Bitter Kola and Honey: The Effects of Honey with Bitter Kola Mix

Bitter Kola and Honey: The Effects of Honey with Bitter Kola Mix

Bitter Kola and Honey Effects
Bitter Kola and Honey Effects

The Bitter Kola and Honey Mix health benefits

The combination of bitter kola and honey appears to be a bit ironic. Bitter kola has a strong bitter taste, as you may expect from the name.

Honey is a sweet substance, as you may know. As a result, combining the two appears to be both rare and gratifying. Bitter kola and honey both have numerous health benefits.

Bitter kola is a plant native to Africa that has been used to treat everything from cough to dysentery to diabetes.

Honey is beneficial to the body in more ways than one, and it has long been used in traditional medicine.

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Bitter Kola and Honey Mix

So, based on what the two have to live alone, you can already see that they provide a lot of health benefits when combined.

If you combine honey and bitter kola, Magical things will happen. Honey and bitter kola both have well-known healing effects.

Bitter kola and honey are like two brothers who can heal the body, mind, and soul. They collaborate to achieve a multiplier effect.

Because honey and bitter kola are both natural antibiotics, combining them boosts their potency and effectiveness. Honey and bitter kola used together is quite helpful, especially for children.

Bitter Kola and Honey Mix Health Benefits

Mothers give their children bitter kola powder mixed with honey to treat practically all types of skin infections, including EPIDERMAL mic PAROTITIS (also known as mumps) and EPIDERMAL ROSEOLA (a virus that primarily affects children mostly that comes with RED RASHES)

It’s also found to be effective in treating CHICKENPOX in children and adults as well

This mixture can either be taken orally or administered physically.

Honey and bitter kola are also useful for treating a sore throat and a terrible voice since they soften the dry throat.

Because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics, the combination of these two helpful medicines is also used to treat ACNE or PIMPLES, FACIAL SCARS / BURNS, and BOILS.

Bitter kola and honey are also used in the development of antibacterial and antioxidant medications.

It’s a potential treatment for rheumatism, asthma, tuberculosis, and meningitis, among other respiratory diseases and infections. Insect bites and gallstones are also treated with this mixture.

Hepatitis, ulcer, diabetes, oral irritation, and appendicitis are all disorders that can be treated with it.

Cola can also be used to neutralize toxins and minimize their influence on the body in other situations.

Men can immediately improve their male fertility by drinking bitter cola, according to ResearchGate.

How many bitter kolas do I need per day to increase my libido performance?” you might wonder.

If you desire a vigorous passion¬†encounter, chew the kola for at least two minutes before performing the act. So, if you’re having libido troubles, try the bitter kola.

The combo should be used in moderation, just like any other drug or cosmetic cream.

How many bitter kolas should be eaten a day?

Bitter Kola dosage

It is suggested that a person consume two bitter kola nuts every day. This amount of bitter kola is sufficient to restore your energy and boost your health.

Try eating two bitter kola nuts per day if you wish to live a healthy life naturally.

Cola can cause lack of appetite, stomach trouble, rashes, and weariness if consumed in large quantities.

However, taking the correct amounts of cola blended with honey can significantly improve your health.

What sickness does bitter kola cure?

There’s a lot of evidence that the seeds’ bioactive components can be used as an alternative medicine to treat and cure serious diseases and disorders including…

  1. Improve the Lung
  2. Anti-Oxidant
  3. Anti-Inflammation
  4. Sore Throat
  5. Prevent Glaucoma
  6. Healthy Skin
  7. Increase Immunity
  8. Weight Loss
  9. Body Metabolism
  10. Avoid Arthritis
  11. Cold Remedy
  12. Anti-Cancer
  13. Neutralizes Snake Poison
  14. Anti-Food Poison
  15. Helps to keep snakes away
Side Effects, Recommendations, and Cautionary Notes

The ingredients have a lot of advantages, but they also have a lot of disadvantages. As a result, it is suggested that you read the following advice before consuming them:

If allergic symptoms such as itchiness, redness of the skin, swelling face, nausea, and dizziness occur, those with such conditions should avoid consuming this extract.

As a result, it’s best to start with a tiny amount to ensure there are no side effects.

To avoid the risk of miscarriage, pregnant women should seek medical advice before deciding to ingest this extract during their pregnancy.

People who are undergoing medical treatment should contact their doctor to ensure that the substances do not interact with the medication they are taking.

As a result of various natural remedies, chemical medicine will become obsolete.

These are all of the health benefits when used in a variety of situations.

It can, however, have certain negative consequences. As a result, use the extract with caution and always check for allergies before consuming anything.

Finally, the therapeutic results of these natural remedies may not be immediate. As a result, this treatment produces superior results when used regularly.

Our health is one of the most valuable assets we possess, thus we must take care of it.

You now know about the therapeutic effects of these two natural remedies that aid in the treatment of a variety of health issues.

Why not make use of what nature has provided and maintain good health?

Other Bitterkola combinations include:
  • Ginger garlic bitter kola and honey
  • Bitter kola ginger and garlic soaked in water
  • Ginger onions bitter kola and garlic
  • Bitter kola mixed with milk
  • Eating bitter kola and garlic
  • Bitter kola + garlic + ginger and turmeric
  • The Bitter kola + garlic + ginger and lemon
  • Combination of bitter kola and tiger nut
  • Bitter kola and watermelon seed
  • Alligator pepper and Bitter kola
  • Soak alligator pepper and bitter kola in coconut water
  • Bitter kola soaked in sprite
  • Kolanut and Bitterkola
  • Groundnut and Bitterkola
  • Lemon and Bitter kola
  • Bitter kola soaked in alcohol





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