Pregnancy Meal Plan: Best Food Timetable for A Diet Plan

Pregnancy Meal Plan: Best Food Timetable for A Diet Plan

Pregnancy Meal Plan for much needed nutrient
Pregnancy Meal Plan for much-needed nutrient

Everyone benefits from a healthy diet, most especially pregnant women, early pregnancy food timetable requires a healthy diet for both the mother and the unborn baby.

Nigerian cuisine is varied and healthful, with something to suit every taste, even during the delicate period of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Meal Plan

That is why we have created a food timetable during pregnancy for women in Nigeria in order to assist them in maintaining a balanced diet during their pregnancy period.

Also, if you aren’t pregnant but know someone who is, please forward this pregnancy diet plan information to them. This Nigerian pregnancy food timetable is for all pregnant Nigerian women.

Here’s Our Nigerian Food Time Table for a Pregnant Woman – Pregnancy Meal Plan

  • 7-Day Meal Plan for Pregnant Woman – 3 Course Meal
Days  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
BREAKFAST  Akamu and akara with milk Fried eggs and boiled ripe plantains Custard with bread and milk Boiled potatoes and egg sauce (no raw eggs) Tea and bread with moi moi  Chicken pepper soup with rice Akamu and bread
LUNCH Egusi soup with swallow (eba, fufu, semo, or any swallow of your choice) Vegetable soup with swallow Oha soup with swallow Afang soup with a swallow of choice Efo riro with swallow or rice White soup and pounded yam Jollof rice and fried chicken
DINNER Beans pottage Moi-moi Boiled yam and stew Rice and goat meat pepper soup Beans and dodo Moi moi and tea Spaghetti and suya

Please keep in mind that fruits should be a large part of your diet. Every day, consume one serving of fruits.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy foods to avoid include – raw eggs, soft or unpasteurized cheese, and raw papaya should all be avoided.

This Nigerian pregnancy meal plan and food timetable can assist you in balancing your pregnancy diet!

This is why you’ll need this Nigerian pregnancy food timetable.

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