Raw eggs and milk for fertility: Does it work?

Raw eggs and milk for fertility: Does it work?


  • Do raw eggs and milk increase fertility?
  • Can drinking raw eggs with some milk and bananas increase fertility?

These days, fertility and diet are hot topics, and fertility-related foods are a key part of that. Is it true, however, that particular diets can aid in your fertility?

While no single food or fertility diet will suddenly increase your chances of conception, a nutritious and well-balanced diet can surely help men and women maintain general health, including reproductive health.

Eating eggs and fertility

  • With that in mind, is it possible to become pregnant by drinking raw eggs with milk and a banana, even with baking soda?
  • Is it true that raw eggs and milk improve men’s fluid count and fertility?

Manhood fluid count is not increased by drinking a mixture of raw eggs and peak milk. The concoction does not cure low fluidĀ counts in men.

Raw eggs and milk will not thicken your fluid, and drinking raw eggs in the morning will not provide any benefits either. Whether raw, boiled, or fried, drinking milk and eating eggs does not affect virility.

In truth, consuming raw eggs and milk is not only unhealthy, but it also poses several serious health risks to one’s health.

It Might Cause Salmonella Poisoning

Raw eggs contain Salmonella, a tiny bacterium that is responsible for the food poisoning risk.

Salmonellosis causes gastrointestinal difficulties and kills about 400 individuals per year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Very rarely, salmonellosis caused by tainted raw eggs can occasionally cause Reiter’s syndrome, which is characterized by arthritis, painful urination, and eye irritation.

Reiter’s syndrome, a condition defined by arthritis, painful urination, and eye irritation, can be caused by salmonellosis from infected raw eggs.

The Bottom Line

Always get medical advice before consuming eggs to address a health concern.


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