A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life

A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life. Please watch >>>>>

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A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life, an Overview
A Tea That Cures Cancer
A Tea That Cures Cancer

Soursop is a popular fruit in traditional medicine. The fruit, also known as Graviola, may have a number of health benefits.

Soursop, on the other hand, is a green fruit with a rough exterior and a smooth, creamy interior. It’s common to compare the flavor to pineapple or strawberry.

Soursop extract may be able to stop the spread of cancer or improve the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments, according to some claims.

It is also said to have medicinal properties.

How Soursop Saved My Life Testimony ~ Soursop Stories Still Creating Stir

According to, and I quote;

‘DISCOVERY BAY, St Ann: ON THE verge of death Yvonne Kirlew was, nearly a decade ago.

The chemotherapy to destroy her lymphatic cancer was apparently killing her too. But her husband, Raymond, was determined that she wasn’t going to leave him.

He nursed her through a dreadful time of pain and near-death moments, and cancer went into remission.

But, alas, it came back. And Raymond’s war on cancer started all over again, and this time around he went to nature for help.

He acted upon the information that the leaves, stem, and bark of the soursop tree, found all over Jamaica, were more powerful and less debilitating than chemotherapy.

Daily, he has been feeding Yvonne the drink extracted from the leaves and the bark of the soursop tree, and Yvonne has been cancer-free since January 2010.’

Yvonne and Raymond Kirlew’s story is well documented by this newspaper. The reaction to the articles was overwhelming.

Readers from all over the world called or emailed to get more information and to contact the Kirlews.

The last article was published in The Gleaner on Saturday, August 20, last year, but their story continues to captivate people.

This story was published: Saturday, November 3, 2012, | at 12:00

What is Soursop?

Soursop is a tropical fruit native to the American tropics that is also known as a custard apple, guanabana, guayaba, graviola, or Brazilian paw-paw.

It has a greenish-yellow color, prickly skin, and creamy, white flesh and is grown on the Annona muricata tree.

Its flavor is often described as a cross between strawberry and apple, with a hint of citrus thrown in for good measure.

It’s most common in Caribbean, South American, and Southeast Asian cuisines, where it’s used in beverages, syrups, and ice creams, as well as eaten raw.

A typical serving of this soursop fruit is low in calories while being high in fiber and vitamin C.

A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of raw soursop contains:

  • Calories: 66
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbs: 16.8 grams
  • Fiber: 3.3 grams
  • Vitamin C: 34% of the RDI
  • Potassium: 8% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 5% of the RDI
  • Thiamine: 5% of the RDI
A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life

Soursop also has a trace of niacin, riboflavin, folate, and iron.

Surprisingly, many parts of the fruit, including the leaves, fruit, and stems, are used medicinally. It can also be used in cooking and applied to the skin.

In recent years, research has also revealed a number of health benefits for soursop.

25 Soursop Health Benefits You Need to Know – How soursop saved my life

This soursop fruit is high in vitamins and minerals, and it has been shown to have anti-cancer properties.

In this blog post, we will look at the health benefits of soursop and how this delicious fruit can help you feel better.

Soursop fruit fights viruses and kills cancer cells.

  • Soursop tea can help lower blood pressure
  • It can help lower blood sugar levels
  • Soursop fruit delays premature aging.
  • Boost immunity and strengthens the immune system.
  • Good for the skin and makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Soursop fruit strengthens bones.
  • Soursop fruit reduces cholesterol.
  • Help controls weight gain.
  • It makes hair shiny and strong
  • Soursop fruit purifies the blood.
  • Soursop fruit enhances memory.
  • Relieves menstrual cramps.
  • Soursop fruit/ tea regulates menstruation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Soursop fruit is rich in vitamin C.
  • Soursop fruit treats cough and cold
  • Improves digestion and relieves constipation.
  • Soursop fruit promotes good sleep.
  • It helps to heal wounds.
  • Soursop fruit protects the liver.
  • Help eliminates bad breath
  • Soursop fruit relieves stress
  • The fruit help stimulates appetite.
How do you eat soursop?

Soursop is commonly consumed raw by cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh.

Fruits vary in size and can be quite large, so it is best to cut them into several portions.

A typical serving of this fruit is low in calories while being high in fiber and vitamin C.

How to Make Soursop Leaves Tea ~ A Tea That Cures Cancer

Soursop tea is made by boiling fresh or dried soursop leaves in hot water.

Three to four young leaves are usually enough for one serving; otherwise, the tea can be too strong.

After the leaves have been boiled, the tea should be steeped for 10 to 15 minutes before serving

While most people drink soursop tea without milk, others do. It is best served as green tea without milk.

How to Make Soursop Juice ~ Juice that Cures Cancer

 Soursop Juice Recipe ~ 3 Ways

  1. Soursop Mashing
  2. Hand Straining
  3. Juice Process Blending
  • Choose a ripe soursop. Look for a fruit with green skin that can be indented with your thumb when you apply light pressure.
  • Soursop should be washed under running water.
  • Remove the peel from the fruit.
  • Pour the milk or water over the soursop into a large mixing bowl.
  • Squeeze the fruit between your palms.
  • Remove the mashed soursop’s seeds and fibrous core.
  • Pour the juice slowly through the strainer into the bowl.
  • Other flavoring ingredients can be added as desired.

Before pouring the juice into glasses, give it one last stir. Serve chilled or with ice.

Soursop Tea Side Effects

Soursop has some potential risks in addition to its numerous health benefits.

According to research, the fruit and tea made from the leaves may mimic the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Furthermore, studies indicate that it may interfere with diabetic or high-blood pressure medications.

Well-known cancer organizations continue to advise caution:

“Experts advise against using the fruit to treat cancer,” according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Graviola has anticancer properties in laboratory research, but there is no human data to back this up.

There is no proof that Graviola works as a cancer treatment, according to claims by Cancer Research UK, a nonprofit organization based in England.

Questions People Ask About a Tea That Cures Cancer

Dried soursop leaves benefits

Anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-parasitic properties are found in the leaves.

These leaves may aid in the fight against tumor cells, inflammation control, anemia treatment, blood glucose regulation, and oral health protection.

Why is soursop illegal

Soursop, also known as Guanabana, is illegal in the United States due to toxins that harm the body’s system.

Some of the fruit’s properties preclude its importation into the United States from other countries.

When a tropical fruit, such as soursop, has so many health benefits, accepting its side effects becomes difficult.

What are the health benefits of soursop leaves?

Soursop may have antibacterial properties. According to one study, an extract may be capable of killing a large number of bacteria including strains that cause gum disease and cavities

Another study discovered that soursop extracts may help to fight cholera and Staphylococcus bacteria.

5 health benefits of soursop leave ~ what does soursop leaf cure?

Herbalists use soursop fruit and graviola tree leaves to treat stomach ailments, fever, parasitic infections, hypertension, and rheumatism.

It is also used as a sedative. However, claims of the fruit’s anti-cancer properties have received the most attention.

Soursop cancer benefits

Furthermore, studies on cancer cells and animal tissue indicate that soursop can:

  • Suppress prostate cancer cells and reduce prostate size in rats.
  • Cause apoptosis (cell death) in lung cancer cells;
  • Inhibit colon cancer cell migration and invasion; and
  • Stabilize breast cancer cells
Can I use dried soursop leaves?

Soursop tea is made by boiling fresh or dried soursop leaves in hot water.

Three to four young leaves are usually enough for one serving; otherwise, the tea can be too strong.

After the leaves have been boiled, the tea should be steeped for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

What are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves? A Tea That Cures Cancer

Furthermore, soursop tea benefits include:

  • Promoting healthy digestion;
  • Preventing constipation; and
  • Containing anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Fight bodily inflammation.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Assist in the prevention of heart disease.
  • Fight various types of bacteria; and
  • Aid in better sleep.
Soursop and menstruation Benefits You Should Know

Soursop juice is known to have menstrual-supportive properties.

According to research, it can improve the overall quality of menstrual blood flow by increasing blood flow and improving cervical mucus quality.

It can also aid in the prevention of cramps and inflammation. Furthermore, the sourness of the juice can aid in the removal of toxins and bacteria that may be causing irritation or pain.

Soursop and Cancer

Potential benefits

Furthermore, laboratory studies on cancer cells and animal tissue indicate that soursop can suppress prostate cancer cells and reduce prostate size in rats causing lung cancer cells to apoptosis (die) and colon cancer cells migration and invasion to be inhibited.

Is soursop more potent than chemotherapy?

“Sour Sop, also known as graviola or (Spanish guanabana) by many, has been known for centuries for its medicinal uses and properties.

According to research, it is 10,000 times more potent than the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin.

Soursop side effects ~ are there any side effects to soursop?

While soursop has numerous health benefits, it also has some potential drawbacks.

The fruit and tea made from the leaves have been shown in studies to cause symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease.

It may also interact with high blood pressure medications or diabetes medications, according to research.

How to Use Soursop for Herpes ~ Is Soursop Effective for Herpes?

In comparison to the negative control, the results showed that 1% soursop seed extract stopped MDV infection with no plaque formation and no difference in physiological condition.

These findings suggest that soursop extract has the potential to treat herpesviral infection in both human and animal hosts.

Can soursop be used to treat infections?

Soursop was found to be effective against a variety of bacteria, including strains that cause gingivitis, tooth decay, and yeast infections.

Another test-tube study found that soursop extract was effective against the bacteria that cause cholera and Staphylococcus infections.

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