Top Celebrities with Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome ~ Top 10 Celebrities with Turner’s syndrome

Top Celebrities with Turner syndrome
Top Celebrities with Turner syndrome
  • Celebrities with Turner’s syndrome ~ Turners Syndrome Celebrities
  • Famous People with Turner Syndrome ~ Turners Syndrome Celebrities
Turner Syndrome Celebrities ~ the Many Health Issues Women Struggle With

Women’s health is an extremely important topic because it involves numerous general health problems that affect women of all ages.

Turner Syndrome and other hormonal conditions like endometriosis and PCOS, reproductive issues like infertility and miscarriage, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and degenerative diseases like liver and heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and diabetes are some of these.

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome

People with Turner syndrome only have one sex chromosome, as opposed to the two that a healthy person inherits.

Short in stature, those with this condition are still capable of living long lives and accomplishing great things.

Read on to learn more about Turner syndrome and famous people who have the disorder but overcame it to achieve greatness.

The condition known as Turner syndrome is much more than just the condition that made Ringo Starr’s finger shorter than the other Beatles’.

Females with this chromosomal condition have one X chromosome rather than two.

We will learn about a number of well-known Turner Syndrome sufferers because of their willingness to be open about the condition throughout their lives and careers.

Turner Syndrome (TS)

Turner syndrome sufferers may be hard to spot to the untrained eye. They seem to be ordinary people with no issues, but as you’ll soon see, this is far from the truth.

You will learn about the top ten celebrities who have Turner syndrome in this article.

What Is Turner Syndrome?

Only women are afflicted by the condition, which appears when either all or some of the X chromosome is missing

Numerous developmental issues and medical conditions, such as short stature, heart defects, infertility, social adjustment issues, and specific learning disabilities, can be brought on by the syndrome.

Another typical symptom is the failure to begin puberty. Due to Turner syndrome, puberty may not begin because the ovaries don’t develop properly.

Women with Turner syndrome typically have slightly turned-out arms, a short webbed neck, a receding lower jaw, and a low hairline at the back of the neck. The condition has no effect on intelligence.

Turnery syndrome can be identified before birth, at the time of delivery, or in the early years of life. The diagnosis is delayed because some young girls don’t show serious symptoms until they are in their early 20s.

It’s critical that girls with Turner syndrome get regular medical care. Most women can lead relatively independent and healthy lives with the right care and checkups.

Types of Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome comes in two different forms, which are as follows:

  • Classical Turner syndrome: An X chromosome is totally absent in classical Turner syndrome.
  • Mosaic Turner syndrome, mosaicism, or Turner mosaicism

These conditions are characterized by abnormalities that only affect the X chromosome in a subset of the body’s cells.

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome
Top Celebrities with Turner syndrome
Top Celebrities with Turner syndrome

Numerous well-known celebrities, including well-known musicians and athletes, have Turner Syndrome.

Despite the obstacles posed by their condition, each of these women has successfully negotiated their careers.

Here is a list of each of them with more information.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an American actress, businesswoman, and model who is best known for her work in the Fantastic Four movie and television series. In addition, she appeared in a number of other movies, such as Machete, Good Luck Chuck, Valentine’s Day, and Sin City.

Despite having Turner Syndrome since birth, she has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures.

Jessica shows success and beauty despite the challenges she faces as a result of her illness.

Natalie Gulbis

A professional golfer from California named Natalie Gulbis competes on the LPGA Tour.

However, she was given a Turner Syndrome diagnosis at age 12 before she became well-known in the golfing community.

Her determination to compete in spite of this diagnosis is admirable, and it has helped her earn four professional victories.

Despite having conditions that can present serious physical and emotional challenges, she is an example of success.

Janette Cranky

Scottish actress Janette Cranky is best known for her work in theater, television, and motion pictures.

Janette, who was born with Turner Syndrome, was determined to overcome any challenges brought on by her illness.

She attended drama school for two years before going on to become one of Scotland’s most well-known actresses and even appeared in a one-woman show about having Turner Syndrome.

She is an inspiration to others who have the same condition because of her unwavering tenacity.

Hollywood Actress Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt is a distinguished Hollywood actress best known for her parts in Kindergarten Cop, The Hot Spot, and The Year of Living Dangerously. Despite having Turner Syndrome since birth, she has been a successful actress on a global scale.

For her roles in The Year of Living Dangerously, Linda won numerous accolades, making history as the first woman to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Her accomplishments are evidence of her tenacity in the face of her illness.

American Gymnast Missy Marlowe

American gymnast Missy Marlowe was born with Turner syndrome.

She persevered in spite of the physical hardships that came with it and rose to become one of the most honored female gymnasts in the United States.

She has won a record-breaking five gold medals at the World Gymnastics Championships in 2004, among many other accolades, and in 2009, she was even inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Actress Sarah Chalke

The roles of Dr. Elliot Reid on Scrubs and Stella Zinman on How I Met Your Mother have made Sarah Chalke a well-known actress.

Despite having Turner Syndrome, she went on to become a well-known actress who provided voices for a number of television programs, motion pictures, and video games.

Her success in spite of having Turner Syndrome is an example to everyone.

Actress Mariska Hargitay

American actress Mariska Hargitay is best known for playing Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU.

She was born with Turner Syndrome, but she never let that stop her from achieving success and rising to the top of television’s most recognizable faces.

Missy is a prime example of what people with Turner Syndrome can accomplish when they are determined and work hard.

She established a foundation that focuses on spreading awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence after receiving numerous awards for her performances. Her dedication to both her craft and charitable causes demonstrates that one can succeed despite obstacles brought on by their condition.

Dr Catherine Ward Melver

Juvenile Endocrinology is Dr. Catherine Ward Melver’s area of expertise at UNC Chapel Hill Medical School.

Despite having Turner Syndrome since birth, Dr. Ward Melver went on to become a leading authority in the area.

Her pediatric endocrinology training included a focus on issues affecting girls, including those impacted by Turner Syndrome.

Her accomplishments serve as an example of someone who, rather than allowing their illness to define them, overcame adversity to succeed in a cutthroat industry.

Irish Actress, Saoirse Ronan

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is best known for her parts in The Grand Budapest Hotel and Lady Bird.

She was born with Turner Syndrome, but she was determined to become a successful actress. At the age of 13, Atonement earned her first Academy Award nomination.

She later went on to become one of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses, garnering numerous accolades and earning three Golden Globe nominations and two Academy Award nominations. Her success in spite of having Turner Syndrome is admirable and a testament to her tenacity and willpower.

Causes of Turner Syndrome

One or more of the genetic anomalies listed below result in Turner syndrome;

  • Monosomy is a condition in which the X chromosome is completely absent due to a problem with either the mother’s egg or the father’s sperm.
  • Mosaicism is a term used to describe a type of mistake that can happen during the early stages of embryonic development, such as an error in cell division. As a result, each cell in the body has just one X chromosome. Consequently, the X chromosome is present in two copies in some body cells. The X chromosome is only present in one copy in other cells.
  • X-chromosome abnormalities; X chromosomal regions may be damaged or absent. One complete copy and one modified copy are present in every cell. Each cell in sperm or eggs contains one healthy copy and one mutated copy of this error.
  • Alternately, an error in cell division during the early stages of embryonic development may cause only a few cells to carry an uneven or incomplete copy of an X chromosome. (above-mentioned mosaicism).
  • One copy of the X chromosome is present in some cells in a small percentage of Turner syndrome cases, while in other cells, one copy of the X chromosome is present along with some Y chromosomal material.

Although they are biologically female, having Y chromosomal material increases their risk of developing the cancer gonadoblastoma.

Effects of Turner Syndrome

See the list of complications related to Turner syndrome below.

  • Heart Abnormalities: The risk of serious consequences is increased for newborns with Turner syndrome who have a high rate of heart abnormalities or even mild structural irregularities in their hearts. The aorta, a significant blood vessel that arises from the heart and carries oxygen-rich blood to the body, is frequently harmed by heart abnormalities.
  • Hypertension (increased blood pressure): Turner syndrome patients are more likely to have hypertension, which raises the risk of heart and blood vessel damage.
  • Turner syndrome is associated with hearing loss, so deafness may be a possibility. This may occasionally be attributed to a gradual decline in nerve activity. Hearing loss could possibly result from a rise in middle ear infections.
  • Vision Issues: Girls with Turner syndrome are more likely to experience strabismus (inadequate muscular control of eye movements), nearsightedness, and other vision issues.
  • Renal Abnormalities (Kidney): Young females with Turner syndrome may develop kidney malformations. These anomalies can increase the risk of high blood pressure and bladder infections even though they rarely result in health issues.
  • Autoimmune conditions: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition, increases the risk of an underactive thyroid in girls and women with Turner syndrome. (hypothyroidism). They are significantly more likely to develop diabetes. Turner syndrome can cause gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) or irritable bowel syndrome in some women.
  • Bone Development Issues: These issues raise the risk of scoliosis (an abnormal spinal curvature) and upper back forward rounding. (kyphosis). Women are more likely to have thin, fragile bones if they have Turner syndrome. (osteoporosis).
  • Lack of Mental Sharpness (Learning Difficulties): Girls and women with average intelligence are most commonly affected by Turner syndrome. On the other hand, learning challenges are more common, particularly when learning involves spatial concepts, arithmetic, memory, and focus.
  • Mental Illnesses: Girls and women with Turner syndrome may find it challenging to interact socially and are more likely to develop attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD).
  • Infertility Issues: For the majority of women, Turner syndrome is the main factor contributing to infertility. Only a very small percentage of women will be able to conceive naturally, and some may need fertility medication.
  • Pregnancy Complications: The majority of pregnant women with Turner syndrome are more likely to experience problems,

Before getting pregnant, women who have heart conditions, such as aortic stenosis or high blood pressure, should speak with a cardiologist.

Treatment of Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a hereditary condition that is irreversible. The main method of treatment for this disorder is symptomatic.

Growth hormone therapy

Early diagnosis of growth retardation in children is treated with growth hormone therapy. The benefits of this therapy extend into adolescence. Growth hormone dosage is based on the condition and response.

Estrogen Therapy

Instruction is given to maintain the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics during puberty. To maintain optimum health, it is frequently used in conjunction with growth hormones. Until menopause, estrogen should be administered.

Living with Turner syndrome

You can still lead a healthy life if you have Turner syndrome, despite the diagnosis. Although there is no cure, there are treatments that can improve your health and lengthen your life.

Injections of growth hormone may help children with Turner syndrome grow taller.

The development of breasts and pubic hair, which are secondary sex characteristics, can also be assisted by hormone therapy. It is frequently administered at the start of puberty.

Turner syndrome can prevent some women from getting pregnant, but donor eggs can help.

Your gynecologist can refer you to a fertility specialist if you want more information about the various techniques.

You can deal with emotional issues as well as any other issues that come up as a result of your condition by finding a support group for women with the condition or talking to a counselor.


People with Turner syndrome face prejudice because of how they look. It’s possible that they also experience other anxiety or depressive disorders.

Many well-known Turner syndrome patients have admitted that the idea of telling the world about their condition made them experience panic attacks.

While undesirable physical traits like a webbed neck or short stature cannot be changed, problems with renal function and impotence can be treated.

Once they accept that they have the condition, many people with Turner syndrome go on to have children and lead relatively normal lives.

People also ask

Does Nicole Scherzinger have Turner syndrome

Nicole Scherzinger did not show Turner syndrome facial features, she only spoke of her experiences with bulimia

Who suffers from Turner syndrome?

One in every 2,000 newborn girls is affected by the genetic condition known as Turner syndrome, which only affects women.

In contrast to the typical 2, a girl with Turner syndrome only possesses one normal X chromosome.

When the baby is conceived while still inside the womb, this chromosome variation occurs at random. The age of the mother has no bearing on it.

Can you live a normal life with Turner syndrome?

Despite these physical issues and others, a girl with Turner syndrome can live a typical, healthy, and successful life with the proper medical attention, early intervention, and ongoing support.

Can a woman with Turner syndrome give birth to a healthy child?

Turner Syndrome-affected fetuses are rarely born alive in pregnancy. Most result in the loss of early pregnancy.

Most Turner syndrome sufferers are unable to conceive naturally. Up to 40% of women with Turner syndrome conceived using donated eggs in one study.

Has Turner syndrome got a cure?

Turner syndrome has no known treatment, but many of its symptoms can be managed.

Is Turner syndrome good or bad?

Numerous medical and developmental issues, such as short stature, ovarian failure, and heart defects, can be brought on by Turner syndrome.

How long do people with Turner syndrome live?

What is the prognosis for those who have Turner syndrome? For women with Turner syndrome (TS), the prognosis, or outlook, is typically favorable.

Turner syndrome may have a slightly shorter life expectancy, but by having the associated conditions checked for and treated, women with TS can expect to lead essentially normal lives.

Do girls with Turner syndrome experience menstruation?

The majority of girls with Turner syndrome do not produce enough of these sex hormones, which means that without female hormone replacement therapy (HRT), they may not fully develop breasts or start sexual development but not finish it. They might not naturally begin their monthly cycles.

Can Turner syndrome occur in twins?

There is a reported monozygotic identical twin pair with the 45, XO Turner syndrome. Interestingly uncommonly for monozygotic twins with Turner syndrome, the twins shared the same phenotype.

According to reported patients with Turner syndrome, monozygotic twinning is reportedly the most prevalent type of twinning.

Can a woman with Turner syndrome do IVF?

Turner women who struggle with infertility can benefit from oocyte donation

Before IVF, adequate hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) is required. Particularly for these women, only one embryo should be transferred at a time to prevent pregnancy complications.

Can Turner syndrome cause death?

One of the main causes of death in Turner syndrome is cardiovascular disease.

The oldest living person with Turner syndrome

Meet Rita, a 78-year-old TS patient who feels extremely fortunate to have survived this long despite some hardships.

Turner syndrome Jessica Alba ~ what syndrome does Jessica Alba have?

Imposter syndrome

Alba also discussed her experiences as an entrepreneur, her drive to ensure that other women don’t have to go through the same difficulties, and how even she sometimes experiences feelings of imposter syndrome.

“I know that I’ve knocked down some walls, and climbed some hills and done all that,” she says.

Missy Marlowe Turner syndrome ~ American Gymnast Missy Marlowe

Another famous person with Turner syndrome who has accomplished great things in her life is Missy Marlowe.

She participated in artistic gymnastics competitions and joined the US team that participated in the Pan American Games in Indianapolis.

Noonan syndrome Celebrities with Turner syndrome ~ is Noonan the same as Turner syndrome?

But the two disorders differ greatly in many significant ways. Males and females are both impacted by Noonan syndrome, and both have a typical chromosomal makeup. (karyotype).

Turner syndrome, which is characterized by abnormalities affecting the X chromosome, only affects females.

The Turner syndrome patients – What are the effects of Turner syndrome on a person?

Turner syndrome is a condition that only affects females and is brought on by a missing or partially missing X chromosome.

Numerous medical and developmental issues, such as short stature, failure of the ovaries to develop, and heart defects, can be brought on by Turner syndrome.

Janette Krankie Turner syndrome ~ which celebrities have Turner syndrome?

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome 2023

Linda Hunt is an actress in Hollywood. You probably already know Lydia Susanna Hunter if you’ve watched the popular CSB series “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

  • Missy Marlowe, an American gymnast, etc.
Facial Features of Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is characterized by prominent ears, a low hairline, a webbed neck, a small chin with dental malocclusion, and downward-sloping palpebral fissures on the face. (the opening between the eyelids).


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