How To Use Ghana Seed/Croton Seed

How to Use Ghana Seed or Croton Seed to Treat Various Diseases. Please watch.

Ghana seed is known as Eso Aworoso Awogba (Croton Pendoliflurous Seed) in Yoruba and Ogwuaki, or “Aki Ozara” in Igbo in Africa, especially in West Africa and Nigeria.

(India Parthia seeds), popularly known as Ghana seeds in Nigeria and also called magic seeds, are the most powerful laxatives that have a stimulant action on bowel movement. It has potent effects and works very fast in anybody’s system.

Ghana Seed for treating various diseases

Several factors, like the user’s age, health, and other conditions, influence the optimal dose of Ghana seeds.

Right now, there isn’t enough scientific data to establish a safe range of dosages for Ghanaian seeds. Take only the necessary amount.

Many medical conditions have been treated using croton seed, also known as miracle seed, Ghana seed, or black seed; a few of these are listed below:

  • To treat asthma, Ghana seed oil has been shown to improve respiratory health when taken via steam by adding 4-5 drops to a pot of boiling water. Research has validated this.
  • Super seed to treat hepatitis B: Include Ghana seed oil in your diet every day. It aids in liver healing; however, avoid using herbs if you have a liver condition.
  • To treat diabetes, sip 20 milliliters of the miracle seed infusion. Eat it once every day. Use it for a month to observe the effects; it decreases blood sugar.
  • Remedy seed for heart conditions: To a cup of goat milk, add 4 cups of Ghana seed oil. Eat it twice a day for a week. Take it once a day after that.
  • Ghana seeds to treat paralysis caused by low back discomfort: Mix 30 ml of milk with 3 cups of Ghana Miracle Seed oil. Take it three times a day.
  • To treat rheumatism, honey, Ghana seed oil, and vinegar should be combined in a 2:1:4 ratio. Take two tablespoonfuls of it twice daily.
  • For stomach issues, Blend ginger juice and Ghana seed oil in a 2:1 ratio. Take two tablespoons of it twice a day.
  • To treat eye conditions, blend a half teaspoon of Ghana seed oil with one cup of carrot juice. Eat it twice a day.
  • To treat leucorrhoea: Leucorrhoea is the medical term for white veginal discharge. Put 1 tbsp. of Ghana seeds and a few mint leaves in a cup of water and bring to a boil. You should take it once a day.
  • Fix for scanty menstruation: Add the same amount of honey to two tablespoons of miracle seed powder oil. Take it twice a day with a cup of warm milk, or blend honey with croton seed oil.
  • Croton seed to treat cancer: Have a glass of grape juice; pour in 2 milliliters of Croton seed oil. Consume it twice a day.
  • For effortless exhaustion: Are you easily fatigued? Combine 5 milliliters of Ghana seed decoction with a cup of orange juice. Have a drink once a day.
  • Heal your kidneys with this amazing seed: Add 300 g of powdered Ghana seed to 600 ml of honey once it has been ground. Take one teaspoon twice daily.
  • For fertility: Every day, mix one teaspoon of honey with two drops of Ghana seed oil. The miracle seed stimulates ovulation and raises the likelihood of conception.
  • To treat swelling, the affected area should be massaged with Ghana seed oil. Please wait at least 6 hours before washing the affected area with soap.
  • Croton seed for headaches: Applying Croton seed oil to the forehead is a good idea (instead of just taking painkillers and checking your blood pressure).
  • To treat hiccups: Scoop out 1 teaspoon of milk cream. After adding two drops of Ghana seed oil, consume it twice a day.
  • Remedy seed for hair loss: After washing your hair, massage your scalp and hair with Ghana seed oil.
  • Remedy seed for cerebral fever: toast one teaspoon of Ghana seeds in a pan, then inhale the smoke.
  • For gastric pain, eat one teaspoon of milk and two drops of Ghana seed oil together. Consume it twice a day.
  • To treat the pile: Take one tablespoon of the Ghana seed and combine it with the same weight of unroasted black seed. Crush to a fine powder and take half a tablespoon once daily with a glass of water.
  • For high fever: Add lemon juice and Ghana seed oil to one cup of warm water in a 1:1 ratio. Take twice daily.
  • Ghana seed for treating Ascaris (intestinal worms): Combine vinegar and Ghana seed oil in a 1:2 ratio. Take one teaspoon twice daily.
  • To treat epilepsy, make a concoction of 2 ml honey and 1 ml Ghana seed oil with 10 ml lukewarm water and consume it twice a day.
  • For infection of the ear: To use as an ear drop, warm 10 grams of miracle seed seeds in 30 milliliters of mustard oil until the mixture is just warm enough to be comfortable.
  • For dental conditions, applying Ghana seed oil to sore teeth or gums is recommended.
  • For diarrhea: Combine 50 cups of yogurt with half a teaspoon of Ghana seed oil. Consume it twice a day.
  • To treat nasal congestion and blocked noses, use Ghana seed oil as a nasal drop.
  • To treat sleeplessness, a cup of warm milk with a spoonful of honey and half a teaspoon of Ghana seed oil in it should do the trick. Have it once at night.
  • To treat an abscess: Grind a teaspoon of Ghana seed with a small amount of water, and then apply the mixture to the afflicted regions for 30 minutes.
  • To treat stomach ulcers and acid reflux: To a cup of warm water, add one teaspoon of honey and one milliliter of Ghana seed oil. Sip it twice daily.
  • To treat high blood pressure or hypertension, drink one cup of Ghana seed tea once daily.
  • To treat skin problems, apply a paste made from Ghana seed powder and sesame oil to the affected area of the skin.
  • For weak vision: Every day, apply one drop of Ghana seed oil to each eye. It helps with vision.
  • To supplement male libido loss, equal parts honey and Ghana seed powder should be combined, and then one tablespoon should be consumed on an empty stomach. Do this each day for two weeks.
  • Croton seed to treat fibroid: To shrink the fibroid, take three teaspoons of Ghana seeds in a glass of water.
  • Ghana seeds to help reduce weight: For weight loss and the decrease of stomach fat, take one cup of miracle seed powder diluted in water every morning and evening.
  • To treat veginal infection, pour water over the Ghana seed and use it as a douche in the morning and evening.
What is Ghanaian, Croton, or Miracle Seed?

The croton is a plant. Both the seeds and the oil that is pressed from them are utilized in medicinal preparations.

The tree species Croton megalocarpus belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. Ten Sub-Saharan African nations—Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique—are home to this indigenous species.

Croton seeds are used for a variety of medical purposes, including constipation, despite major safety concerns. Some people apply Ghana seeds topically to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA), gout, and other ailments.

For generations, people in Africa have utilized Ghana Seed, also known as Eso Aworoso Awogba (Croton Pendoliflurous Seed), as a potent medicinal plant to promote overall health.

Everywhere, but notably in wastelands, croton plants flourish. The foliage of many types is produced for its vibrant colors. Some common names include Kampala and Jamalgota.

Uses of Croton/Ghana seeds

Croton, which was previously underutilized, is now being pushed as a viable alternative to unsustainable jatropha projects for making ethanol. Although the nut itself is useful in many ways, its oil is most well-known for producing biofuel or biodiesel.

Croton seeds have a high protein content of 30% and about 30% oil. Croton seedcake, a byproduct of oil extraction, is high in protein and can be utilized in animal diets. The nut’s husks are processed to make biomass or fertilizer.

In local ecosystems, croton trees are essential for shade, wind protection, and soil preservation. The tree wood is suitable for charcoal and fuel wood.

Due to its resistance to termites, the wood is utilized in the construction of poles and fence posts. Considering how much nitrogen they contain, leaves are frequently employed as mulch.

The bark, seeds, roots, and leaves of the plant are traditionally used in medicine to treat conditions like pneumonia, malaria, stomach aches, and wound clotting.

Croton nuts have recently become popular in East African local communities as a commercial product.

Benefits of Ghana or Croton seeds

Croton seeds are useful in many healthful recipes in addition to being eaten or chewed as food. Among its health advantages are:

  • It is used to reduce weight in general and eliminate stomach fat.
  • Ghana seed is utilized to cleanse the body of all bacteria and illnesses while also keeping it light and free
  • You should use it before trying to conceive since it thoroughly cleans your reproductive system, which is essential if you want to have a healthy baby.
  • It is detoxifying naturally.
  • Filling the fallopian tube with fluid
  • Lessons sugar intake cleanses your digestive tract
  • Waist and back aches
  • It helps relieve constipation.
  • Toilet-related illnesses and other health issues are also addressed.
  • Can be used in the case of menstrual dysfunction
  • Efficient for treating diabetes and cancer
  • Cures typhoid illness
  • Alleviates period cramps
  • Can be used to manage elevated BP (blood pressure)
  • Ghana seeds can be used to treat fatigue and
  • Croton seed can improve low desire for s*x

To rate the efficacy of croton seeds for these purposes, more data is required.

Side effects of Ghana/Croton seeds

When ingested, corn seeds and oil should not be consumed because of their potential for adverse effects. Even a few drops of oil extracted from croton seeds can be fatal.

Both the seeds and the oil of the Croton plant have the potential to create a burning sensation in the mouth, as well as nausea, dizziness, unpleasant bowel motions, and even collapse.

When rubbed into the skin, Croton seeds and oil should be avoided at all costs because of their potential for irritation. Croton seed oil has the potential to induce itching, burning, and blistering if it comes into contact with the skin.

During breastfeeding and pregnancy: While croton seeds are completely safe, pregnant women should take extra precautions to avoid them as they may induce an abortion.

It is also not safe to consume croton seeds while nursing a child. Using miracle seeds when pregnant should be avoided as it may lead to an abortion. NOTE: DO NOT administer to children who are younger than 6 years old.


Observe your system during and after using Ghana seeds. The seeds are primarily for men and women, but children can also use them.

However, parents should supervise their children when they poop. If they poop excessively, give them two spoonfuls of red oil, and the poop will stop right away.

Though, it is best to wait for the poop to stop as this indicates that you have received a thorough cleansing and will be perfect in a few hours.


What is Croton seed called in Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa languages? ~ What is Croton Seed called in Yoruba?

The Yorubas refer to C. penduliflorus (family: Euphorbiaceae) as aworoso. It is a significant medicinal plant in southern Nigeria.

What is the Igbo name of Croton Seed?

Croton penduliflorus Hutch (Euphorbiacaea), also known as Turk’s Cap (Yoruba “Aworoso,” Igbo “Ogwuaki,” or “Aki Ozara,” is a tropical evergreen plant that is widespread in southern Nigeria. It is believed to have originated in Malaysia.

What is Croton
How To Use Ghana Seed
How To Use Ghana Seed
Seed called in the Hausa language?

It is uncertain what the Hausa term for Croton, Miracle, or Ghanaian seeds is. If you know it, kindly let me know in the comments section below so I can edit it.

Where can I buy Ghana seed in Lagos, Nigeria?

You can get Ghanaian or carrot seeds online from stores like:

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  • Jumia Nigeria
  • Konga Online Shopping