Igbo Herbs for Weight Loss: Aju Mbaise (Uziza, Uda, & Utazi)

Igbo Herbs for Weight Loss: Aju Mbaise (Uziza, Uda, & Utazi)

Igbo Herbs for Weight Loss Aju Mbaise, Uda, Uziza
Igbo Herbs for Weight Loss Aju Mbaise, Uda, Uziza

Proven Igbo herbs for weight loss: Aju Mbaise, uda, uziza, utazi, and other herbs.

It’s worth noting that several proven local herbs found in Iboland have been connected to weight loss.

These plants have a variety of effects. Some operate by making you feel full and lowering your calorie intake, while others work by diminishing your appetite for food. Additionally, some herbs operate by increasing your metabolism, which causes your body to burn more calories.

Additionally, some herbs operate by increasing your metabolism, which causes your body to burn more calories.

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Herbs for weight loss

Herbs for weight reduction can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Since ancient times, herbal therapy has been used to treat a variety of ailments, including those connected to excess weight and obesity.

As a result, herbs help stay healthy and fit. Herbs can aid in weight loss as well as detoxication, intestinal activity, and digestive system stability.

Weight loss with Igbo herbs: Igbo herbs for weight loss 

Aju Mbaise Flat Tummy Tea will help you get a flat stomach, lose weight, and look beautiful naturally. Many Nigerians have spent money and effort trying to get the ideal body shape, with little success.

What they didn’t comprehend is that Nigeria is endowed with a diverse range of natural plants. These plants are used to treat a variety of challenging health problems.

The magnificent traditional wrap known as Aju Mbaise is one of the most potent and efficient herbs for weight loss.

Aju Mbaise is a fat-burning slimming herb made out of five distinct medicinal tree leaves, roots, and bark.

It’s a traditional health herbal tea (drink) used by the Mbaise people of Eastern Nigeria (Igbos) for over a century to cure excess weight gain, obesity, stomach fat, menstruation, and reproductive issues, blood clotting, and other ailments.

The mixture is coiled and wrapped together, earning the Igbo word Aju (meaning wrap).

Overview: Igbo herbs for weight loss (Aju Mbaise)

It is an herbal mixture of leaves, roots, and barks that can detoxify, combat infections, cleanse, and restore (balance) the reproductive hormones to a normal state of function.

It’s known for its tummy-flattening qualities and the elimination of blood clots after delivery, which makes it popular among nursing women who want to get back in shape after giving birth.

Igbo herbs for weight loss (Aju Mbaise)-Preparation

To make the herbal tea, the wrap of largely air-dried leaves and stems (barks and roots) is heated in water with accompanying condiments of ground negro pepper (uda), Selim grains (uziza), cayenne pepper (Bawa), salt, and prekese or Aidan.

Aju mbaise is a blend of five distinct medicinal tree leaves, roots, and bark, such as uziza, uda, and ehuru, that work like magic!

Health Benefits of Aju Mbaise-Igbo herbs for weight loss

Aju Mbaise herb for new mothers is a medicinal soup known in Mbaise as mmiri ogwu. It provides the following health advantages:

  • Firstly, it aids in the removal of stale and postpartum blood, also known as lochia in the womb, as well as excess water and other postnatal toxins. This will help your stomach recover to its original shape and size as fast as possible.
  • It also has a detoxifying effect, so a lady who has just miscarried or had an abortion might use it to flush out the dead particles.
  • It increases prolactin, a hormone that instructs the body to produce breast milk when a woman is pregnant or nursing.
  • Weight loss and a flat stomach: Aju Mbaise for a flat stomach and body leaner is a powerful weight loss herb that may help you lose weight and flatten your stomach, especially after giving birth.
  • Aju Mbaise for Fertility cleanses the body of dead cells, making it a natural fertility booster.
  • Ovulation correction remedy: it aids in the stabilization and painlessness of ovulation. When Aju Mbaise is used to treat fibroid tumors, it helps to reduce the tumor at an early stage.
  • Most importantly, it reduces mouth odor from the stomach. It prevents fallopian tube obstruction and nourishes the skin.
What role does Aju Mbaise have in weight loss? How can Aju Mbaise help to reduce weight loss?
  • Igbo herbs for weight loss

Aju Mbaise assists in burning extra body fat and abdominal fat in the following process:

  • It effectively reduces appetite and burns calories.
  • It works as a diuretic.
  • Boosts the body’s metabolism.
  • It also promotes body metabolism, causing fats to be burned more quickly and promoting lipolysis (the splitting of fats into acids and removing them from the body).
  • Stimulates leptin secretion… Leptin is an anti-obesity hormone that helps people lose weight.
  • It promotes fullness while suppressing hunger.
  • There are still unknown methods in which aju mbaise reduces extra stomach fat after pregnancy.
Utazi leaf and weight loss: Igbo herbs for weight loss

What does the utazi leaf do in the body and how can it help you lose weight? Gongronema latifolium (utazi) has several health advantages

Utazi provides a variety of health advantages, however, the majority are nutritional and medicinal. It deals with problems involving the organs, blood, and body.

Utazi, which is used in a variety of spicy foods such as nkwobi, isi ewu, Abacha, ugba, plantain porridge, and soup, offers several health benefits that many people are unaware of.

Properties Experience has shown that the whole plant exhibits the following herbal actions: analgesic, antitumor, broad-spectrum antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and, antiviral), antipyretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, anti-sickling, anti-asthmatic, mild expectorant, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective, digestive tonic, and, laxative properties.


The sap can be extracted with water or palm wine from the fresh leaves or stem, which can be chewed also.

The whole plant can be infused with either boiling water (as a tea) or by boiling (decoction).

The Bottom Line on Igbo herbs for weight loss

Uda, uziza, utazi, Ukpaka, ugba, bitter leaf, scented leaf, lemongrass, lime, and locust beans are some more Igbo herbs for fat loss.


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