Can lime prevent pregnancy? Effect of lime juice on conception

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Can lime prevent pregnancy? Effect of lime juice on conception

Can lime prevent pregnancy? Effect of lime juice on conception

  • How reliable is lime in preventing pregnancy during ovulation?
  • Can lime flush out the male fluid from the body after unprotected passion?
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Lime has a reputation for being hazardous to women’s reproductive health. This notion is based on lime’s acidic taste.

Also, acids are thought to be corrosive. As a result, lime must be corrosive to the body’s sensitive structures.

This is utterly untrue. 

Lime is a helpful ally when it comes to improving fertility. But first, let’s talk about how acidic it is.

By dry weight, limes contain roughly 8% citric acid. That’s a lot. Is this, however, a cause for concern? That’s not the case.

Lime’s citric acid is a phytonutrient that promotes good health. It has a wide range of therapeutic effects on the body.

Works as an antioxidant, for example, by neutralizing reactive chemicals in the bloodstream and also helps to detoxify the body by increasing urine flow and softening the feces.

There’s a lot more.

No medical authority recommends lemon juice as a contraceptive.

Even when mixed with 7-up and ampiclox, lime cannot be used to prevent pregnancy. Even during ovulation. Case closed.

Can lime prevent pregnancy? The Bottom Line


In conclusion, lime does not protect against pregnancy. Lime does not remove fluid after passion… Lime doesn’t get rid of the pregnancy, and it doesn’t get rid of fertilization either. During ovulation, lime does not inhibit pregnancy.

If you have an unprotected passion while ovulating and do not take emergency contraception tablets within 72 hours, you will become pregnant, all other factors being equal.


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