Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper Combination

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper Combination to Man and Woman. Please watch the video below for a better understanding of the subject >>>

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper Combination
The Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper Combination
  • Benefits of eating bitter kola and alligator pepper together
  • Medicinal Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator pepper Combined
  • Benefits Of Watermelon Seed Combined with Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper
  • Health Benefits of Soaking Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper in Coconut Water

The health advantages of bitter kola and alligator pepper are summarized in this article.

Garcinia kola (bitter kola), also known as African wonder nut, is a species of flowering plants belonging to the Guttiferae family that grows in coastal rainforests in Nigeria’s south-western and south-eastern regions, as well as in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Gabon, and a few other African countries.

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Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola is well-known for its therapeutic properties, with the seeds, nuts, and bark being used to cure a variety of diseases.

It is a significant cultural emblem for many ethnic groups in Nigeria. It’s presented as a gift during weddings, funerals, and naming rituals, as well as being utilized in medicine.

Every market, bus station, and corner shop in West Africa have little mounds of bitter kola nuts for sale. For poor rural farmers, it is a key cash crop.

Therefore, many individuals chew them regularly to get their caffeine fix. Each nut carries the equivalent of two big cups of American coffee in caffeine.

Bitter kola nut extract is a popular culinary flavor that may be found in Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and now numerous energy drinks.

Kola extract was formerly utilized in weight-loss medications and over-the-counter stimulants.

Herbal supplements containing bitter kola nut extract are also available.

Fibers abound in bitter kola and alligator pepper.

Fibers have long been known to aid in the prevention and treatment of constipation.

It has been proven that eating bitter kola and alligator pepper combined every night and morning for at least one month increases sperm count.

Moreover, these nuts are normally eaten to enhance saliva flow, making them a masticatory substance.

Bitter kola is high in caffeine and threobromine, and it’s also an aphrodisiac. Unlike other kolas, bitter kola is thought to clear the digestive tract without causing adverse effects like stomach pain, even when used in large quantities.

What Exactly Is Bitter kola? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

The bitter kola nut (Cola acuminata and Cola nitida) is the fruit of the West African evergreen tree which grows in Africa’s rainforests and is regarded for its central nervous system stimulating properties.

The star-shaped fruit is produced by the trees, which reach heights of 40 to 60 feet. Two to five bitter kola nuts can be found in each fruit. This little fruit, about the size of a chestnut, is high in caffeine.

White shells enclose the seeds or nuts inside the star-shaped fruits of the tree.

People’s opinion about the Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

  • When consumed fresh, bitter kola nuts have a harsh flavor. The flavor changes when they’re dried, and they’re said to smell like nutmeg.
  • Bitter kola nut has the potential to be beneficial to one’s health.
  • The bitter kola nut has been linked to a variety of health advantages for thousands of years.

Bitter kola nut is said to sweeten stale water, relieve weariness, and alleviate hunger pains.

Until proven differently, most of these assertions should be considered folklore.

While bitter kola nuts may offer health advantages, they have yet to be explored and verified scientifically.

The majority of the bitter kola nut’s advantages are due to its high caffeine concentration, which boosts energy and lessens appetite.

Claims have also been made that it treats:

  • infections
  • skin diseases
  • ulcers
  • toothaches
  • morning sickness
  • intestinal diseases
  • headaches
  • depression
  • low sex drive
  • coughs and asthma
  • dysentery
  • constipation
  • various eye problems

Some quick facts about the bitter kola nut

The following are some quick facts about the bitter kola nut:

  • The nut is around the size of a chestnut and is pretty huge.
  • The bitter kola nut has a bitter flavor that gets sweeter as it is chewed.
  • The bitter kola nut may be good for some health concerns.
  • Bitter kola nuts might have certain adverse effects whether taken as a supplement or eaten.


Bitter kola nuts and bitter kola nut products may not be suitable for everyone.

Bitter kola nuts should be avoided by anyone with a nut allergy. Symptoms of an allergic response to bitter kola nuts include:

  • Hives
  • Indigestion
  • Difficulty breathing

Bitter kola nut-containing goods may also be avoided by those with specific medical disorders.

Due to their stimulating impact, bitter kola nuts may not be suitable for those with high blood pressure or certain cardiac disorders.

The bitter kola nut should also be avoided by anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep.

The high caffeine content of the nut and supplements containing it may excite the central nervous system and make sleeping difficult, especially for caffeine-sensitive individuals.

What are the benefits of the bitter kola nut? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola include:

Treating Malaria: Bitter kola is thought to have antimalarial effects due to its chemical characteristics.

Kolaviron, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemical with strong antimalarial effects are present.

Glaucoma prevention: A group of researchers discovered that using an eye drop produced from a garcinia kola extract regularly can help cure glaucoma.

Cold and fiver remedy: Bitter kola is a cold and fever cure that works by enlarging the alveolar sac and duct, providing relief from chest colds, and even preventing them.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction: Garcinia kola (bitter kola) is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction since research has revealed that it has aphrodisiac properties (causes or enhances sexual desire) in males.

Weight Loss: Bitter kola is a natural hunger suppressant and a wonderful thirst stimulant, and as such, it aids in weight reduction, as the body requires a lower intake of food and a significant intake of water to get rid of extra fat and stay healthy.

Diabetes: Bitter kola seeds are thought to have the capacity to reduce blood glucose levels, making them a viable therapy for diabetic Miletus.

Immunity: Bitter kola affects several regulatory systems in the body, including the immunological system. It helps the body adapt to stress while also acting as an anti-infective.

Osteoarthritis: Bitter kola is a well-known disease modulator that can help with osteoarthritis symptoms. Garcinia kola appears to provide considerable analgesic/anti-inflammatory benefits for people with knee osteoarthritis, according to studies.

Healthy lungs: Bitter kola contains saponin, an antioxidant that promotes lung health. It has cleansing and purifying properties.

As a result, the lungs’ function is improved by widening the alveolar ducts and sacs, which strengthens the fiber in the lungs’ tissue.

Menstruation becomes more regular

If your periods have stopped, don’t fret alligator pepper and bitter kola combined every morning and night can help restore and regulate menstruation.

Boosts ovulation

The health benefits of bitter kola and alligator pepper – Women can improve their ovulation and fertility by eating bitter kola and alligator pepper. Bitter kola and alligator pepper are well-known fertility enhancers that can help a woman conceive.

Helps Pregnancy: Bitter kola, contrary to popular belief, has been stated to be beneficial in and for pregnant women, as it aids in the relief of nausea and vomiting, improves the health of the uterus, provides strength to the expecting mother, and also normalizes blood circulation.

Boosts the number of sperm

For at least one month, consuming bitter kola and alligator pepper combined every night and morning has been found to boost sperm count and even make sperm more fertile. Male infertility is treated with bitter kola and alligator pepper.

Boost your libido with these tips.

When bitter kola and alligator pepper are consumed together, sexual desire is increased. This is because a combination of alligator pepper and bitter kola boosts testosterone levels in both men and women.

Other Uses of Bitter Kola

Traditional medicine: Bitter kola is reported to have anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and purgative properties in traditional medicine. Bronchitis, typhoid, TB, diarrhea, and bacterial infections are all treated with it.

Anti-cancerous: Bitter kola has an anti-cancerous action, making it useful in the treatment of breast cancer.

Anti-Poison: When consumed combined, the bark and seed aid in the detoxification of the human body during food poisoning.

Life Prolongation: Bitter kola is said to extend life by breaking down glycogen in the liver, according to several African tribes and scientific investigations.

Snake repellent: Bitter kola is used to keep snakes away in areas where they are common.

Spiritual Benefits:

Bad Spirits – Delving into a little bit of spirituality, the tribes and ancient people thought that the plant could repel evil men and spirits, while others who do not believe in spirits may disagree.

Some people still believe in such things nowadays.

Traditional applications of this plant have been based on historical beliefs (e.g., warding off bad spirits) and various therapeutic benefits (e.g., treating cough, relieving stomach cramps, etc.).

Based on the facts obtained, bitter kola is a healthy, lucrative, and indigenous plant that is neglected and should be exploited for its therapeutic properties to ease this ailment.

Alligator pepper – Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

Because of its therapeutic and nutritional properties, alligator pepper is a highly prized spice. Alligator pepper is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and zinc, among other nutrients.

Aside from its medical uses, alligator pepper is a delicious compliment to any dish and is frequently used as a pepper soup component.

Moreso, Alligator pepper is a popular feature of ceremonial and social events in Nigeria’s Yoruba and Igbo cultures, such as naming rites

What is alligator pepper

From Wikipedia, and I quote

Alligator pepper (also known as mbongo spice or hepper pepper) is a West African spice made from the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum danielli, A. citratum, or A. exscapum.

It is a close relative of grains of paradise, obtained from the closely related species, Aframomum melegueta or “grains of paradise”.

Unlike grains of paradise, which are generally sold as only the seeds of the plant, alligator pepper is sold as the entire pod containing the seeds (in the same manner to another close relative, black cardamom).

The plants which provide alligator pepper are herbaceous perennial flowering plants of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), native to swampy habitats along the West African coast.

Once the pod is open and the seeds are revealed, the reason for this spice’s common English name becomes apparent as the seeds have a papery skin enclosing them and the bumps of the seeds within this skin are reminiscent of an alligator’s back’

What does alligator pepper cure? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

Not only for its peppercorns but also medicinal applications, the entire plant is used:

The rhizomes (also known as root stalks) are used as antibacterial and antifungal medicines; the long leaves are used to cure measles and gastrointestinal problems, and the seeds have anti-inflammatory effects.

What role does bitter kola play in a woman’s body? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

It strengthens the immune system: Bitter kola gives the immune system what it needs to protect against dangerous poisons and to mount an effective immunological response to foreign particles. It increases fertility: Bitter kola is sometimes used by infertile women to help them conceive.

Is it possible to lose weight by eating alligator pepper? Can alligator pepper reduce belly fat?

It’s straightforward: eat two alligator peppers every day and exercise.

For a month’s worth of weight loss, soak alligator pepper in honey for 48 hours and drink every day.

Drink it morning and evening, then add exercise and dieting. It helps in weight reduction and flattening of big tummy.

What is alligator pepper used for? Uses 

Alligator pepper is a worm expellant and diuretic, as well as a wound healer and malaria treatment.

It is traditionally used to treat fibroids, gastrointestinal ailments, and dermatological issues. It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

What are the benefits of alligator peppers for fertility?

For ladies who are attempting to conceive, alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water are beneficial.

Both men and women can benefit from soaking alligator pepper and bitter kola in coconut water and drinking the mixture after two days.

What are the benefits of alligator pepper in the body? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper
  • Treating wounds and burns. Aframomum melegueta is rich in a high fiber, which safeguards the fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boosts libido
  • Maintaining blood sugar
  • Addresses erectile dysfunction
What Are the benefits of bitter kola and alligator pepper?

It is thought that consuming a mixture of bitter kola and alligator pepper water every morning on an empty stomach aid in the burning of fat and weight loss.

Some people who desire to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach chew/drink bitter kola and alligator pepper tea first thing in the morning before going about their regular routines.

What happens when Bitter Kola is combined with Alligator Pepper? Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator pepper Mix

The following are some of the health advantages of eating bitter kola and alligator pepper together or drinking a mixture of alligator pepper and bitter kola:

The following are some of the health benefits of eating/drinking a mixture of bitter kola and alligator pepper:

  • Treats male infertility
  • Eye health
  • Treats constipation
  • Gut health
  • Weight loss
  • Shrinks fibroid
  • Benefits to woman/man
  • Cures ulcers
  • For manpower
  • It treats erectile dysfunction.
  • Regularizes menstruation
  • Boost libido
  • Boosts ovulation
Lastly, the health benefits of bitter kola and alligator pepper for detoxification

It is thought that eating alligator pepper and bitter kola first thing in the morning will aid in the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

How to make bitter kola drinks – Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper

All components of the bitter Kola plant, including the leaves, stem, and seeds, are used to prepare traditional African remedies.

Are you aware that bitter kola may be used to make beverages that are high in lipids, protein, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, caffeine, and a variety of other nutrients?

These bitter kola beverages are simple to create, can be made in a variety of ways, and yet provide health benefits.

Here are several various ways to make this healthy bitter kola tea, along with their advantages:

Bitter Kola soaked in Coconut water
Required Ingredients:
  1. Bitter Kola (the main ingredient)
  2. Coconut Water
  3. Alligator Pepper.
  4. A transparent bottle or container made of plastic.
  1. To begin, chop the bitter kola and alligator pepper into tiny pieces.
  2. Then, pour the coconut water into a clear plastic bottle or container.
  3. After that, pour the coconut water into the clear container with the chopped bitter kola and alligator.
  4. Then, soak the mixture for three to seven days.
  5. Lastly, you can drink once or twice a day after the seventh day.
  1. This combination protects men against prostate cancer.
  2. It cleanses the body and helps to burn tummy fat.
  3. It helps to decrease blood pressure and sugar levels.
  4. Alligator pepper is used to cure contagious skin disorders including measles, chickenpox, and smallpox, as well as joint, tooth, stomach, and arthritic aches.
  5. Coconut water is not only delicious, but it also contains beneficial elements that help the body relax
Bitter Kola soaked in Lime Water Recipe
Required Ingredients
  • A decent amount of lime
  • Clear plastic bottle or a transparent container
  • A reasonable amount of bitter kola
  • Firstly, cut the lemon in half and strain the juice into the container
  • Then, slice the bitter kola into small pieces
  • After that, pour the bitter kola into the lime-filled container and set it aside for a day After a day, you can take a shot of the beverage twice a day.
  1. It works as a Natural Detoxifier to help with gastrointestinal problems.
  2. Assist Fertility Growth
  3. It makes the weight-loss process easier.


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