Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size

Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size


  • Can fenugreek seeds or methi seeds help increase breast size?
  • Amazing Use of Fenugreek Essential Oil for Breast Enhancement
  • I am unhappy with my breast size. They are too small. Will eating fenugreek seeds help?
Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size ~ an Overview?

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) has traditionally been used to treat menopausal symptoms, and digestive problems, and to induce childbirth.

Today, it is most commonly used to increase breast milk production and, in much higher doses, as a source of dietary fiber.

I am unhappy with my breast size. They are too small. Will eating fenugreek seeds help?

Fenugreek seeds contain estrogen-like substances, which may explain why they are thought to help increase breast size.

However, there is insufficient scientific evidence to determine whether it is truly beneficial.

Some believers recommend rubbing its paste directly on the breast to increase its size because it absorbs directly into the breast tissue.

However, it is best to consult a doctor before beginning in order to avoid overdoing it. You would be better off doing exercises that target the pectoral muscles, such as strength training.

Benefits of Fenugreek in Summary


  • It increases testosterone levels.
  • Increase breast milk production
  • Beneficial for breast enlargement
  • Lowers blood sugar levels and relieves constipation
  • Lower bad cholesterol
Fenugreek and Breast Size ~ Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size

Breast size is determined genetically and is determined by the fat-to-other breast tissue ratio.

Aside from the temporary enlargement that occurs during pregnancy and nursing, the only natural way to increase the size of your breasts is to gain weight – the amount of fat in the breasts varies as you gain or lose weight, while other breast tissue remains constant.

While I would not recommend gaining weight to enlarge your breasts (unless you are currently underweight), exercise to build and strengthen your pectoral muscles can make your breasts appear larger.

Other natural methods for increasing breast size


Exercise is one of the most effective natural ways to increase breast size. It can help to strengthen the pectoral muscles, the muscles beneath the breasts, and the breast bone.

Planks, push-ups, wall presses, and chest presses can help firm and perk up your breasts.

Yoga poses such as Ustrasana, Bhujangasana, Stabdhasana, Dhanurasana, and Vrikshasana can also help to improve the appearance of your breasts.


Your diet has a direct impact on your physical appearance.

Eating junk and sugary foods can prematurely age your skin and cause your body to gain weight.

Choose nutritious foods that will help your body stay fit while also making your breasts look better in shape.

Consume plenty of vitamin C and estrogen-rich foods, such as papaya, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, and nuts.

Use the right bra

Wearing the proper bra size is critical for maintaining your breast shape.

Breast sagging can be caused by wearing the wrong bra size, and wearing a bra that is too tight during puberty can impede blood circulation and affect breast growth.

Wearing the proper-sized bra can provide adequate support and comfort.

Good posture

Maintaining good posture can also benefit your breasts significantly.

Practice back strengthening exercises and maintain good posture while walking and sitting.


Fenugreek essential oil is not suitable for everyone. Some people may develop allergic reactions or experience skin irritation.

Before applying the oil to your breasts, perform a patch test on your skin. If you are breastfeeding, avoid applying the oil to your breasts.

Ways to consume methi seeds ~ How to use fenugreek for breast enhancement?

If you’re concerned about your breast size and want to try fenugreek or methi, follow these steps:

  • Eat methi sabzi or thepalas to increase natural estrogen production.
  • Soak a few methi seeds in water for a few minutes. Strain the water and drink it the next morning.
Other methods include;
  1. Make a Fenugreek paste

Fenugreek seeds should be roasted and ground into a fine powder. Make a smooth paste with a little water.

Massage the paste into your breasts gently and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash it away with plain water. It will produce noticeable improvements in breast size and firmness.

  1. Apply fenugreek essential oil

The most basic and straightforward method of using fenugreek for breast enhancement is to apply the oil directly to the breast and gently massage it.

Mix a few drops of fenugreek essential oil with carrier oil in your palm. Gently rub it in a circular motion. From the outside, bring your hands to the center.

Do this for at least 15 minutes every day to see results.

  1. Take fenugreek seeds orally.

Fenugreek is a popular herb in Indian cuisine. Consuming fenugreek seeds may increase estrogen production in the body and aid in breast enhancement, according to research.

Fenugreek capsules are also available for oral consumption, but they should only be used under the supervision of a doctor.

A word of warning

Try not to consume too much fenugreek, as any food should not be consumed in excess.

Because fenugreek is a highly hormonally active herb that rapidly increases estrogen, it is best to consult a dietician or doctor before consuming it in large quantities (such as including it in every meal every day) to increase breast size.

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