Healthy Life Happy Life With Bitter Kola

It goes without saying that a healthy life is a happy life. We are blessed in Nigeria with lots of medicinal plants that have wonderful health benefits. One of such plants that can guarantee a healthy life happy life is Bitter kola. Known in Igbo as Akiilu or ugolo, miji-goro in Hausa and Orogbo in Yoruba and also called Garcinia kola. Bitter (garcinia) kola is a fruit from a tree that grows in the rain forests of western and central Africa. It produces brown, nut-like seeds similar in size with African elemi canarium schweinfurthii. As the name suggests, bitter Kola is actually bitter in taste likewise the best of medicines.

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Healthy life happy life can be achieved by eating good food. Some foods come out better when cooked, while others for example fruits and certain vegetables are better eaten raw in order to get the most nutrient out of them. Bitter kola is one of such fruits that can be eaten raw and still benefit from its great medicinal value. Usually offered to guests especially with kola nuts in some cultural settings. Bitter kola tree has been used in African culture for centuries for both traditional and curative purposes.


Eating a piece or two of bitter (garcinia) kola daily relieves coughs, hoarse voice, throat, and bronchial troubles. Furthermore, it helps in the management of low sperm count and libido, treating a hangover, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, and improving lung function. Several studies have discovered bitter kola to be a remedy for osteoarthritis, dysentery, and an antidote against poisoning.

Also called wonderful kola because of its many health benefits and has been in use for ages in herbal medicine to treat many sicknesses. Below is how this fruit can boost your health and increase your general wellbeing to living a healthy life happy life.

  1. Bitter Kola and Weight Loss

Bitter kola helps in weight loss management. For instance, it curbs your appetite and cravings, thereby making you to eat less. In addition to that, it triggers thirst, encouraging more consumption of water. This, successively, increases your metabolism, thereby making fat to burn more efficiently. Weight reduction can be really taxing, but adding foods like bitter kola combined with regular physical activity can significantly lead to success.

  1. Bitter Kola and Mouth Smell

Bitter (garcinia) kola contains an active compound called Dimeric Flavonoid known for the treatment of bad breath. Researchers have revealed that Dimeric Flavonoid has strong antibacterial properties, and can effectively fight bacteria that cause mouth smell. Simply chew a piece or two of Garcinia kola before going to sleep at night and in the morning, your mouth will feel fresh, as if you just brushed your teeth.

  1. Bitter Kola and Cough

Dimeric Flavonoid known for the treatment of bad breath is also very effective in fighting stubborn coughs, especially when combined with honey. Pound bitter kola into a fine powder,  pour into a clean container and then mix with honey. In addition to fighting bacteria, this mixture is good for boosting energy levels, enhancing immunity, and above all, a powerful natural cough remedy.

  1. Bitter Kola and Male/Female Fertility

The caffeine content and antioxidant called kolaviron in bitter (garcinia) kola help to increase the spermatozoid count, improve potency, and enhances sexual performance (especially when eaten few minutes before mating).

  1. Bitter Kola and Diabetes

The result of bitter kola on diabetes has been uncovered a long time ago, together with its ability to enhance lower blood pressure, digestion, and the treatment of a number of other health conditions. Bitter kola affects diabetes positively by reducing and regulating the level of sugar in the blood. Thereby keeping the blood sugar level normal.

  1. Bitter Kola and Spirituality

Bitter kola can act as a serious healing tool because of its strong spiritual properties. It also acts as a tonic, astringent, stimulant,   decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory tool and special protective rituals for suppressing the enemies.


As claimed by most respectable medical professionals, the maximum amount of bitter kola to take for each day is 2. I have written so much about the uses of bitter (garcinia) kola also called wonderful kola because of its numerous health benefits that it seems like this nut can do it all. Although the medicinal value of bitter kola can help you to live a healthy life happy life, it’s also important to keep your wonderful kola intake at a moderate level.


We all know that too much of everything is bad likewise consuming this wonderful plant. Consumption of bitter kola is found to have some side effects on certain occasions like:

  1. Irregular heartbeat caused by too much caffeine which can be found in bitter kola nuts when taken in excess can lead to severe heart issues.
  2. Some people might just prove allergic to the plant and develop certain reactions. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor and stop use.


Bitter kola is obtainable at our local markets in Nigeria and also in some stores and online. It is usually sold in its raw and dried form and more efficacious in this state. Bitter kola extract is the simplest and quickest way to make this amazing plant a part of your everyday routine. Please follow dosage instructions to prevent possible side effects.

Conclusively, bitter (garcinia) kola contains antioxidants and active components which has been used as a powerful natural remedy in the African continent for centuries to help us achieve healthy life happy life.

Healthy life Happy Life with bitter kola
Healthy life Happy Life with bitter kola


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