How to Make Fresh Unripe Plantain Fufu

Plantain fufu is a healthy Nigerian meal made with unripe plantains also known as plantain swallow or plantain amala.

Some call it plantain amala simply because of the resemblances in color and texture with amala.

Gone are the days when we are restricted to swallows like pounded yam, Eba, Akpu, amala and the like. Now we make healthy foods into a swallow.

Plantain fufu is a very healthy Fufu meal with low sugar content making it good for “fit-fam” diabetic patients and in general, to keep blood sugar levels low.

Plantain is one of the food items most enjoyed on this side of Africa. Almost everyone is a fan of plantain.

Plantains are the less sweet, starchier equivalent to the banana.

Sweet bananas, sometimes called “dessert bananas” are much more popular but plantains are an extremely important staple for people in tropical countries.

Unlike dessert bananas, you must cook plantains before eating. In reality, they taste pretty awful raw, so don’t be tricked by their banana-like features.

Cooked plantains are nutritionally very similar to a potato, calorie-wise, but contain more of certain vitamins and minerals.

They’re a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C, and B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium.

For more information on plantain nutritional facts and health benefits, please READ

According to The Wikipedia Plantain Contains:

32% carbohydrates with 2% dietary fibre and 15% sugars, 1% protein, 0.4% fat, and 65% water, supplying 122 calories in a 100-gram serving (table).

Raw plantain is an excellent source (20% or higher of the Daily Value, DV) of vitamin B6 (23% DV) and vitamin C (22% DV), and a good source (10-19% DV) of magnesium and potassium). Containing little beta-carotene (457 micro-grams per 100 grams)

Is Plantain Fufu Healthy?

Sure, it is healthy, just like I stated above, the health benefit overshadows the cons.

Recipe: How to Make Plantain Fufu with Fresh Plantains

This healthy Nigerian fufu meal is made with unripe plantains (green plantains) and small water.

The quantity of water you will use depends on the size of the plantain and how soft you want your swallow to be.

You can also make plantain fufu with plantain flour and ripe plantains.

How to dry plantain: You can make your plantain flour at home. All you need is the sun to dry thinly sliced plantain then blend and sieve.


Plantain flour is good for cookies and babies.

Making plantain swallow with fresh plantains is a lot easier than you think.

All you need to do is cut up, blend and cook.


  • 2 unripe plantains
  • ¾ cup water to blend


  • Firstly, peel the plantains, and then cut them into smaller pieces.
  • Secondly, transfer the pieces of Plantain into a blender, add in some water and blend into a smooth paste.
  • Then, pour the blended plantain into a pot and allow it to cook for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, continuously stir, turn and pull towards you when it starts to solidify.
  • Finally, you know it’s ready if it starts to develop an elastic and fluffy feel.

Serve with any African soup of your choice and enjoy!


  • Incorporating plantain fufu into your weekly menu helps to balance out your diet.
  • It is not just for weight management but to keep on top of your health and dietary needs.
Unripe Plantain Fufu
Unripe Plantain Fufu

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