How to use Alligator Pepper Plant for Special Prayers

Alligator pepper plant or Grains of paradise (scientifically known as Aframomum melegueta) is a species in the ginger family

In Nigeria, alligator pepper is an expensive spice. It is called ósè ọ́jị́ in Igbo, atare in Yoruba, and chitta in Hausa.

Oseoji/atare is a seed from a particular type of grass. That which produces oseoji is called oseoyo. It’s not a tree, but grass.

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When it’s freshly brought out from the ground, it’s wet and will have to be dried under the sun.  After drying under the sun, then it gets to look like it is now – pictures below.

Alligator Pepper Plant | Uses of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper is mainly used as a spice in many West African cuisines

This local spice is used at traditional meet-and-greets in Nigeria.

The seeds and leaves are used traditionally for entertaining guests, making local herbs, medicinal purposes, as well as preparing special prayers, and lots more.

Part of the therapeutic benefits of this wonderful plant is that it helps in boosting the immune system and reducing the risks of certain health conditions

The health benefits of alligator pepper include treating malaria, Helps with digestion, Controls your blood sugar, Skin Care, among others
Alligator pepper is said to have spiritual benefits and uses.

Alligator Pepper Plant | How to use alligator pepper for special prayers and lots more

For best result, please follow the simple instructions below

Before opening oseoji, it has to be taken behind your back. The reason to break it open behind your back is that alligator pepper is a spirit, and like every spirit, it forbids certain things in order to remain effective.

This is why it shouldn’t be opened in your front. To open oseoji, take your two hands behind your back and use your fingers to break it open.

After which, you now bring your hands to your front and then pour it into a plate, cup, etc for intended use or keep it like that depending on how you want to use it.

Oseoji forbids a lot of things so that it remains effective. Below are things that oseoji forbids, as well as things that make it more effective.

Never keep alligators Pepper Plant where a man or woman can cross over it, especially women. The reason for the emphasis on women is that most times they are menstruating, and this affects the effectiveness of oseoji.

Therefore, you’ve to be careful where you store the Alligator Pepper Plant

Oseoji is good when stored on earth (sand). If you’re staying in a place where you have a tree in your home and you’re sure that no one will go to the tree anyhow, then you can drop it on the ground under the tree.

For those that stay in urban areas like the various cities, then you’ve to look for a particular type of stone called water stone (seen inside the water) with holes around it

When you get it, keep your alligator pepper on top of it after opening it pending usage.

If you can’t get the water stone, a plastic or bottle container with a good cover will do. Then after opening the oseoji seed, bring your hand to your front and pour it inside, covering it tightly.

Whenever, you want to make use of it, open the container, take the number of seeds you need, and cover it tightly afterward.

Why all this carefulness about the alligator pepper seed? It’s because alligator pepper is a spirit – simple!

So be careful how you open, store, and use it to ensure its effectiveness. If not, you’ll be praying with it not knowing that it’s useless and no longer effective due to how you opened or stored your Alligator Pepper Plant








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