32 Health benefits of clove and milk tea + homemade recipe

Health benefits of clove and milk tea ~ Are you aware of the huge benefits of drinking a combo of cloves and milk for health?

32 Health benefits of clove and milk tea
32 Health benefits of clove and milk tea

Clove and Milk tea has several health benefits that are unavoidable when it comes to maintaining excellent health.

Cloves are a spice manufactured from the flower buds of the clove tree, which is an evergreen species (Syzygium aromaticum)

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Flower buds are collected when they are still immature and then dried

Whole cloves are fashioned like a little reddish-brown spike with a bulbous top, measuring around 1 centimeter in length

Cloves have a strong, pungent flavor and perfume that can be used whole or ground.

Do you want to learn about the health benefits of combining cloves and milk in a tea or how to make cloves and milk tea for weight loss? Continue reading to learn more!

Health benefits of clove and milk tea

It is beneficial to drink a mixture of cloves and milk since it relieves you from cold, fever, and headache as well as so many health issues.

Our article discusses the 32 health benefits of clove and milk tea, as well as how to make a clove and milk drink and how it can assist your general health.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of cloves and milk tea for your health. What is the best way to make cloves with milk?

  • Health Benefits of Cloves and Milk Tea

What if I tell you that Clove tea has several basic benefits, including the healing of stomach ulcers and the restoration of eye health.

But first, let’s have a look at how these cloves and milk mixtures are created.

Health benefits of clove and milk tea ~ How to prepare clove and milk tea

  • Method of preparations – How to prepare clove and milk

Do you want to learn how to make clove and milk?

  • Firstly, crush or powder the cloves and then, add a teaspoonful to a glass of liquid milk (any kind of milk: cowbell, three crowns, peak milk, Dano, etc).
  • Secondly, make sure you’re preparing this dish in a clean, sanitary setting free of any contamination.
  • Although it is optional, honey can be added to the tea.
  • Finally, it’s time to take a sip of your tea…

Health benefits of clove and milk tea ~ How do you take this combo? – Dosage

Take two or three times a week, in the morning, one hour before breakfast.

Note: the cloves in the photo below are referred to as zobo pepper by some:

32 benefits of clove and milk tea

Here are the numerous nutritional value and health benefits of a combo of clove tea with milk

  • Treats infertility
  • A combo of milk and cloves improves libido, bodily desires in both males and females.
  • Cloves together with milk enhance the function of the heart, stomach, brain liver, and kidneys.
  • Milk and cloves improve eyesight or vision
  • Relieves joint pain and rheumatism.
  • It relieves and prevents asthma, cough, nasal congestion, and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Relieves the diaphragmatic spasms and the discomfort of hiccups.
  • A drink of a combo of cloves and milk aids and soothes the digestive system
  • Improves memory and understanding. Good for persons with dementia, Alzheimer disease, and Parkinson’s disease
  1. Removes excess gas in the stomach and the gut. Relieves bloating
  2. Having a cup of cloves and milk improves the function of bladder muscles, and may prevent urinary incontinence.
  3. Milk contains calcium and prevents bleeding of the gums and weakness of the teeth
  4. It gives you a feeling of well being
  5. Improves fleshy performance
  6. Regulates blood pressure
  7. Regulate blood sugar and maintain its levels. Cloves and milk are good for diabetics
  8. Cloves have anti-inflammatory properties and therefore colds and fever
  9. Effective for sore throat and tonsillitis
  10. Cloves and milk have anticancer properties and therefore helps in the prevention of cancer.
  11. Good for persons with anxiety disorders, depression, and other psychological conditions.
  12. Softens stool and relieves the pain in persons with hemorrhoids.
  13. Taking a cold mixture of cloves and milk is very good for the skin.
  14. Enhances hair growth.
  15. A cup of cloves and milk helps with your weight loss regimen and also for weight gain.
  16. Cloves and milk help relieve the pain of stomach ulcers. The combo soothes stomach ulcers and promotes their healing
  17. Cloves and milk are very good for pregnant women.
  18. Cloves and milk can be given to children and even the elderly
  19. Having a cup of clove and milk drink helps boost appetite for food.
  20. It is refreshing
  21. It helps boost the growth of good bacteria… this helps to prevent infection
  22. Clove and milk help boost fertility in both the male and the female.
  23. Helps with Hiccups
Any side effects of cloves and milk tea combo?

As of now, none has been proven or published. However, to avoid an excess of calcium in your blood, moderation is essential (from the milk).

Kidney stones are caused by an excess of calcium in the blood.

Health benefits of clove and milk tea ~ Storage

The combination of cloves and milk tea can be kept in the refrigerator for weeks and served cold and fresh.


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