Ujuju Soup: Native Delicacy from Delta/Edo State

Ujuju soup has its origins in the Igbo speaking part of the Ika/Agbor people of Delta State, Nigeria. Ika is one of the minority ethnic groups.

Most noteworthy, is that there are a lot of native cuisines and dishes but unfortunately, they are not very popular beyond Anioma and Delta.

Ofe Ujuju-is native to all parts of Anioma. Even more, in years past the Ujuju leaf can be plucked just at the backyard for a delicious all-round culinary experience only Anioma people are known for.

Ujuju leaf botanical name is Myrianthus arboreus. Myrianthus is a genus of flowering plants in the nettle family (Urticaceae).

They are mainly found in Tropical Africa.

The leaves of Myrianthus arboreus are an important food source in the Delta and Edo States of Nigeria where the plant is known locally as ujuju.

Ujuju Soup Recipe – How to Cook Ujuju Soup

Above all, ujuju soup is a very simple soup to prepare.  Some people prepare it alone, while some add okro or ogbono or both to their soups.

However, the method you choose depends on preference but the only hard thing about this recipe is sourcing for the leaves outside Delta State.

Ujuju soup must be prepared with ujuju leaves otherwise it won’t be Ujuju soup anymore.


  • Ujuju leaf,
  • Crayfish,
  • Mushroom,
  • Pepper,
  • Assorted meat,
  • Fresh and smoked fish,
  • Snail,
  • Onion,
  • Salt,
  • Ogiri-ofe
  • Palm oil and stock fish

1. Firstly, pluck the ujuju leave.
2. Secondly, parboil ujuju leave with salt, mash and keep aside.
3. Thirdly, cut the meat to size – season and boil.
4. After that, when the meat is almost ready, add your washed fish, stock fish, snail and then, cover the pot.
5. Then, add your pepper, crayfish, onion, mushroom, salt, for taste-add Maggi, ogiri­-ofe, palm oil and cover for ten minutes.
6. Lastly, add the mashed ujuju leave and stir, then allow boiling for seven minutes. Then, your soup is ready!

Enjoy this African pride with (Nni Akasi) pounded cocoyam mixed with fufu, fufu, or any swallow of choice.

Ujuju Soup Image
Ujuju Soup Image

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