Food Bloggers Changing the Face of Cuisine in Nigeria

Food Bloggers in Nigeria have revolutionized the way Nigerian food is viewed globally by opening people’s eyes to different recipes from all over the tribes.

Beyond recipes, these food Bloggers are stamping Nigerian culinary culture on the world map.

So today, I have kept back my chef knife and skillet to appreciate those who have been in the game for a while, to those just starting (like me) and everyone else in the middle.

In no particular order, below are best food bloggers changing the face of cuisine in Nigeria you should be following in the year 2020:

  1. All Nigerian Recipes []

This blog is owned by Flo Chinyere Madueke who works in the oil exploration industry but takes out time to share her passion for food with her esteemed audience.

The blog focuses more on traditional Nigerian food recipes of all kinds. From the rice recipes, snacks recipes, soup recipes, to list of other recipes.

With a strong following on social media and tantalizing recipes on her blog, all Nigerian recipes without question is one interesting foodie and blogger to follow.

  1. 9ja Foodie []

9ja foodie is also one of the leading Nigerian food blogs created by Ronke Edoho.

Ronke Edoho is, in her own words, a “home cook, CPA, Health/Wellness student, all-round food enthusiast and future farmer…

My dream is to make an impact on every step of the food chain, from farm to table.….”

You may visit her blog or follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @9jafoodie.

Prepare to be “tutored” as there is deliciousness happening there all the time!

  1. Atim Ukoh – @afrolems

With a unique style, Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialization in Nigerian Food.

Atim, a full time Nigerian chef who runs a restaurant in Canada, educates the world about Nigerian food.

Afrolems main focus is to stylize African food at international level.

Educate followers with kitchen tips, cooking know-hows and interesting recipes from all over Africa and modifications of recipes from other cultures.

With huge Instagram followers, Atim is making her mark in the food blogosphere.

  1. Matse Cooks [ ]

Former on-air Personality, food blogger, and owner of food blog ‘Matse Cooks’.

Matse Cooks is a Nigerian and African food blog with some western fusion. She blogs on “news, kitchen tips, interviews and breakthroughs in the art of cooking

After receiving so many accolades for her blog, Matse Uwatse went on a step further to start her spice range called ‘Matse Cooks Spice’

The foregoing Wazobia FM OAP defines her blog as “a Nigerian and African food blog with some western fusion”.

  1. 9jafoods [ ]

That’s me! am an economist, food blogger and owner of 9jafoods. com.  Though new, 9jafoods aims at showcasing West African recipes in an appealing way for globalization.

The truth remains that you cannot cook any kind of indigenous Nigerian food until you learn the basics, and 9jafoods is a great place to turn when something puzzles you in the kitchen.

However, 9ja foods, has one simple aim – to make traditional, and sometimes complex, African recipes more accessible and easy to understand.

I hope to assist my followers in ‘creating lasting food memories’.

There you have it, my list of the top 5 Nigerian food blogs.

If you’re a foodie or adventurous, then track down this food bloggers and have them bookmarked.

Also, feel free to add more to this list using the comment box below.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Best Food Bloggers In Nigeria
Best Food Bloggers In Nigeria

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