Chicken Seasoning Nigeria: Best Seasoning for Chicken Ideas

Chicken Seasoning Nigeria: Best Chicken Seasoning Ideas

Chicken Seasoning Nigeria flavour with maggi and knorr
Chicken Seasoning Nigeria flavor with Maggi and knorr

Seasoning for Chicken is frequently used in Nigerian recipes, particularly vegetable sauce, Nigerian rice dishes, and tomato stew dishes.

Fried or grilled chicken can be consumed alone, as a snack washed down with a refreshing beverage, with any Nigerian rice meals, spaghetti, and others

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Chicken Seasoning Nigeria Ingredients

You want to season your Nigerian chicken to make it very tasty, but you also want it to look presentable and appetizing when you serve it abii?

Seasoning chicken is simple, and only a few ingredients are required. Most people believe that to make chicken appetizing, you need to use all of the spices and stock cubes in the world.

However, all of this extra seasoning strips the chicken of its inherent flavor. You simply need a few key spices and ingredients to season chicken

Best Chicken Seasoning Ideas: Chicken Seasoning Nigeria

  • Chicken: Hen (female chicken) is harder and tastier than cockerel (male chicken), therefore ask for the hen when you go shopping for chicken. In Spanish, this is known as Gallina. Additionally, you should get a whole chicken and divide it up into pieces. Not only is it less expensive, but you get all of the chicken’s parts, which adds to the flavor rather than just one.
  • Onions: which can be red, white, or yellow. When it comes to flavoring chicken, onions are crucial.
  • Thyme: Due to the aroma it imparts to the chicken, this is a must-have ingredient.
  • Maggi or Knorr are the brands that bring out the greatest taste in Nigerian cooking.
  • Salt: When seasoning your chicken, use a small amount of salt. When the chicken is done, season it with salt. Never salt raw chicken; check the notes below for more information on what happens if you salt your chicken or beef too soon.

You should also grill your chicken instead of deep-frying it after it has been cooked. Please grill your chicken if you have an oven because it is good for weight loss and thus healthier. The chicken tastes better once it has been grilled.

Seasoning Chicken Nigeria Recipe/Grilling Chicken Directions

  1. Firstly, cut the whole chicken into the portions you want. Most supermarkets or meat vendors will take care of this for you, saving you time and effort.
  2. Secondly, combine the chicken pieces with the diced onions, thyme, and stock cubes in a large pot,
  3. Then, pour just enough water into the saucepan to cover the contents and begin cooking.
  4. Because the hen is tough, it takes a long time to cook it thoroughly. It normally takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes on medium heat in a regular cooking pot to have it done to my liking. This could take less time depending on your cooker’s heating capacity. It will take even less time if you use a pressure cooker, but keep an eye on it so it does not become too soft.
  1. When the chicken is done, season with salt, cover the saucepan, and then, cook for 2 minutes. Because salt toughens chicken and other foods, adding salt at the start will cause your chicken to take longer to cook.
  1. After that, drain the chicken by placing it in a sieve.
  2. Lastly, lay them on your oven rack, as close to the grill (your oven’s top heating) as feasible.

Preheat your oven to 170°C (338°F) and select “Grill” or “Broil” if you live in the United States. When the top side of the chicken pieces has browned, flip them over.

When both sides of the chicken are brown, it is well-grilled.

Notes on how to cook chicken Nigerian style:

When cooking the chicken, add water up to the level of the contents of the pot.

I do not season raw chicken with salt when cooking it. This is due to the fact that salt blocks the pores of the chicken (and anything else you’re cooking), preventing the natural flavor of the chicken from escaping into the surrounding water and the seasoning from entering the chicken to improve the taste.

As a result, your chicken stock will lack a rich, natural flavor. It will simply have a spice taste that is artificial.

Because salt causes the chicken to stiffen, it takes longer to cook.

When the chicken is done, I season it with salt.

Many people believe that adding salt early in the cooking process improves the flavor of the chicken, however, there is a significant difference between a salty and a savory taste.

Allowing the natural flavor of the food to come out into your stock by NOT adding salt too early is what I believe gives food a rich taste.

Remember That Stock Cubes Already Contain Salt.

I don’t season my chicken with Nigerian curry powder since it affects the color and gives it an artificially overbearing flavor.

Curry powder can be used for stews made with chicken or beef. However, if you don’t mind the color and taste it imparts on the chicken, you can use it when steaming the beef or chicken.

Serve with any Nigerian Rice recipes, Nigerian Moi Moi, or Nigerian Salad dish. It’s also fine to eat it with a cold drink as a snack.

Summing Up on Chicken Seasoning Nigeria

Listen lovelies, if you serve grilled chicken to your guests, they will adore you.

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