roll

Shape 2: Croissant Design

Using the same flattening method used while rolling the eba:

  1. Firstly, use a large knife or pizza cutter, cut out triangles from the rectangle starting from the far edge of the rectangle.
  2. Then, cut a small slit in the middle of the triangle,
  3. Lastly, using both hands, hold on to each end of the triangle base and roll it to form a crescent.
eba presentation - Nigerian swallow
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Shape 3: Ball Pyramid / the Ice Cream Scoops

It is very easy to present, and in whatever way you end up arranging each scoop depends on how innovative you are.

Nigerian swallow presentation – eba-puff-puff


Simply wet your hands and roll the swallow into small balls. You can also achieve this faster by using a scoop with a trigger.

Shape 4: Zen rocks design

This presentation was inspired by the “Zen rocks” arrangement, a symbol of calmness

zen rock design
Nigerian swallow presentation – zen rock design


Zen-rocks shaped pounded yam
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  1. Firstly, wash your hands, and then keep it moist. Take a lump of the pounded yam and rub finely between your palms until flattened.
  2. Then repeat and stack each ‘rock’ on top of each other. I got this inspiration from www,

Shape 5: Heart-Shaped Eba

This is another fun method of presentation and connecting with kids.

heart shaped eba
Nigerian swallow presentation: heart shaped eba


  1. Firstly, take a lump of the eba and put it on a plate or a flat board.
  2. Then, dip your heart-shaped cookie cutter in cold water and press the cookie cutter through the eba.
  3. Lastly, take a knife and scrape all around the cookie cutter and over the top. Any cookie cutter works.

Shape 6: The Wrap

wrapped Eba
Creative Nigerian Swallow: wrapped Eba

This is a common method and done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Firstly, pile the pounded yam unto a piece of cling wrap or nylon.
  2. After that, grab the ends of the cling wrap or nylon and wrap tightly, twirling till there are no air pockets and the eba is wrapped tightly.
  3. Lastly, remove the nylon back and you should have the natural lines on the pounded yam.

Shape 7: Eba pie and Ogbono soup


Simply AH-mazing!

Shape 8:

creative presentation of Nigerian swallow
creative presentation of Nigerian swallow

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