Mojito Recipe

Mojito Recipe

The mojito comes immediately to mind whenever we think of classic summertime drinks.

This delicious, traditional cocktail only requires five ingredients, making it incredibly easy to make. It’s the ideal drink to make on a hot summer day when you want to channel your inner beach bum.

Real Mojito Recipe
Real Mojito Recipe

Few drinks can match a perfectly prepared mojito for refreshingness and agelessness. A mojito tastes and feels like a summertime treat whenever you sip one throughout the year.


It was in Havana, Cuba, in the latter half of the 16th century that the Mojito first appeared. Francis Drake and his crew originally produced the beverage under the name “El Draque.”

For both medicinal and recreational purposes, it was mixed with aguardiente (the original rum), sugar, lime, mint, and lime juice to ward against scurvy.

The modern Mojito, which now includes club soda, originated from an earlier version of the drink in the nineteenth century.

What is a mojito?

The mojito is a traditional Cuban highball cocktail.

It should come as no surprise that this drink has Cuban-native rum, lime, mint, and sugar.

To make a refreshing drink, add a small amount of club soda to the mixture.

This cocktail requires a little more effort than many others because it first mashes fresh mint, lime, and sugar to release the flavors.

However, the crisp, bubbly, and subtly sweet rum cocktail—which is still among the most well-liked—makes the effort worthwhile. Mojito ingredients

Making mojitos takes a few specialized utensils, mostly a muddler, as with other drinks.

To aid in liberating their flavors, fresh fruits and herbs are crushed with this bartending instrument.

A wooden spoon handle might substitute for a muddler in your toolkit.

The main ingredients in a mojito include:

Rum: Mojitos are best made using white rum. Spiced rums should be avoided as they will mask the freshness of the lime and mint.

Mint: What you’ll probably get at your local supermarket labeled generically as “mint” is spearmint, which is most typically used for mojitos. Use mojito mint, or Mentha x villosa, a local kind of mint from Cuba that has a softer flavor than spearmint, for a true Cuban mojito.

Lime: For optimal flavor, use freshly squeezed limes.

Smooth-skinned fruits are an indication that the lime is juicily packed, so keep this in mind when purchasing limes.

Sugar: Simple syrup is a popular replacement for sugar in mojitos because it mixes more easily into the beverage.

However, granulated sugar is required in traditional mojito preparations.

This guarantees that the beverage isn’t too sweet, and the occasional dissolved sugar particle gives a typical mojito its distinctive texture.

Superfine or caster sugar can be used for granulated sugar if you’d rather, as it will dissolve more readily in cold liquid.

Club soda: To balance out the other components and lighten the cocktail, top everything off with club soda.

Different types of rum:

  • White rum: The white rum amplifies the flavors of the lime and mint. It offers a crisp, velvety foundation for a cool mojito.
  • Aged rum: Use aged rum to have a more nuanced and rich flavor.

The aromas of caramel, vanilla, and spice complement the lime and mint in this sophisticated Mojito.

  • Dark rum: Dark rum may give your mojito additional depth and taste if you like it stronger.

It has a unique sweetness, much like molasses.

Virgin mojito recipe

What ingredients are in a virgin mojito recipe?

  • Fresh lime juice
  • Honey Simple Syrup
  • Fresh mint leaves (or Mint Simple Syrup in a pinch)
  • Sparkling water
  • Ice

This cocktail is vibrant and tasty with fresh lime juice, but if you want to brew pitchers for a party or just don’t feel like squeezing limes, you can compromise.

An excellent alternative to the combination of lime juice and simple syrup is to use high-quality limeade.

Instead of using the fresh lime and honey syrup, use 1/4 cup of limeade.

Feel free to substitute your preferred sparkling water, although we use basic sparkling water that we create in our soda stream.

Do you want to use sparkling water with flavor? Take it on! Lemon or lime would be my preferred flavor, but that’s personal.

Technically, replace the sparkling water with ginger ale or a soda with a lemon-lime taste.

How do I make a virgin mojito?

  • Squeeze the lime juice and mint leaves into a glass.
  • To liberate the taste and oils from the mint, muddle them by mashing and pressing the leaves.
  • Apply pressure with a wooden spoon handle or a muddler, perhaps a pair of brass knuckles.
  • Pour in the honey simple syrup
  • Pour in the sparkling water.
  • Add fresh fruit, a sprig of mint, or slices of lime as garnish.

Pro tips and notes on mojito recipe:

  • To ensure you never run out of mint, try freezing it or turning it into mint simple syrup.
  • To prepare for a large gathering, whir the fresh mint with a little water in a food processor or coarsely chop it by hand.

It would be an enormous pain to muddle the mint in every single glass.

  • To make it a quarter cup limeade, omit the honey simple syrup, and fresh lime juice.
  • To ensure you’re always prepared for any craving, prepare ahead of time and freeze the lime/syrup mixture into little soupier cubes.
  • When adding the sparkling water, add 2 ounces of white rum to turn this mocktail of a mojito into a more sophisticated beverage.

Other ways to enjoy mojito vinegar:

This virgin mojito recipe is open to the addition of fresh fruit or vegetables. Items like:

  • Use honey ginger syrup instead of plain honey simple syrup.
  • Thinly sliced jalapeños or Jalapeño Simple Syrup
  • Fresh or frozen raspberries
  • Fresh or frozen blackberries or blackberry simple syrup
  • Fresh, frozen peach slices, peach syrup, or even peaches from canning
  • Splash of grapefruit juice
  • Fresh or frozen strawberries, sugared strawberries, and strawberry syrup

Virgin Mojito nutrition facts:

  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Carbohydrates: 15g
  • Calories: 57kcal
  • Protein: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Saturated fat: 0g
  • Iron: 0.5mg
  • Calcium: 24mg
  • Sodium: 4mg
  • Potassium: 56mg
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugar: 12g
  • Vitamin A: 425iu
  • Vitamin C: 12.2mg

Strawberry mojito recipe ingredients


  • 1 cup white rum
  • 8 cups ice cubes
  • white sugar, for rimming
  • 2 large, quartered limes
  • ½ bunch mint leaves
  • 7 quartered strawberries
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 cups club soda


  • Spread a small, shallow dish with sugar, approximately 1/2 inch thick.
  • After rubbing a lime wedge over the rims of eight cocktail glasses, coat them with sugar and put them aside.
  • Fill a strong glass pitcher with the squeezed lime wedges.
  • Put the mint, strawberries, lime juice, and one cup of sugar into the pitcher.
  • Use a muddler to crush the strawberries to release the juice and mint oil.
  • Add the rum and club soda and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  • Pour into the ready glasses and serve with the ice cubes on top.

Classic mojito recipe

Mojitos are zesty, somewhat sweet, minty-fresh, and fizzy rum drinks.

Club soda balances the taste, making it a refreshing beverage during the afternoon.

When you grab a mojito, it makes you feel like you’re on vacation since they are so refreshing on warm days.

Mojito recipe: easy ingredients:

  • Fresh mint:Use the most gorgeous, fresh mint you can locate.

Try giving your mint a ten-minute soak in a dish of icy water if it appears wilted and depressed.

That typically makes it better again. Save the most exquisite sprigs for your mojito garnish.

If you see something vaguely branded as “mint,” it’s usually spearmint.

Compared to peppermint, spearmint is mellower and sweeter.

Because peppermint contains a lot of menthol, your mojito may have an oddly refreshing mouthwash-like sensation.

Mojito mint mentha x villosa is the original mint from Cuba that is said to be the most genuine mint for mojitos if you enjoy gardening.

  • Sugar: Although some recipes substitute simple syrup for sugar; the texture of pure sugar in mojitos—the occasional sugar grain adds a delightful treat!
  • Rum: White rum, sometimes referred to as clear, light, or blanco is the only rum you should use for the classic mojito recipe.

El Dorado 3 Years, Plantation 3 Stars, Flor de Caña, and of course, Bacardi are some of the greatest rums for mojitos.

  • Lime: The only option is to use fresh lime juice!
  • Save your best green lime and cut it into rounds to add to your mojitos as a garnish.
  • Club Soda:  The strong tastes of rum, lime, and mint are softened by bubbly club soda, making it a refreshing beverage.
  • You may use any sparkling water or any kind of club soda.

How to make the best mojito recipe

The complete recipe is provided below.

  • Muddle the mint first. Press it with a cocktail muddler in the bottom of a cocktail shaker until it releases its scent.

The objective of muddling mint is not to crush or pulverize it.

Instead, lightly bruise it to encourage the release of its aromatic oils.

Your muddler should only need to be used a couple of times for this!

  • To the cocktail shaker, add the rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and a good handful of ice.

Shake well to blend and chill the ingredients.

  • Strain your mojito after that. Pour the contents of the cocktail shaker into an ice-filled glass and strain.

Pour soda water into your glass and add extra fresh mint sprigs and lime slices as garnish.

  • Lastly, taste and make adjustments. Every time you’re creating a drink at home, this step is crucial.

It allows you to personalize your drink to your preferences by achieving a flavor combination that you truly enjoy.

Squeeze in additional lime juice if you like your mojito sour.

Add a little extra simple syrup and mix if you’d like it sweeter.

Below are some pointers for optimal outcomes:

  • Choose glasses with robust bases. You won’t have any trouble mixing the drink in the glass as we do it.

However, handle it carefully and avoid using Mom’s crystal.

  • Keep everything clear and simple. If you want the strongest possible mint flavor, it might be tempting to muddle your mint into small pieces.

If you don’t overdo it, your mojito will taste better and have a more pleasing texture without a ton of little particles of mint floating around.

  • Vary according to personal preference. This recipe makes a perfect mojito, but you can adjust the sweetness or saltiness to your preference.

If you want to drink it less boozy, use a bit less rum and  If you want your drinks sweeter, add extra sugar.

For a no-sugar cocktail, you may also eliminate the sugar (you might prefer slightly more lime juice, which helps mitigate the harshness of the alcohol).

  • When using the mint garnish, give it a little tap. One lovely mint sprig will be saved to adorn our beverage.

Finally, please give it a little tap between your palms to unleash some delicious mint oils.

The top of the sprig should remain above the surface when you slide it into your drink.

Your drink will taste even more deliciously minty thanks to the smell.

Mojito variations

  • A dash or two of bitters should be added. Some Miami mojitos include Angostura bitters floating on top.

They impart a little complexity to the flavor of a basic mojito. It’s worth trying if you have bitters on hand.

  • To add some fruitiness, mash some ripe and luscious fruit pieces with your mint.

Consider mango, pineapple, or even kiwi for a tropical twist.

Alternatively, you may try peaches, cherries, or berries (strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries).

  • Try cucumber: When you muddle in a few slices of peeled cucumber, mojitos become even more delightful.
  • Add some basil and lemon. This is going to be somewhat unconventional, but the lemon-basil mojito will be refreshing
Mojito pitcher recipe

A mojito is the ideal beverage for a sunny day! They’re remarkably light, crisp, and refreshing.

They become somewhat effervescent and have a little lower alcohol level thanks to club soda.

You may avoid the inconvenience of mixing drinks one at a time with this simple batch recipe.

You may create up to 4–6 mojitos at once, depending on the size of your pitcher and how much ice and club soda you use.

This non-alcoholic mojito pitcher recipe is really simple to prepare!

To make this, simply add extra club soda (or ginger ale, or sparkling water) and omit the rum.

This mojito pitcher recipe may be prepared up to three days before the celebration.

Prepare the drinks according to the recipe, waiting to add the ice and club soda until just before serving.

Meanwhile, keep the pitcher chilled in the fridge.

Recipe advice from the chef
  • Before using them in the pitcher, freeze the lime wedges and replace some of the ice cubes with them.

They will melt and keep your concoction cool without thinning it down!

Alternatively, you may use frozen blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries for this.

  • Take care not to mix the mint too much. If you do, you will get harsh mojitos, which is not what you want.

Just enough pressure should be applied to the mint leaves to release some of their oils, so quickly squeeze and twist the leaves together.

  • Instead of muddling the mint leaves, you may coarsely chop them with a sharp knife or put them through a food processor.

Once more, take care not to go overboard. To prevent them from tasting bitter, you want to cut them just enough.

  • Try fresh basil, rosemary, or cilantro instead of fresh mint leaves if you don’t have any or can’t locate any.
  • You may also use mint extract. The various herbs will provide you with distinct flavors overall, though.
  • If you’re using mint essence, use only 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon at first, taste, and adjust if necessary. Mint leaves muddled are not quite as powerful as mint extract, and an excess of that taste can overpower your pitcher.
Mojito recipe ingredients (pitcher)
For the Mojitos
  • Cup simple syrup store-bought or make your own
  • ¾ Cup freshly squeezed lime juice;  juice from approximately 6 large limes
  • 1 cup white rum
  • Crushed ice as desired
  • ½ cup fresh mint leaves
  • Club soda or ginger ale, or sparkling water;
  • Long-handled spoon or long stir stick
  • Serving glasses
  • Large pitcher
  • Cocktail muddler
Optional serving suggestions
  • lime wedges or lime coins
  • Whole mint leaves
  • Pour fresh lime juice (¾ cup) and mint leaves (½ cup) into the pitcher.
  • Mint leaves may be gently mashed to release their natural oils and tastes. Take caution not to mix things too much.
  • Pour 1 cup white rum and ¾ cup simple syrup into a pitcher.
  • Mix thoroughly, being careful to mix in the muddled leaves and oils from the pitcher’s bottom.
  • Pour in as much crushed ice as you like, until the pitcher is about ⅓ to ½ full.

Note: The quantity of ice added might alter the mojitos’ overall strength and total quantity prepared.

  • Pour the remaining club soda into the pitcher and swirl gently to fully integrate the ingredients.

Note: Depending on tastes, pitcher size, and ice usage, the quantity of club soda required may vary.

The amount of club soda used might alter the mojitos’ overall strength and quantity prepared.

  • Once the mojito cocktail has been tasted, modify it by adding additional club soda, rum, simple syrup, or lime juice as needed.
  • After each addition, thoroughly stir.
  • Once the cocktail’s flavor and intensity are to your satisfaction, transfer the mojito mixture into serving glasses.
  • Serve chilled, garnished with lime wedges, and, if preferred, one or two full mint leaves in each glass.
  • Club soda: Depending on how much club soda (or a substitute) you use, this recipe will provide varying amounts of mojitos, mojito strength, and nutrition information.
  • Simple substitutes for syrup: Alternatively, mix ½ ounce honey and ½ ounce boiling water, whisking until extremely smooth, or make your own.
  • Ice: Freeze lime wedges and use them in the pitcher instead of ice to prevent the mojitos from being too diluted when the ice melts.

Instead of using water to generate ice cubes, you can use club soda or fresh lime juice.

  • Make it lower carb/lower sugar: Use powdered erythritol or allulose to make your simple syrup.

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The mojito, which has gained popularity due to its ability to blend well with different ingredients and has a sweet and tart flavor profile, is a popular drink that you should try making for yourself the next time you want something light and fun.

This cocktail may be Cuba’s national cocktail.

From its modest origins, the mojito has developed into a highly well-liked beverage that is often sipped throughout the summer months or even at social events by those who appreciate light cocktails.

Its striking appearance also makes it a desirable choice for pubs and restaurants hoping to wow their patrons with a refined yet playful dish.

Do I need a muddler?

The most typical material for a muddler is wood, although metal or plastic versions are also available.

To extract the flavors and essences of components like citrus or herbs, press them into the bottom of the glass with this tool.

There’s no shame in not owning a muddler! You may crush and grind in a glass using a wooden spoon or any other kind of culinary instrument.

What are the main ingredients in a mojito?

Cubans invented the traditional highball cocktail known as a mojito.

It should come as no surprise that this drink has Cuban-native rum, lime, mint, and sugar.

To make a refreshing drink, add a small amount of club soda to the mixture.

What alcohol is best for mojitos?

White rum is typically used to make mojitos. The ideal traditional mojito should be crisp, light, and invigorating.

White rum is utilized for this reason.

The delicate, somewhat sweet taste of quality white rum complements the other straightforward components well.

Which syrup is best for mojito?
  • Taste craft mojito-flavored liquid syrup,
  • Mapro 250ml mojito lounge bar syrup
  • Le top de monin mojito mint flavored liquid syrup
  • Old Street green mint mojito liquid syrup
  • Mojito-flavored liquid syrup
  • 750 ml frujoy mojito liquid syrup
  • 1L monin mojito mint liquid syrup
Is mojito very alcoholic?

Mojitos include between 10% and 15% alcohol by volume according to the ratio of each element.

Can mojito be an alcoholic?

Mojito recipe alcohol: In my experience, mojitos include about one ounce of rum, which is an average quantity of alcohol for a drink.

Of course, one mojito may make someone tipsy if they have a poor tolerance for alcohol.

How many drinks are a mojito?

According to the calculator, if you make it with 1 1/2 ounces of tequila, 1 ounce of orange liqueur, and 1/2 ounce of lime juice, it’s the same as 1.7 regular cocktails.

A margarita is 1.3 typical beverage.

How much alcohol is in a mojito? Is the mojito recipe alcohol-free?

About 13%

Two ounces of rum, two ounces of club soda, and two ounces of lime juice make up a typical mojito’s six ounces.

A mojito contains around 13% ABV when made with 80-proof white rum.

What is a good substitute for mojitos?

A Trinidadian drink that is quite similar to the mojito—aside from the addition of Angostura bitters—is the Queen’s Garden Swizzle.

Another lime-forward 1920s Cuban cocktail is the Daisy de Santiago, which contains the herbaceous, yellow French liqueur Chartreuse and is far less minty than a mojito.

What makes a mojito bitter?

Jean-Georges prepares kumquats; Jose Enrique creates pineapple mojitos. Most recipes call for muddled mint, however they differ.

Pietro Collina, the director of Nomad Bar, says you really shouldn’t jumble those leaves. He claims that mashing will result in a bitter flavor.

What is mojito flavoring?

Water, natural flavors of lime and spearmint, and ethyl alcohol are the ingredients of mojito mint-type extract, natural.

Can you make a mojito without mint?

Lacking mint leaves? Instead, try using jalapeño, cilantro, basil, or rosemary.

Alternatively, you might add a peppermint tea bag, mint bitters, or even a liqueur with a mint taste.

Steer clear of essential oil and mint extract; they are both very potent and concentrated.

Can you use sweet mint in a mojito?

I keep a pot of spearmint close to my patio entrance so that it’s always easily accessible.

I picked up a container of sweet mint from Bonnie Plants this year in an attempt to try something new (in the terracotta pot).

It resulted in a mojito that was quite delicate, minty, and not overbearing. Accurate to my liking!

How much water does Mojito Mint need?

How frequently should you water your mint mojito? When Mojito Mint is planted in a 5.0″ pot and is not exposed to direct sunlight, it requires 0.8 cups of water every nine days.

To customize watering suggestions for your particular area, use our water calculator.

Alternatively, download Greg to receive more detailed advice for every plant in your home.

What is the difference between mint and mojito mint?

This mint imparts the true mojito flavor instead of spearmint.

While spearmint is significantly stronger (think breath mints or chewing gum), mojito mint has a much softer flavor with notes of citrus.

Due to its big leaves, Mojito Mint is ideal for muddles.

How do you preserve fresh mint for mojitos?

When mint reaches its full potential with intact leaves and stems, it may be kept upright in a glass or plastic container.

To allow the cut stems to soak, add 1/2 inch of water to the bottom of the container.

Keep it in the refrigerator and savor your mint for three to five days. To keep the water fresh, change it every few days.

It’s not shaken, it’s stirred!

During his trek to the Mojito heaven, Menta also discovered that swirling the cocktail allows you to have greater influence over its final flavor.

The water and oils from the mint combine and merge as we pour the rum over the ice, which is gently melting.

What is the formula for a mojito?

Keep this in mind if you can’t recall anything else from what you just read:

Two parts rum, one part lime juice, and one part simple syrup make up the basic mojito mix. Make use of a measurement tool.

You can be creative with anything else. Still, you’re in the clear if you can recall that ratio!