Prices of foodstuff

Current Prices of Foodstuff in Nigeria (May 2023)

Current Prices of Foodstuff in Nigeria (May 2023)

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The Current Food Price ~ How much is a bag of beans in Nigeria today?

Price of a bag of beans in Nigeria 2023
According to the measurement and species, the price of a bag of beans in Nigeria is listed below;

Drum beans 100 kg: 60,000–68,000. White beans 50 kg cost between 31,000 and 34,500. Butter White Beans 25 kg, between 10,000 and 15,000

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Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much is one cup of beans in Nigeria?

A cup of beans recently sells for 170 naira, while rice is 150 Naira, according to a survey carried out between September and October 2 by Premium Times.

How much is a loaf of bread in Nigeria in Naira? What is the most expensive bread in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the most expensive bread in the history of mankind is the Nigeria Cassava Bread.

The production cost is estimated to be around N10 billion.

Prices of Foodstuff ~ The average prices of selected food products in Nigeria in 2023 (in Nigerian naira)
Characteristic Prices in Nigerian Naira
Beef bone-in, 1kg 1,757.44
Beef, boneless, 1kg 2,337.46
Bread sliced 500g 529.07
Bread unsliced 500g 492.01
How do you succeed in the foodstuff business?

Six Steps to Starting a Successful Food and Beverage Business

  • Start small, and then scale up. It’s important to start small so that you don’t take on more than you’re prepared to handle
  • Build a strong field team
  • Have a retail execution plan
  • Design great packaging
  • Keep changing.
  • Advertise
How much is 50 kg of beans?

₦32,049.00 per 50 kg

How much is a paint bucket of beans?

₦3,329.00 per 1 paint bucket
Oloyin is beautiful in looks/color. It is also referred to as “milk”.

Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much is 100 beans?


Amount Today at 6:19 am
5 BEAN $0.0135
10 BEAN $0.0269
50 BEAN $0.1345
100 BEAN $0.2691
How many beans are in a 1kg bag?

That’s around 56 coffee beans (depending on a lot of factors).

For a 1kg bag of coffee beans, you should get about 120-140 cups of coffee.

How much is 1kg of black beans?

KES 241.00
Very nutritious, rich food, high in protein, iron, folate, vitamin b6, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus

How much are 1,000 beans? How much are 10k beans?

The amount for 10000 Bean Cash in US Dollars? 10000 Bean Cash is 0.473854 US Dollars.

So, you’ve changed 10000 Bean Cash to 0.473854 US Dollars.

How many beans do I need for my bean bag?

Your bean bag is at its ideal comfort level when filled to 250-275 L or about 9 cu. ft.

Thus, if you are using polystyrene beans, we recommend getting three (3) 100L bags.

How much does 1 bag of beans cost?

Subject to the quality and type of beans, the prices per 90 kg bag of beans currently range between 10,000 shillings to 15,000 shillings.

Mostly, beans fetch better prices when it is not harvesting period. Some varieties are also more expensive than others.

What is the number 1 bread in Nigeria?


Sugar bread is Nigeria’s No. 1 bakery product.

Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much is 1 bake in Naira?


Amount Today at 12:45 pm
1 BAKE NGN 85.31
5 BAKE NGN 426.54
10 BAKE NGN 853.07
50 BAKE NGN 4,265.36
Which flour is the best in Nigeria?

Classic Flour is high-quality flour, made from a quality wheat blend, for general-purpose baking.

It is also premium bread flour used mostly by bakers to produce various bread and cake recipes that meet the quality expectations of Nigerians.

It is the favored choice for bakers and bread consumers.

Can I start a foodstuff business with 200, 000 Naira?

Selling foodstuff such as rice, beans, semo, garri, noodles, and so on at retail prices is another lucrative business you can start with N200,000 in Nigeria whether you’re a man or woman.

Which food business is most profitable?

Profitable Food Business Ideas

  • List of Most Profitable Food Businesses -Sorted by Highest Profit Margin: Honey production – 30% average profit margin.
  • Restaurants. One of the best food business ideas by far is the restaurant industry.
  • Bakeries.
  • Cookies.
  • Candy Stores.
  • Caterers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Food Trucks.
Can I start a food stuff business with 50k?

YES! In Nigeria, you can start a foodstuff business with as little as 100,000 Naira, and as much as 1 million Naira and above.

That means if you can raise from 100K to 500K and above, you can start a foodstuff business in Nigeria.

But, keep in mind that your start-up cost will determine your profit margin.

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Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much is a 50kg bag of soya beans?

₦29,000.00 per 50 kg

How many kg is a paint bucket of beans?


Beans – Oloyin Nasarawa (1 Paint Bucket, 4kg)

How much is one painting of Garri?

₦1,629.00 per 1 paint bucket.

Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much are 20 Litres of paint in Nigeria?

The 20 Litre Paint Bucket Price In Nigeria is typically between N15, 000 to N20,000. This is one of the most common sizes among customers.

It is crucial to note that the price varies depending on the brand, color, and quality of paint you want to buy.

How much is a mudu of beans in Abuja?

The price of Beans (Brown) – 1 Mudu at the Mart.NG is ₦700.
How much is a paint bucket of beans in Lagos?

2,300 – 3,000 Naira

Prices of Foodstuff ~ How much is 1 bean in Naira?

The current value of 1 BITB is NGN 0.04 NGN.

How many bags of beans per plot in Nigeria?

Some bean farmers can produce 3 tons of beans (30 bags of beans) per hectare. This category of farmers gears good agronomic practices.

But an average farmer in Nigeria produces less than 10 bags of beans per hectare due to the implementation of poor agronomic practices.

How many beans to feed 200 people?

How Many Baked Beans to Make for a Crowd?

We make around 200 ounces or about 13 pounds of beans with an extra 6 pounds of meat (hamburger and bacon) mixed in to make small servings for a crowd of 150 – 200 people.

How long will 1kg of beans last?

So How Long Will It Last?

Bearing that in mind, a 1kg bag of coffee beans will last roughly 4 and a half months if you’re having just 1 single shot a day single shot.

But, if you are a solo single-shot coffee drinker you may be better off with a 250g bag.

How many bags do you need for bean bags?

Beanbag chairs come in all shapes and sizes. However, a standard chair shape like our Merlin or Big Boppa usually requires 300 – 400 liters of filling or four bags. Large chairs such as our Copacabana require 450-500 liters of beanbag refill.

How much rice is in a bean bag?
  1. Fill the bean bag roughly 3/4 full with rice.
How much are Heinz beans in Nigeria?


₦500.00 per 1 piece.

How much are locust beans in Nigeria?

₦1,500.00 per 1 pack.

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria currently?

Prices of a bag of rice in Nigeria 2023
This is because the price of rice varies depending on the size, there is no set price that applies to all brands.

For both domestic and imported rice, the price of a bag in Nigeria ranges from 32,000 Naira – 50,000 Naira.

What is the most selling food in Nigeria?
  • Garri. This is undoubtedly the most popular staple food eaten in Nigeria.
  • Pounded Yam. This is a very soft food served in several Nigerian homes and restaurants.
  • Egusi Soup.
  • Nigerian Fried Rice.
  • Banga Soup
  • Tuwo Shinkafa.
What type of bread sells the most?

In terms of revenue, China and India control the majority of the world’s bread market, which is expected to be worth $66.8 billion and $47.28 billion, respectively, in 2022.

Every market has a different best-selling bread, depending on the nation. In the US, whole-wheat or multigrain bread is often consumed, closely followed by white bread.

List of food stuff to buy at home ~ what is the list of food items?
Basic foods
  • Baked goods.
  • Cereals.
  • Dairy products.
  • Edible plants.
  • Legumes
  • Edible fungi.
  • Edible nuts and seeds.
  • Meat.
What are basic food items in Nigeria? List of raw food items in Nigeria

The Nigerian diet is dominated by starchy foods including yam, cassava, plantains, rice, and beans.

They are frequently eaten alongside an extensive selection of substantial soups and stews cooked with various cuts of meat and vegetables.

Vegetable stews are a favorite among Nigerians, who often eat them many times each week.25

In Nigeria, what foods are eaten raw?

Dates (dabino), which may be consumed fresh or dried, are one of the nutritious raw foods in Nigeria.

They also offer a wealth of health advantages and are quite nutritious. Fruits and several types of vegetables are among the other items that may be consumed uncooked.

List of foodstuffs to sell ~ what food sell most in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, rice is the most popular food and has been for a very long time. Because of the climate there, it is mostly grown in the northern section of Nigeria.

What is the list of food items?

Basic foods

  • Baked goods.
  • Cereals
  • Dairy products.
  • Edible plants.
  • Edible fungi.
  • Edible nuts and seeds
  • Meat

How do you package foodstuffs for sale?

Any baked items you want to sell should be wrapped in plastic wrap before being placed in cellophane bags and secured with twist ties.

Pack the baked goods in boxes with lots of padding, such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, and if you are shipping them.

Raw food stuff list ~ Foodstuff shopping list
Here is a list of the grocery items that Nigerians currently buy most frequently.
Raw Foodstuff List – Soup things
  • Egusi (Melon Seed)
  • Ogbono (Seed or powder)
  • Stockfish (Head or full body)
  • Cocoyam (Ede – soup thickener), Ofor (Soup thickener), Or Achi (Soup thickener)
  • Crayfish (dry or fresh)
  • Dried fish ( Asa, Azu Okpor, Mangala, )
  • Periwinkles
  • Dried Prawn
  • Snail (frozen or fresh)
  • Locust beans ( Iru)
  • Ogiri (Castor beans)
  • Ugba (for African Salad or soup)
  • Protein – Beef, chicken, turkey, goat meat, pork, Fish
Cooking Oil
  • Palm oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • coconut oil
  • Groundnut oil
  • Soya bean oil
Nigerian Swallows – Foodstuff Shopping List in Nigeria
  • Garri  for Eba (Yellow or white)
  • Amala – Yam Flour
  • Cassava – Fufu (Akpu)
  • Semo
  • Pounded Yam
  • Plantain fufu
  • Wheat
  • Tuwo
Vegetables – Foodstuff Shopping List in Nigeria

Many types of vegetables are seen in Nigeria, and they are being consumed in large amounts every day by Nigerians.

  • Ugu  leaves( fluted pumpkins)
  • Waterleaves
  • Ewedu leaves
  • Onions
  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Fresh Pepper – Ata rodo
  • Okra (fresh or dry Okro)
  • Scent Leaves
  • Okazi leaves
  • Efo leaves
  • Oha leaves
  • Uziza leaves
  • Bitter leaves
  • Utazi Leaves
  • Zobo Leaves
Other Foodstuff List
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Indomie
  • Spaghetti
  • Macaroni pasta
  • Maize (Corn)
  • Yam
  • Plantain
  • Abacha (Cassava flask)
  • Ukwa (Breadfruit)
  • Okpa Seed
  • Black Beans (Akidi)
  • Guinea corn
  • Wheat
  • Millet
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Nigerian Snacks/ Nuts
  • Chin Chin
  • Peanuts /Ground Nuts
  • Dry Tigernuts (Aya, Aki Hausa)
  • Dates (Debino)
  • Fried Ukwa
  • Kuli kuli (Groundnut Snack)
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Plantain Chips
  • Bitter kola
  • Almond nuts
Nigerian Spices – Foodstuff List
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Pepper Soup Spice
  • Jollof mix Spice
  • Suya Spice (Yaji)
  • Banga Spice
  • Ehuru
  • Uda
  • Uziza
  • Cameroon Pepper
  • Salt
  • Yellow pepper (Nsukka Pepper)
Nigerian Fruits
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Icheku, Awin, Black Velvet Tamarind
  • Udara , Agbalumo (Yoruba), African Star Apple
  • Avocado pear
  • Carrots
  • Garden Egg
  • Uber (Pear)
  • Paw-paw
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Soursop fruit
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelon / Golden melon
Dairy and Beverages – Foodstuff List
  • Tea
  • Powdered milk
  • Milk: – Tin Milk/Evaporated milk
  • Eggs
  • Soya milk
  • coconut milk
  • Yogurt /Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Butter / Margarine
  • Cocoa powder
  • Milo/Bournvita
  • Coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Soda
  • Canned Food
  • Tomato paste
  • Peas (Green Peas)
  • Sweet corn
  • Sauce
  • Baked Beans
  • Sardine
 Foodstuff Dressing Condiment
  • Sugar
  • Ketchup
  • Honey
  • Mayonnaise
  • vinegar
  • peanut butter
  • Jam
Food Price List in Nigeria ~ Price of a bag of beans in Nigeria Today ~ How much is a bag of beans in Nigeria today?

Price of a bag of beans in Nigeria 2023
Based on the quantity and species, the price of a bag of beans in Nigeria is listed below;

Drum beans 100 kg: 60,000–68,000. White beans 50 kg cost between 31,000 and 34,500. Butter White Beans 25 kg, between 10,000 and 15,000.

List of foodstuff businesses in Nigeria ~ 9 Foodstuff Business That Sales Faster in Nigeria

Raw food business

 Fast food business

  • Bakery business
  • Tea shop
  • Instant noodles joint
  • Raw foodstuff dealer
  • Vegetable/fruit food joint
  • Meat joint/abattoir
  • Local food joint
How much do I need to start a foodstuff business in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, no special funding is required to launch a food or grain company.

However, this does not imply that you can start with any amount you have.

So, on average, you will need between N400,000 (N400K) and N1,000,000 (N1M) in capital to launch a food business in Nigeria.

Food Price List in Nigeria ~ Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria

Below are the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria if you want to know the cost and how they measure in quantities.

Foodstuffs in Nigeria Prices in Nigerian currency (N)
80kg Bag of Garri (Ijebu) N10,500
50kg Bag of Garri (White) N6,500 to N7,500
50kg Bag of Garri (Yellow) N6,500 to N7,500
5 Liters of Palm Oil N2,200 to N2,500
20 Liters of Palm Oil N8,800 to N9,000
30 Liters of Palm Oil N12,800 to N13,000
Dangote Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Golden Penny Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Bonita Spaghetti (500g) N250 to N300
Power Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Big Basket of Sweet Potato N500 to N650
Small Basket of Sweet potato N300 to N400
Big Basket of Irish Potato N1,900 to N2,200
Medium Basket of Irish Potato N1,000 to N1,300
Small Basket of Irish Potato N500 – N700
5 Liters of Groundnut Oil N2,300 to N2,500
20 Liters of Groundnut Oil N9,000 to N9,500
30 Liters of Groundnut Oil N13,500 to N14,000
5 Liters of Wesson Vegetable Oil N4,500 to N4,700
5 Liters of Kings Vegetable Oil N2,900 to N3,000
3.8 Liters of Mamador Vegetable Oil N3,000 to N3,200
3 Liters of Power Vegetable Oil N2,400 to N2,600
Dangote Sugar (50kg) N17,000 to N17, 300
St. Louis Suar Cube (500g) N300 to N400
Golden Penny Sugar Cube (500g) N300 to N4000
A loaf of Bread (small size) N70 to N150
A loaf of Bread (medium size) N300 to N500
Crat of Eggs N1100 to N1300


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