Health Benefits of Garden egg leaf juice and Side Effect

Garden egg leaf juice is very rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. To get the most out of the garden egg leaf, you have to squash the juice out of it.

Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaf Juice
Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaf Juice

Garden egg leaf juice has a high amount of vitamins B and C, potassium, calcium, folic acid, and various antioxidants.

African eggplant leaves or garden egg leaves are known as natural blood pumping vegetable, particularly when eaten raw.

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In West Africa, especially in Nigeria where it is found in abundance, it is referred to Akwukwo Anyara in Igbo.

Its seed is also called Mkpuru Anyara (small bitter garden egg), Efo Igbo in Yoruba and Ganyen Gauta in Hausa.

Garden egg leaf benefits help to boost our immune system, flush out all toxins from our body, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol levels, and even, promote weight loss

Garden egg leaf extract holds all substances that are present in the leaves of the plant, thus, maintaining the medicinal value of garden egg leaf.

How to Prepare Garden Egg Leaf Juice

The extraction of this juice is basically the same as other green leafy vegetables.

The egg leaves contain lots of nutrients together with its juice which has been stimulated with these nutrients in many ways that benefit our health.
To Extract The Juice, You Need To:

  1. Firstly, plug the leaves from the stem, leaving behind the small green garden eggs.
    Secondly, wash the garden egg leaves thoroughly to remove dirt and sand.
  2. After that, shred the leaves in order to aid easily squeezing or pounding, you can as well blend smoothly with a blender.
  3. Then squeeze or press and strain the juice.
  4. Finally, boil the extract for several seconds, allow cooling, filter it and the juice is ready.

You can use this garden egg Nigerian juice for detox therapy by drinking the juice thrice a day.
The salt in your body and many other diseases that could affect your kidney will all go away through your urine.

Side Effects of Garden Egg Leaf Juice

Consumption of the juice causes no notable side effect unless on those who might be allergic to it.

Final thoughts

The main nutrients in the garden egg leaves are gained when juiced, eaten raw or used for culinary, medicinal and curative purposes.

  • Is Garden Egg And Eggplant The Same?

Garden egg is a type of eggplant that is used as a food crop in some Africa countries. It is a small, white fruit with a teardrop or roundish egg shape that is valued for its bitterness.

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