Dried Goron Tula: How to Use Goron Tula Fruit When Dry

Dried Goron Tula – Many people are unsure how to use Goron Tula fruit, especially when it is dry.

Yes, indeed! The fruit can be extremely dry at times, to the point where purchasers mark them as “Poor.”


Dried Goron Tula How to Use Goron Tula Fruit When Dry
Dried Goron Tula How to Use Goron Tula Fruit When Dry

During harmattan, you’re more likely to come across this kind of very dry Goron Tula with mold.

There are a few explanations for this.

One of them is Goron Tula’s resemblance to kola nut, which causes it to behave similarly to kola.

The name comes from the Tula tribe in the north and means “kola.”

The fruit, on the other hand, becomes strong and hard during harmattan in order to protect itself from injury.

Some also start to grow mold.

This does not, however, imply that the fruit has lost its vitality or that it is unhealthy.

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We had reached out to people in the community where we source the fruit in the northern part of Nigeria, highlighting the issue that people have.

Dried Goron Tula: How to Use Goron Tula Fruit When Dry?

They clarified that just because the fruit is dry doesn’t mean the juice is gone. Some also say that this is when the compound becomes more concentrated and therefore works better.

We also inquired about how to use the miracle fruit when it is dry, and they provided instructions.

Basically, they said the first thing to look for is if the fruit is the same color (chocolate) as the picture above and not only dry and dusty but apply this process:

If you’ve checked that the color is the same as the one shown above, follow the steps below.

  1. Clean Goron Tula with cold water (I mean the water you drink)
  2. Remove the seeds from the fruit and wash the inner part to remove any mold that might be present.
  3. Fill a kettle halfway with drinking water, set it on fire, and bring to a boil.
  4. Strain the water into a cup, then add the pulp or flesh to the warm water. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the pulp and set it aside to dry. This is the stage at which the Goron Tula is edible. You’ll find that it’s slimy and fluffy now.

Furthermore, preparing Goron Tula in this manner helps the juice in the flesh or pulp to come out well while maintaining the flavor.

They also said that allowing it to go through this phase makes it more potent.

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This method is also beneficial since certain people want to drink the water used to soak the fruits.

Since the fruit was soaked after it was washed and the water you boiled was clean, the water is safe for you to drink if you so wish.

Dried Goron Tula Powder Conversion

Converting the pulp (flesh) to powder is another choice you might consider. All you have to do now is cut the seeds and check for ants inside. Yes, indeed! Ants can be attracted to the dryness.

After removing the seeds, bake them in the oven to dry them out even further. Then, take it to a mill and request that it be ground to powder.

If the fruit is not fully dry, the machine will waste your Goron Tula. Keep in mind that it contains slimy juice.

You should mix the powder into your water and drink or lick it that way. It will also produce the same effect.

Dried Goron Tula – The Seed’s History

Some people have even inquired as to what they should do with the fruit’s seed.

We know the seed is useful, but we don’t know exactly what it can be used for. It’s something we’re really looking into.

It has been suggested that after it has been dried and reduced to powder, it can be used for private part cleaning.

Diabetics, according to others, may benefit from it as well. When you chew the seed, it tastes salty, which may indicate that it reduces blood sugar levels.

If you have any additional questions on Dried Goron Tula and how to use Goron Tula or other uses for the fruit, please refer to our previous posts, which are also linked here.

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