Recipe for Oha Soup: Ofe Ora from Igbo Land

Recipe for Oha Soup: Ofe Ora from Igbo Land

Recipe for Oha Soup Nigeria
Recipe for Oha Soup Nigeria Picture

If you haven’t tried Ofe Oha or Ofe ora, depending on your dialect, you won’t comprehend the frenzy surrounding this delectable delicacy from Nigeria’s southeastern region.

Ofe oha, commonly known as ora soup, is an African traditional soup made with ora leaves that is highly prized for its distinct flavor.

The oha leaf, botanically known as “Pterocarpus mildraedii,” comes from an African evergreen tree. It is high in fiber, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin A, among other components.

Naija Oha Soup Recipe ~ Health Benefits of Oha Leaves
  • Boosts production of red blood cells.
  • Promotes good digestion
  • Good for your bones
  • Good for diabetes patients
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Helps in treating diarrhea
  • Keeps your joints healthy
Nigerian Recipe for Oha Soup – Igbo Native Soup

Oha Soup is simple to cook and takes little time once you’ve mastered it.

Furthermore, it is a unique soup that is typically served during festivals and special events.

The soup is commonly served with pounded yam, fufu, or semolina and thickened with cocoyam (Taro or Malanga) paste.

This soup is quite simple to prepare and will turn out great no matter how you prepare it.

Yes, simply try this recipe and you’ll be on your way to preparing a tasty soup that you’ll enjoy.

Recipe for Oha Soup
Lists of Ingredients for Oha Soup

Beef/ Chicken/lamb/turkey or your preferred protein
Stockfish – Ponmo
Palm oil
Smoked fish
Periwinkle (Optional)
Ground crayfish
Cocoyam or Achi ( Soup Thickeners)
Oha leaves (cut using a knife or shredding with your fingers)
Uziza leaves (chopped) – optional


1. Firstly, put meat, kponmo, and stock fish in a pot, add seasoning and onions, allow simmering for 5 minutes, and then put a little water, cover and cook till meat is tender.
2. You can have the option to either add cocoyam while cooking the meat so it can cook together to save time or cook the cocoyam separately.
3. Thirdly, after it has cooked properly, add 2 cups of water then add palm oil, and allow cooking for about ten minutes. (Remove cocoyam and pound in a mortar or easily blend using a blender or a food processor)
4. Then, add ground crayfish, ground pepper, and salt, and let cook for another seven minutes.
5. After that, add the blended/ pounded cocoyam paste or achi (before you add achi to your soup, make sure you dissolve it in a little water, if not your soup will cake up). Let the soup cook for about three minutes
6. Now, add your Oziza first optional, (Oziza leaves are stronger than Oha leaves), then add your Oha leaves.
7. Finally, allow cooking for a minute, before turning off the burner
8. That’s it! Your delicious Oha soup is ready.

Serve with your preferred swallow (Eba, Pounded yam, Fufu, wheat, etc)

People also ask about the Recipe for Oha Soup

What is OHA soup made of?

Oha Soup is a delectable soup recipe from Nigeria’s eastern region. It’s one of those traditional Igbo soups that you can’t get enough of.

The leaves of the African Pterocarpus soyauxii/Pterocarpus Millbrae tree, also known as Oha leaves, are used to make this rich and healthy soup.

What is the English name for OHA leaves?

Oha leaf (Pterocarpus mildbraedii) is a famous Nigerian vegetable grown by the Igbos. The Igbo name for the African Rosewood plant is “Oha” or “Ora,” while the English name is “African Rosewood.”

How do you make OHA soup with cocoyam powder?

What role does OHA soup have in the body?

Oha leaves are high in calcium, which aids in bone growth.

What is the work of OHA soup in the body?

Oha leaves are high in calcium, which aids in bone growth. This mineral also helps to strengthen bones and protects women from osteoporosis. Muscle cramps are relieved. Magnesium, a mineral found in oha, works as a muscle relaxant and aids in the relief of muscle cramps.

How do you make Oha soup with Ogbono?

Turn in the blended ogbono when your saucepan begins to boil vigorously. It can be melted in water or immediately in the pot.

Stir in the uziza and then, oha leaves, after that, add the dry fish and fresh fish you retrieved earlier, gently pushing them into the soup (this should be done after the last steering).

  1. Add the shredded uziza leaf, set aside for 5 minutes, then stir in the oha leaf.
How do you use EDE powder? How do you make Bitterleaf soup with cocoyam?

The same way you make oha soup. Simply, add bitter leaf when it’s time to add oha leaves

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to eat Oha soup?

A pregnant woman will not be harmed by the soup. Oha leaves, on the other hand, contain dietary fibers that aid digestion, according to research. As a result, this aids in the prevention of constipation in a pregnant woman.

How are OHA leaves harvested?

According to the old wives’ tales I’ve heard, cutting the leaves with a knife turns the leaves bitter.

It doesn’t get bitter, but the leaves are so sensitive that you don’t even need a knife to cut them.

The leaves are traditionally torn using the tips of your fingers.

Is oha soup good for weight loss? 

Weight loss is also aided by herbal leaves and spices such as moringa, ginger, garlic, onions, and scent leaves

What is the nutritional value of oha soup? Nutritional Content/ Value of Oha Soup

Oha (Pterocarpus mildraedi) has the following nutritional value per 100 g edible portion: water 85 g, energy 237 kJ (57 kcal), protein 3.8 g, fat 0.8 g, carbohydrate 8.2 g, crude fiber 1.13 g, Ca 72 mg, Mg 28 mg, Fe 4.7 mg, and Zn 3.1 mg.

How do you preserve OHA leaves fresh? By wrapping in a paper before putting in the fridge

How do you make egusi soup with OHA Leaf?


  1. Rinse and parboil your meats for 15 minutes. When the red oil has reached a boil, add the pepper and crayfish. Allow boiling for a long time.
  2. Next, add your achi and stir at intervals, then add your egusi, Maggi, and salt.

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