Avocado Smoothie for Fertility: Benefits of Smoothies & Juices

Avocado Smoothie for Fertility: Benefits of Smoothies & Natural Juices

Health Benefits of Avocado Smoothie for Fertility
Health Benefits of Avocado Smoothie for Fertility

Are you trying to conceive? Avocados may help you become more fertile and have a healthier pregnancy!

When it comes to having a baby, fertility and nutrition are crucial. Fortunately, there are a variety of tasty foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins and can help with fertility.

One of the most often jingles we hear as ways to improve our conception is to eat correctly and maintain a healthy weight, but less talked about is adding a cup of smoothie or natural juice to our daily meals.

Avocado Smoothie for Fertility

Nothing beats a good smoothie to get your day started and prepare your body for whatever comes your way.

When you’re trying to conceive (TTC), there’s nothing like a tasty Fertility smoothie to keep you nourished

The reproductive advantages of smoothies and natural juices are enormous and unquantifiable. During my investigation, I discovered that avocado can help with fertility.

There are three reasons why avocado fruit may aid in conception:

  1. Contains a lot of nutrients

Avocados are high in folate (folic acid), a vitamin that is important for preconception health.

  1. Healthy Fat – Fat that is good for you

Avocados are high in fat, but it’s the good kind! Avocados’ unsaturated fats can aid in blood sugar regulation, inflammation reduction, and heart disease prevention.

  1. Phytonutrients-dense

Avocados also contain phytonutrients, which may help to protect cells. Avocados may be used to produce wonderful dips, dressings, salads, sauces, and even smoothies when paired with other fertility-boosting foods like yogurt and lime juice.

What is a smoothie, exactly?  Avocado Smoothie for Fertility

A smoothie is a drink made by mixing fresh fruits together into a creamy consistency. It’s made up of a number of different fruits. It is distinguished from fruit juice by its creamy texture and looks.

Smoothies are thicker by nature than fruit juice and include more fiber. They’re produced by blending together a variety of fruits in a blender.

What is fruit juice?

Fruit juice is a drink produced from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables using a juicer or extractor.

Many retail packet juices are simply sweetened and colored liquids laced with preservatives, and hence cannot be described as “natural” fruit juice.

Avocado Smoothie for Fertility | Fertility-Boosting Smoothies for Him and Her

Smoothies appear to have a special power when it comes to improving your fertility.

There are many fertility-friendly smoothies, but one that is highly recommended and stands out above the others is the avocado smoothie.

The butter fruit or alligator pear is another name for avocado. Because of the large number of nutrients, it contains, it is considered one of the world’s best foods.

Avocado is abundant in nutritious monounsaturated fatty acids and contains roughly 20 vital elements.

The Avocado Structure – Avocado Smoothie for Fertility

The avocado is structurally similar to a human uterus, and it matures into a ripened fruit in exactly nine months (the same amount of time it takes for a typical pregnancy to reach full term in humans).

Nutritional science has taught us that if something appears good, then it’s good for it.

This suggests that any food or fruit that resembles a part of the human body is useful for treating diseases related to that specific part of the body.

Celery, for example, is fashioned like human bones, so it’s no surprise that celery juice is advised for persons with osteoporosis (a bone disease).

Also, when sliced, the carrot mimics the eyes, and I recall my optician particularly instructing me to eat more carrots to improve my vision.

Walnuts are shaped like brains, so it’s no surprise that they’ve earned the moniker “brain food.”

The avocado seed resembles a baby in the womb, and the avocado is shaped like a uterus.

Avocado Smoothie for Fertility for Him and Her


Avocado is derived from the Greek word ‘ahuacatl,’ which literally means testicles. They were given this name because they grow in pairs and the fruit dangles from the tree-like testes.

Avocado is high in Vitamin E, also known scientifically as tocopherol, which literally translates to “to bear a child” in Greek, where it was created.

Avocados are also high in folic acid, which is suggested for all women who are trying to conceive.

What more evidence do we require that this lovely fruit is extremely beneficial to fertility?

Because of its propensity to boost a woman’s childbearing potential, the Aztecs (a tribe in Mexico where avocado is planted the most) referred to avocado as the “fertility fruit.”

Avocado has been demonstrated in studies to improve a woman’s fertility by up to 30%.

How Do Make the Ultimate Fertility-Boosting Smoothie-Avocado Smoothie for Fertility

Avocado smoothies are not only nutritious and good for fertility, but they’re also very easy to create.

It can be made in less than five minutes. Avocado and banana are usually the only two components in my avocado fertility smoothie.

If you’re going to consume your avocado right away, be sure it’s ripe. The avocado’s quality can be determined by its color and how it feels when touched.

When you touch an unripe avocado, it’s usually bright green and quite hard; the harder it is, the longer it’ll take to ripen.

The ripe one is a little deeper in color and has a soft, but not mushy, texture.


  • Two medium-sized avocados
  • 2 medium-sized bananas
  • A pinch of lime (optional)


  1. With a knife, cut lengthwise through the avocado separating the separated portions.
  2. After that, pull out the seed.
  3. Then, gently peel away the outer layer of skin.
  4. Fourthly, to make blending easier, chop the avocado into smaller parts.
  5. In a blender, combine the chopped avocado and banana.
  6. Finally, blend until a creamy consistency is achieved.
  7. Dish out

If you want to drink it right away, add some ice cubes to taste.


Refrigeration is a good way to keep it fresh.

Benefits of Avocado Smoothie for Fertility
  1. Avocado smoothies assist to keep hormones in check. Avocado is high in sterols, which help to balance hormones by controlling estrogen and progesterone, the two most important hormones for fertility.

To attain the intended result, it is recommended that you consume continuously for at least one month.

  1. It boosts the success percentage of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. According to Harvard researchers, women who eat avocado and drink the smoothie are more likely to become pregnant than women who do not.
  2. Avocado includes a significant quantity of fiber and good fat, which makes you feel full and content, making it ideal for people who are attempting to lose weight.

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