Kayamata Side Effects: Does Kayamata Have Side Effects

Kayamata side effects: Does Kayamata (Goron Tula) Have Side Effects? The dangers/risks of Kayan Mata.

Kayamata Side Effects for men and women
Kayamata Side Effects for men and women

Kayamata Side Effects: “The aphrodisiac Kayamata originated from northern Nigeria, and a northern thing, a northern passion boosting secret for thousands and thousands of years, certainly centuries,” says Jaruma, a Kayan Mata specialist.

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Kanyan mata comes from northern Nigeria, from people who speak Hausa, and is beneficial to both men and women who have decreased passion drive. Kayamata is a fantastic “sweetener” and a body intimate enhancer.

Kayamata Side Effects ~ Does kayamata have side effects?

Yes… There is no drug in the world that does not have side effects, whether it is herbal or conventional… Kayamato isn’t going to be an exception… Despite being a popular intimate stimulant or body contact enhancer from the north, kayamata has certain hazardous adverse effects that you should be aware of before using it.

Kayamata (Goron Tula) Side Effects/ Kayamata Side Effects

  • Infectious disease

Firstly, using kayamata could potentially expose your body to infections like yeast infection. In other words, your kayamata use could be the cause of recurrent candidiasis or discharge.

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of a woman’s womb (uterus), ovaries, or fallopian tubes.

Still on the subject of infection, but I’ve decided to separate it because it’s so crucial…

According to Mayoclinic, pelvic inflammatory illness is the cause of infertility in one out of every ten women worldwide.

Besides, women who use kayamata openly run the danger of bringing bacteria into their bodies and developing pelvic inflammatory illness as a result (PID).

Fever, discharge, foul odor, pain during intimacy, irregular menstrual periods, and tubal obstruction are all signs of PID.

The negative effects of Kayan Mata are highlighted.

  1. Failure of the Liver

Kayamata is a herbal supplement that, like all drugs, is excreted via the liver. Kayanmata’s constituents or metabolites may be toxic or harmful to the liver, resulting in liver failure.

  1. Kidney Failure. 

In addition, the consumed herbal medicines were excreted by the kidneys… The hazardous byproducts that may be found in this intimate enhancer kayamata can cause renal failure by shutting down the kidneys.

  1. Drug Interactions

Some medications should never be used with herbal remedies or mixtures… Some blood pressure or diabetes medicines may interact unfavorably with Kanyanmata, resulting in pharmacological toxicity or inefficacy.


Do you know whether kayamata is anything you’re allergic to? do your research and be careful before consuming kayamata because of potentially fatal allergies.

  1. Blood poisoning 

Despite the fact that this side effect has not been reported, it cannot be completely ruled out. If the active ingredient in kayamata leaks into the bloodstream, it can cause life-threatening consequences such as blood poisoning and infections (sepsis)

  1. Ailment

Putting kayamata into a woman’s body might result in major injuries and ulcers in her private area and pubic region.

  1. Is it a charm?

Lastly, many people believe that kayamata is evil and that it is utilized by women to kidnap affluent men or husbands. Some associate it with spirituality… I’m not going to get into this debate… Some people experience this as a side effect.


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