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Fish Market: Top 10 Popular Seafood Markets in Lagos

Fish Market: Top 10 Popular Seafood Markets in Lagos

Top 10 Popular Seafood and Fish Markets in Lagos, Nigeria | Most Popular Best Fish and Seafood Market in Lagos

Lagos is the ideal habitat for fish because it has an abundance of freshwater, a moderate climate, and few natural predators. And for those who know how to catch them, that is a lucrative industry.

fish market near me in Lagos

Fresh seafood may be found in several locations in Lagos, including fish markets, Ijora Olopa, Ikorodu, Makoko Yaba, Apapa, Oyingbo, Epe, and Ajegunle. These locations are ideal for anyone who enjoys fishing or wants to expand their culinary horizons.

Are you trying to find the day’s fresh catch? Lagos and Port Harcourt are two of Nigeria’s most well-liked cities for seafood enthusiasts. In addition to roadside shops selling fresh fish from nearby markets, the city is home to a large number of eateries.

Here is where to discover Lagos’s freshest and tastiest fish and seafood if you’re thinking about visiting this West African city.

Fish Market: Is Fish Healthy?

Fish is a wonderful source of healthy protein, particularly omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s one of the best meals for your diet, according to studies, but only if you acquire it from a reliable source.

Sadly, seafood adulteration and pollution are on the rise in Africa, where this isn’t always the case.

It’s preferable to trust your local seller to steer clear of fish that may have high amounts of mercury or other toxins. You must become knowledgeable about their methods to distinguish between those that are reliable and those that aren’t.

There are several ways to identify if a vendor isn’t as reliable as you might believe, ranging from those who offer frozen raw fish by weight to those who sell smoked and salted fish. Suppliers that sell crabs, prawns, crayfish, and lobsters are among those that sell these products.

The following is a list of items to consider before purchasing fish in Lagos: What do we check for when buying fish?

Buy Right (Purchase Correctly)

  • Fish should smell clean and fresh, not sour, ammoniac, or fishy.
  • The eyes of a fish should be bright and clear.
  • The entire fish should have firm meat and odorless red gills.
  • There should be no drying out, staining, or darkening around the margins of fish fillets.

Makoko Fish Market: The Best Place to Buy Seafood

The fish market in Makoko plays a big role in the local economy. Fishermen bring their catch here to sell, and customers who come to buy fresh seafood and fish include locals, traders, and restaurants.

In addition to providing fish to other sections of Lagos and the surrounding environs, the fish market in Makoko is a vital source of income for the locals. It has a significant impact on Lagos State’s economic activity.

Makoko Fish Market Location: How to Get There

On the coast of mainland Lagos, across the Third Mainland Bridge, is an unofficial community known as Makoko. The majority of the settlement is on land, with the remaining third situated on stilts beside the lagoon.

Makoko is a village that is technically an illegal settlement and is situated in Yaba, Lagos, on the mainland of Lagos. As of July 2023, the Makoko slum is home to about 300,000 people.

The floating market at Makoko Fish Market is a remarkable sight, with traders selling a variety of fish and marine goods from their boats.

 Other Seafood and Fish Markets in Lagos

Lagos has a thriving fish market and seafood industry. Lagos is therefore among the greatest locations to think about if you’re looking for where to get seafood in Nigeria.

These are a few well-known fish and seafood markets in Lagos State:

Epe Fish Market

On the outskirts of Lagos, Epe is a town that is rapidly developing and well-known for its vibrant fish market. It provides an extensive assortment of fresh fish and seafood items. When fishermen bring in their catches early in the morning, the market is usually bustling.

Owode-Onirin Fish Market

Owode-Onirin Fish Market, a significant hub for fish and other seafood trade, is situated in the Lagos mainland area. It is a busy market that is open all day.

Ikoyi Fish Market

Located in the posh neighborhood of Ikoyi, this market serves both neighborhood customers and eateries.

It may not be as big as some other markets, but it still has a respectable assortment of fresh fish.

Oyingbo Market

Fish and seafood are among the many items sold in Oyingbo, a sizable market. This is a busy market where fish goods are sold, both dried and fresh.

Ijora Market for Fish

The range of fish and seafood alternatives available in this market is well known.

Traders and consumers congregate in this bustling marketplace to purchase and sell seafood.

Ojah Market – a popular seafood and Fish Market in Lagos

The Ojah market in Badagry is located close to the Nigerian border with the Benin Republic.

It serves Nigerians as well as Beninese. For the residents of Badagry, fishing is an important industry.

Eating only fish is a frequent practice there, particularly during supper. The next time you visit Badagry, make sure you purchase fish from this market.

Nigerians are in great demand for the delectable smoked fish that the women of Badagry are skilled at creating.

Apapa Fish Market ~ a popular seafood and Fish Market in Lagos

Are you a seafood fan? This seafood market is located in Apapa and offers a wide selection of seafood, such as crab, shrimp, and periwinkle. Huge fish will be staring back at you with wide eyes.

Numerous baskets of your desired fish species are available at Apapa Fish Market. There are mostly wholesalers available in the market for individuals who want to go out and resell. Shopping there has the added benefit of a canoe ride.

Liverpool Fish Market: Well-Known Fish and Seafood Vendor in Lagos

The Apapa Fish Market is located near the water, beneath the Liverpool Bridge, and across from the Liverpool Roundabout, which has a police checkpoint.

In the meantime, people travel from all around Lagos and beyond to visit the Liverpool market. The market is highly known for its fresh fish, smoked fish, and crayfish that are sold locally.

Commercial structures, including malls and banks, are on either side of Liverpool Road. One of the most crowded roads leads to the Apapa GRA.

In front of the riverfront market, the boat owners also exhort clients to use their services right away.

Victoria Island Fish Market – Popular seafood and Fish Market in Lagos

Numerous locals and visitors congregate between Victoria Island and Lekki to purchase fish from the fish vendors.

The best spot in Lagos to get fresh fish is the well-known fish market located on Victoria Island behind the Nigerian Law School Bus Stop.

Fish of all sizes can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, lagoon, and creek.

Falomo Bridge – Popular Fish and Seafood Market in Lagos

Local women fishermen bring fresh fish from the nearby lagoon and sell it here, below the Falomo Bridge, for a fair price.

If you live in Lekki or on Victoria Island, making fish pepper soup for family and friends is a simple task.

Why, if you haven’t already, should you visit Makoko Fish Market?

Popular Fish and Seafood Market in Lagos, Nigeria

Why you must visit Makoko Fish Market if you haven’t

Experience Culture: Both residents and visitors can have a distinctive cultural encounter at the Makoko fish market. It offers a chance to experience the Makoko community’s customs of fishing and selling fish, as well as to become familiar with the native way of life.

Economic Significance: The fish market contributes significantly to the local economy by giving many local fishermen and fishmongers a valuable source of income. It acts as a center for the trading of fresh fish, which provides a substantial revenue stream for the local populace.

Sustainable Fishing Practices: Visits to the Makoko fish market can help spread the word about the significance of sustainable fishing methods.

Viewers have the opportunity to observe directly how fishing is done, which could spark conversations about protecting fish stocks and the environment.

Culinary Exploration: The Makoko fish market provides foodies with the opportunity to experience a diverse range of freshly caught seafood and traditional Nigerian meals. It’s a great spot to sample cuisine and treats from the area.

Community Support: You may also show your support for the Makoko community and its people by going to the fish market.

The prosperity of the market immediately affects the livelihoods of the neighborhood’s traders and fishermen, boosting the local economy.

Photography and tourism: The Makoko fish market is a popular destination for photographers and travelers looking to take genuine pictures of Nigerian life because of its welcoming environment, vibrant boats, and bustling activity.

Recognizing Social Difficulties: Makoko is a well-known informal neighborhood with a variety of socioeconomic issues that is perched above the Lagos Lagoon.

Visits to the fish market can help foster a deeper understanding of these issues by shedding more light on issues with housing, urban growth, and fundamental infrastructure needs.

Top Best Fish Joint in Lagos: Fish Lagos

Some of Nigeria’s greatest eateries and cafes may be found in Lagos.

It makes sense that it is home to some of the trendiest eateries and bars in all of West Africa, in addition to a burgeoning startup environment.

The best places to get fish and chips in Lagos are listed below; give them a try the next time you’re there.

What are the best seafood restaurants in Lagos?
  • Ocean Basket, Victoria Island
  • Ocean Basket, Ikeja GRA.
  • Kingfisher Africa.
  • 788 on the sea.
  • Noir Restaurant
  • The Fish Lady
  • Red Snapper Lekki: Sea Food | Cocktail Bar
Seafood Restaurants in Lagos
  • Ocean Basket Victoria Island
  • The Sky Restaurant
  • Ocean Basket Ikeja GRA
  • MFOD Seafood, Wings and Grill
  • Fusion Restaurant
  • Sabor Lagos
  • Artisan House
  • 788 On the Sea
Best Fish Markets in Lagos

What is the name of the popular market in Lagos?

  1. Balogun Market. Every day, Balogun Market in Lagos attracts a significant number of visitors from all over Nigeria.
What is the largest food market in Lagos?
  • Mile 12 Market is the largest food market in the city.
  • Alaba market is known for all kinds of electronics for good prices [PM News]
  • The Epe fish market is the best for fish and all things seafood.
  • Balogun Market is the best place to buy Aso Ebi, lace, textiles, and clothing materials.
Which is the biggest fish market?

The world’s largest fish market, Toyosu Market in Tokyo, Japan, has replaced the former Tsukiji Market with a modern infrastructure and at least the same capacity.

Dried fish market in Lagos
  • Apapa Fish Market Apapa Lagos
  • Makoko fish market
  • Mama Vee Dried Fish
Where is the fish market in Makoko located?

This seafood market is situated in Yaba, Lagos. You can enter through Iwaya, Sabo, Adekunle, or the Third Mainland Bridge exit to get there. The traffic conditions at the time largely dictated my route.

What time does the Makoko market open?

The early bird gets the worm.

The layout of this market places the seafood vendors in a central plaza where they can sit and sell their goods.

Since I arrived at the square around 1 p.m. on my first visit, it was essentially deserted. I got amazing deals from my acquaintance who grew up in Yaba, but I got even better deals the second time I visited there. I discovered the reason.

Makoko fish market Lagos ~ What local government is Makoko?

Makoko is a riverbank community in Lagos State, Nigeria’s Mainland Local Government Area. With over 100,000 inhabitants, it is located between latitudes 6.28 and 6.29 and longitudes 3.12 and 3.13.

The biggest fish market in Nigeria

Nigeria’s largest fish market is the Oluwo fish market.

The largest fish market in Lagos State is the Oluwo fish market, sometimes referred to as the Epe fish market. It is situated in Epe, Nigeria’s Lagos State.

Does Nigeria have lobster?

Nigerian lobsters are among the most expensive seafood items worldwide.

Boasting a juicy flavor, these can be boiled or grilled, enjoyed on their own or in combination with your preferred dishes (pasta, rice), or included in regional cuisine; just let your creativity flow.

Where to buy lobster in Lagos
  • Makoko fish market
  • The Fish Shop
  • Everythingnaijapot_seafood
Which is the biggest fish market in the world?

Toyosu Market, Tokyo, Japan, the world’s largest fish market, replacing the former Tsukiji Market, has at least the same capacity but up-to-date infrastructure.

Where to buy seafood in Lagos
  • Makoko fish market
  • Seafood Supply Fairy
  • Everythingnaijapot_seafood
Stockfish market in Lagos ~ Cheapest Fish or Stockfish in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Oyingbo | Welcome to Lagos’ Largest Seafood Market
  • The Biggest and Cheapest Stockfish Market |Cemetery Market
A Fish Market near me
  • Greenery Foods
  • Seafood market
  • Orile Pedro
  • Seafood Supply Fairy
  • Seafood market
  • Balogun St