Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water. Please watch >>>>


Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water Image
Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water Image
  • The Health Benefits of bitter kola soaked in coconut water
  • Soak bitter kola in coconut water – What is the benefit?
  • What is the benefit of soaking bitter kola in coconut water to drink?
  • What are the effects of bitter kola and coconut water on the human body?

Bitter kola, also called garcinia kola scientifically, or bitter cola is a flowering plant native to Central and West Africa’s tropical rainforest regions.

Are you aware of:

The plant was used in early Coca-Cola blends, which explains the similar name, but the world-famous drink’s present formula is no longer flavored with actual bitter kola.

The seeds are edible and used as a supplement to natural kola (Cola nitida), as well as for therapeutic and spiritual purposes.

Bitter Kola nut is also known as ‘Akiilu’ in the Igbo language, ‘Orogbo’ in Yoruba, and ‘Na Mijin Gworo’ in the Hausa Nigerian language

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Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water

Every component of the plant, including the seeds, stem, and leaves, has medicinal value in folkloric medicine, including the ability to help combat bacterial and viral diseases.

The plant is well titled in terms of flavor! The eatable seeds have a well-defined bitterness to them, as well as a mild sweetness.

When ingested, bitter kola provides a variety of nutrients, including carbs, lipids, protein, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and caffeine, according to studies.

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Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water

Bitter Kola is extremely beneficial to your health; it increases pleasure desire, increases libido in both men and women, and regulates ovulation.

Bitter kola can be used to treat a variety of diseases in addition to its traditional function.

Alligator pepper is also very therapeutic because it includes elements that might help you feel better.

Coconut water is beneficial to one’s health. It’s nice and refreshing. It contains various nutrients that are beneficial to your health and improves memory.

How to make a combination of bitter kola, alligator pepper, and coconut water


  • Bitter kola.
  • Alligator pepper.
  • Coconut water.
  • A clean container

Preparation Method

  1. Firstly, pour the coconut water into a bowl.
  2. Secondly, get some alligator pepper and bitter kola. Cut them up into little pieces.
  3. Thirdly, combine the bitter kola and alligator pepper in the coconut water-filled container.
  4. Then, soak it in the water for 5-7 days.
  5. Lastly, bring it out on the seventh day and consume the juice once or twice a day.

It is completely safe and will not result in any negative side effects or difficulties.

What are the advantages of soaking bitter kola in coconut water and drinking it?

The Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Soaked in Coconut Water Mixture
  • This combo eliminates respiratory issues.
  • It burns fat, particularly belly fat.
  • It alleviates physical aches and pains.
  • This mixture aids in the treatment of diabetes milletus.
  • It protects males against prostate cancer. Men above the age of 40, on the other hand, should get their prostates screened regularly to help detect a sick prostate early.
  • It aids in the treatment of asthma and the relief of asthma episodes. Please go to the hospital if you are suffering from an asthma attack.
  • Drinking bitter kola juice and coconut water will help you lower your blood sugar levels.
  • It aids in the treatment of all types of inflammation and infection in the body.
  • It rids the body of hazardous pollutants. Bitter kola soaked in coconut water helps to cleanse the body.
  • Blood pressure is reduced by soaking bitter kola in coconut water. It can help with hypertension.
  • Relieves aches and pains in the body
  • The combination of coconut water, alligator pepper, and bitter kola aids in weight loss and slimming.

Bitter kola soaked in coconut water for 3 days can assist with upright dysfunction, low count, poor libido, irregular menstruation, ovulation issues, yeast infection, and other fleshy issues.

Here Are the Results of Soaking Bitter Kola in Lime Water and Drinking Twice Daily

This herbal blend is made by extracting the nutrients from a medicinal seed known as “Bitter kola,” using lime water or juice as the extractor.

Continue reading to learn about the numerous health conditions that can be treated with this therapeutic drink.


Lime is a citrus fruit that is modest in size and has a sour flavor. Vitamins, immunity-boosting, and antioxidant qualities are all known to be present.

What Is the Best Way to Make This Juice?
  1. Firstly, obtain a sufficient amount of lime.
  2. Secondly, cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice.
  3. Then, get a good amount of bitter kola and chop it up into little pieces.
  4. After that, allow it to sit in the lime juice for at least a day.
  5. Finally, you can have a drink.


A shot was taken twice a day

Health Benefits of Soaking Bitter Kola in Lime Water 
  • It helps with stomach issues.
  • A natural detoxifier
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Protects against typhoid and malaria.
  • It aids in the maintenance of good vision.
  • Aids in the weight loss process.
  • It aids in the reduction of harmful cholesterol levels.
  • Has the potential to treat impotence.
  • It helps to increase fertility.
  • Helps to keep blood sugar levels in check
Bitter kola side effects

Any supplement or traditional medical product should be used in moderation.

Bitter kola has several adverse effects that are well-known.

  1. It has the potential to raise blood pressure.

Bitter kola should be avoided if you have hypertension, according to  Medical News Today, The nut contains a stimulant with blood pressure-raising effects.

  1. Bitter kola can make you sleepless.

You may find it difficult to sleep after eating kola nut because it contains caffeine. Caffeine raises alertness, which may make it more difficult for some people to fall asleep.

  1. It has the potential to create tremors (involuntary movements)
Benefits of Bitter Kola

The qualities of this nut are thought to have divinity capabilities in African beliefs and societies. The fruit peelings or shelves are utilized to look for information. They’re also utilized in the Obi divination system, which is a type of traditional divination.

Are There Any Spiritual Benefits of Bitter Kola?
  • Prolonged Life

Bitter kola is primarily used by the elderly in Africa because traditional believers believe it can prolong life.

However, the bitter kola seeds have long been chewed in Africa to treat inflammatory illnesses including arthritis, according to scientific data.

Bitter kola’s high potassium content could play a role in decreasing inflammation.

Preparation and Warnings/Disclaimer

You’ll want to know how to cook bitter kola now that you’re aware of its numerous possible health advantages. All parts of the bitter kola plant are edible in traditional medicine.

However, it is more normal to eat the nuts uncooked on their own.

While the numerous health benefits of bitter kola may entice you to purchase a supply, always use caution when taking any dietary supplements.

Always consult your doctor, and remember to follow their treatment recommendations for any problem you may have.

Bitter kola does have qualities that can help with the treatment and prevention of a variety of ailments, but no dietary supplement can replace competent medical advice.

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