Herbs And Their Twi Names & Uses; Herbs Akan Names

Herbs And Their Twi Names and UsesHerbs Akan Names. Please Watch >>>>

  • Twi names of Ghanaian herbs and plant
  • Twi names for herbs and their uses
  • Herbs and their Twi names
  • Twi name for herbs
  • Ghanaian herbs and their uses
  • names of plants in Ghana
  • Hyssop leaves in Twi
  • Fenugreek in Twi
  • List of herbs and their Twi names and uses. Herbs and their Akan names

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Herbs In the Twi Language – Herbs And Their Twi Names

Ghana is home to a diverse range of medicinal plants. They have over 2,000 herbs having Twi or Akan names.

What exactly are herbs?

Herbs are the leaves of plants that are used in cooking; they can be fresh or dried.

A spice is any other part of the plant that has been dried. Barks (cinnamon), berries (peppercorns), seeds (cumin), roots (turmeric), flowers (chamomile), buds (cloves), and stigmas of flowers (saffron) are examples of these.

Herbs are an excellent method of adding flavor and color to any food or beverage, sweet or savory, without adding oil, salt, or sugar.

They each offer their own set of health-promoting characteristics in addition to flavor and color.

Fresh herbs have a delicate flavor, so add them in the last few minutes of cooking to get the most out of them.

Health benefits of herbs – Herbs And Their Twi Names

Herbs may aid in the prevention and management of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor characteristics, which may assist to prevent blood clots. Although research is ongoing, studies have revealed that:

  • Garlic, linseed, fenugreek, and lemongrass may aid in cholesterol reduction.
  • Garlic can help persons with somewhat high blood pressure.
  • Fenugreek can aid in blood sugar and insulin activity regulation (as can linseed, flaxseed and cinnamon).
  • Garlic, onions, chives, leeks, mint, basil, oregano, sage, and a variety of other herbs can aid in cancer prevention.
  • Antioxidants in herbs, particularly cloves, cinnamon, sage, oregano, and thyme, aid in the reduction of low-density lipoproteins (‘bad’ cholesterol).
What is Twi Language and who are the people that speak it? Herbs And Their Twi Names

“Twi, also known as Akan Kasa, or Akan-speak, is a dialect of the Akan language spoken by millions of people in southern and central Ghana, primarily of the Akan people, the largest of Ghana’s seventeen major ethnic groups,” according to Wikipedia.

The Twi language is spoken by roughly 17–18 million people in Ghana, including second-language speakers; Twi is spoken as a first or second language by about 80% of the population. Twi is a tonal language, like other West African languages.”

Herbs and their Twi names and uses
  1. African tuliptree – Kokonisuo
    2. Gold coast bombax – AkonkodeE
    3. Poison devils pepper – Kakapenpen
    4. Paullinia pinnata – Tuantini
    5. Alstonia boonei – Nyame dua
    6. Siam weed – Acheampong
    7. Morind lucida – Konkroma/ngo ne nkyene
    8. Poaceae – Abirekyire abodwese
    9. Deinbollia grandifolia – Asikoto
    10.Pycnanthus angolensis – OteE
    11.Pisonia aculeata – Akobowere
    12.Scent leaf – Nunum
    13.Justicia flava – Afema
    14.Jute mallow – Ayoyo
    15.Balm – Emee (emmanex herbs)
    16.Punarnava – Aposumpo
    17.Negro pepper – Hwentia
    18.Indian-almond – Abrofo nkate
    19.Wireweed – Obrane atu ata
    20. Lantana Camara- Ananse dokono
    21.Nettle – Honhon/Bonhon
    22.Cloves – pepre or dadoa amba
    23.Mistletoe – Nkranpan
    24.Anise – Nkitinkiti
    25.Purslane – Adwera
    26.Wormweed – Ahahanhene
    27.Griffonia – Kagya
    28.Stinking weed – Nkodaankodaa brodeE
    29.Anthocleista nobilis – Owudifuokete
    30.Phyllanthaceae – Bowommaguwakyi
    31.Abelmosk -Okra/ nkruma
    32.Yellow Oleander – nnye me nnyere me (do not take me and bind me )
    33. Butterfly pea annanse trumuhoma
    34. India almond -abrofo nkatie
    35. Nettle – bonhon or honhon
    36. Basil – Akoko Mesa
    37. African nutmeg – wedie abain
    38. Guinea pepper – efon wisa
    39. African locust beans – dawadawa
    40. Fennel seed – Nkitinkiti
    41. Mint leaves – nunum
    42. Scotch bonnet pepper – kpakposhito
    43. Alligator pepper – Efon wisa
    44. Stinking fish – momone
    45. Ginger – akekaduro
    46. Black pepper – esoro wisa
    47..purslane – adwera
    48. Mucuna pruriens – aduapia
    49. Amaranthus spinosus – Nkasenkase

Every Ghanaian should know the Twi names for common plants and herbs.


Please help us with the twi names of these plants or herbs found in Ghana.

2. Rosemary spices.
3. Thyme
4. Dill seed.
5. Cedar.
6. Turmeric.
7. Orange pill.
8. Bergamot Mint
9. Ginger oil.
10. Bayleaf
11. Sage plant
12. Garlic
13. Curry leaves
14. Black pepper
15. Parsley leaf
16. Twi name for fenugreek seed
17. Twi name for chia seed
18. Organo plant

The Twi name bay leaf has piqued the imagination of many people.

What are some of the most common herbs? Herbs And Their Twi Names

11 Herbs You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

  • Basil. Here’s a big-hitter herb that’s one of the most important.
  • Rosemary. The perfume of this Mediterranean native herb is the strongest of all.
  • Oregano
  • Marjoram
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Dill
What are the 10 herbal remedies? Herbs And Their Twi Names

The DOH-PITAHC has recognized ten medicinal plants that have been scientifically evaluated to ensure their safety and efficacy. Acapulco, Ampalaya (Makiling variety), Lagundi (five leaflets), Bawang, Bayabas, Sambong, Niyug-niyogan, Tsaang-gubat, Yerba Buena, and Ulasimang bato are some of the most popular (pansit-pansitan).

What herbs are used for medicinal purposes?

A Guide to Common Medicinal Herbs

  • (Flower) Considered by some to be a cure-all, chamomile is commonly used in the U.S. for anxiety and relaxation
  • Echinacea (Leaf, stalk, root)
  • Feverfew (Leaf)
  • Gingko (Leaf)
  • Ginseng (Root)
  • Garlic (Cloves, root)
  • Ginger (Root)
  • Goldenseal (Root, rhizome)
The Bottom Line on Herbs And Their Twi Names

Culinary herbs are herbaceous plants that are used to flavor and color a wide variety of dishes.

  • Herbs have been used to flavor food, as medicine, and as a preservative for thousands of years.
  • Use herbs to enhance the flavor of practically any dish, even sweets, if you find low-fat or low-salt items dull.
  • Because fresh herbs have a delicate flavor, add them to your dish just before serving.
Frequently Asked Questions on Herbs and Their Twi Names & Uses

What is the Twi name for holy basil? What spices do they use in Ghana?

Basil is another herb usually used almost everywhere in Ghana. It is known as Akuko Besa in Twi

What is the Twi name of Paullinia pinnata?

Paullinia pinnata, a popular liana in South America and West Africa, still had an African name in 1771.

It was documented that it is used as a herbal treatment for leprosy under the local name “tondin,” which is derived from the Ghanaian Twi name “toantin” for the same species.

What is the Twi name for bitter leaf?

Because of the bitterness of its leaves, the plant is called ‘bitter leaf’ in many countries.

In Ghana, the Akans refer to it as ‘ awonwene ‘ (Twi) meaning ‘bitterness’.

Igbos from Nigeria also call it Onuigbu which translates to bitter

What is the Twi name for Clausena Anisata?

Clausena anisata (Willd) Hooke, similarly known as horsewood or ‘maggot killer’ belongs to the family Rutaceae.

It is a shrub that grows in forests and the Savannah region of West Africa as well as Ghana and Nigeria.

It is locally known in local Asante-Twi in Ghana as ‘Ayida’.

What is the Twi name for spinach?
Common name Scientific name Local name (Ghanaian)
African spinach, Amanranthus Amaranthuscruentus L. Twi/Akan: Srahansoe, Nantwibin, Nantwinkasee, Asantewa, Asibe Ga: Awsaumei, Dan, Anago mio Krobo/Ga Adangbe: Aleefu Ewe: Matonui, Moxeti, Senutsoe, Fotete, Awusagbe  Kasem: Aleefu
What is the Twi name for witchcraft?

bayikweasea – “hot” or “ma- leficent” witchcraft.

What is the Twi name for clove?


In Ghana, cloves are named as “Pepre” in Twi, and “Mbrego Amba” in Fante.

What is Calabash nutmeg Twi called?

wedeɛ aba

Calabash nutmeg:
Called wedeɛ aba in Twi, a local Ghanaian language, this spice is quite comparable to the nutmeg known by most people in the West.

But, Calabash nutmeg has a stronger taste and is often used when cooking soups and stews.

What is nunum in Ghana?

It’s known as clove basil in the East Indies and scent-leaf in parts of Africa. “Nunum” is its common name in Ghana. Great for tea, salads, pesto, and dressings

What is nunum leaves in English?

Known as clove basil in the East Indies and scent-leaf in some parts of Africa; “Nunum” is its communal name in Ghana.

What herb is called Acheampong?

Chromolaena odorata

In Ghana, the usage of Chromolaena odorata (Acheampong leaves) as a first-aid material to control bleeding is a very normal practice in rural areas.

The effectiveness of these abundant tropical leaves has not been comprehensively assessed though it is used for varied interventions.

What is the Twi name for Nauclea latifolia?

Nauclea latifolia Smith of the family Rubiaceae (Its local ‘Twi’ name is ‘Kusia’) is a scandent or straggling shrub in savannah woodland or small spreading tree, rarely over 20ft high, bole crooked; or a larger tree over 100ft high and 8ft girth, in the closed forest; rough bark; leaves 7 by 4- 5 inches; glabrous obovate.

What is the Twi name for plantain?

The communal name for plantain are Twi – borode ; Ewe – abladze ; Fante – borodze ; Nzirna – hana ; resembling banana.

What is the Twi name for Boswellia?

We are researching on adding other languages such as Ewe, Hausa, Bono, Nzema, etc, and will update you soon

Twi Names of Some Plants Used Traditionally In Ghana
TWI NAME OF PLANTS scientific name family
Onyina/ Agartha Bombax buonopozense Malvaceae
Frankaa Dua Boswellia dalzielii Burseraceae
Opampotoporopoo Bridelia atroviridis Euphorbiaceae
Baree, Opam Fufuo, Badea Bridelia ferrugina Euphorbiaceae
What is mint leaves called in Twi Ghana?

Mint Leaves are very common in Ghana. Fascinatingly, in Ghana, the local name is Nunum.

The word “mint” comes from the Latin word mentha. In Greek, the word “minthe” is rooted in Greek mythology.

What is the local name of thyme?

Thymus vulgaris is a flowering plant of the family Lamiaceae is known as thyme, native to Southern Europe and has a worldwide distribution (Hosseinzadeh et al., 2015).

What is uziza seed in Twi?

The spice is known as Esoro Wisa in Twi or Wie Din in Ga, Masoro in Hausa, Kale in Ewe, and Uziza in Igbo Nigeria.

The unique thing about this type of pepper is that the leaves are also eaten.

What is the Twi name for garden egg?

It has the African eggplant commonly known as garden eggs or (known in Ghana as nyadua in the Twi language, s3b3 in Ga, ntrowa in Fanti and Agbitsa in Ewe and solanum aethiopicum in Latin) as its basic ingredient.

What is bitter melon in Twi?

Twi name: Nyanya. English name: Bitter melon or bitter gourd.

What is the Twi name for beauty?

If you want to say you are beautiful in the Twi language, you say “wo ho ye fɛ.” “fɛ” is a Twi language adjective that describes beauty.

It can also be used to describe beauty in any gender.

What is God in Twi Ghana?

Nyame is the Twi word for god, and the Adinkra symbol “Gye Nyame” means “Nothing but God”.

What is the Twi word for ghost?

Asaman (ah-SAH-mahn) Asaman is the Twi word for ghost

What is the Twi name for pepper?

Black Peppercorns / West African Black Pepper/Tailed Pepper (English) – Esoro Wisa (Twi)

What is the Twi name for the date’s fruit?

Dates friuts in twi is call Akosuah tuntum.

What is the Twi name for lemon?
English Word Twi Word
lemon (noun) ankaa twadeɛ
What is the Twi name for the bitter gourd?

Vernacular names

Country Language/ Tribe Vernacular Name
Ghana Twi Nyanya,Nyannya, Nyina, Nyinya
Ewes Kakle
Ga Nyanyra
Adangme Nyanyla, Nyanyra
What is gbafilo?

Gbafilo (Chrysobalanus icaco) is a large, egg-shaped fruit with a rough sandpaper-like surface. The kernel which shakes freely inside is removed and ground for inclusion in pepper soups.

The fruits are usually sold in the markets by traders from the Niger Delta areas.

What is Ehuru called in English?

Ehuru, also known as African nutmeg, is a seed used as a spice in African cooking.

What is Akoko Mesa in English?

The name Akoko Mesa means “chicken dance.”

What is Ewe Efirin in English?

Efinrin, known as sweet basil leaves in English, is a very nutritional plant that is quite popular in Nigeria and known for its delightful aroma

What’s Efirin?

Scent Leaf (Efirin) is a homegrown shrub used basically as a spice for cooking delicacies due to its exceptional aromatic taste.

Scent leaves are high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, carbon, and vitamin A. The scent leaf is high in plant chemicals.

What is groundnut in Twi?


Peanuts lasan lasan. And Nkatie means groundnut in twi.

What is okra in Twi?

Nkruma. Nkrumah Language: Akan Part of speech: noun English Translation: Okra.

What is the Twi name for jollof rice?

Language: Akan. Part of speech: noun. Translation (English): Rice dish comprising of long grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables, and meat.

What is the use of Umgugudu herb?

Intolwane and Umgugudu are two traditional remedies widely in Southern Africa to treat various ailments and human diseases.

These two herbs are best in sour porridge, amahewu, and umqombothi (opaque beer).
What is the Twi name for guava?

-English Name: Guava. – Twi Name: Oguawa.

What is the Twi name for the coconut tree?

English Word;
Twi Word. Coconut tree (noun) kube dua.

What is a water leaf in Ghana?

Common names include Ceylon spinach, Surinam waterleaf, cariru, Gbure, purslane, Philippine spinach, Florida spinach, potherb fame flower, Lagos bologi, sweetheart, and Kutu bataw in Ghana from the Akan language

They grow in tropical regions as a leaf vegetable. (L.) Juss. Portulaca fruticosa L.

 Another name for Sage in Ghana?

Acheampong Atta-Boateng in Ghana – SAGE.

What is the local name for fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)?


What is the Nigeria name for Fenugreek?

In Yoruba, Fenugreek is Eru while the Hausa people call it Kimba.

What is another name for fenugreek powder? 

Fenugreek powder from the fenugreek seeds is Methi a staple spice in most Indian households.

This all-purpose herb though well-known for adding a distinct flavor to various dishes and cuisines has numerous health benefits



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