Nigerians and Our Swallow: 7 popular Nigerian swallows

Nigerian swallows  are term for high-carb starchy solids made mostly from cassava or manioc plants.

They are naturally thick, elastic and easily malleable with a dough-like consistency once prepared.

They make up most of the Nigerian main course meals when accompanied with soups.

Swallows are complementary foods that are made from common staple foods like wheat, cassava, plantain, coco-yam, etc.

Carbohydrate remains one of the most accessible and widely consumed foods in Nigeria and most swallows seem to be a byproduct of carbohydrate.

It usually goes with most Nigerian soups when molded into small balls flexible enough to be swallowed.

Nigerian Soups are those special sauces that go with the major Nigerian food commonly known as Fufu.

Fufu is generic names for Nigerian swallows, mostly tasteless and relies on the richness of the soups to make the meal delicious.

It is vital to note that no one soup is devoted to any Nigerian swallow, as every individual has his or her taste when it comes to soups and swallows.

To truly relish this popular traditional food you should use your hands to eat it.

How Do You Eat Nigerian Swallows?

Just like the name defined rather than chewing it, you have to swallow. Simply, pinch a portion, dip into your soup and swallow…. As easy as ABC.

Some think Nigerian swallow like fufu and pounded yam is a heavy and a 12 hrs sustainable meal and not appropriate for the weights losers.

But do you know that swallows are fitfam complaint, you can enjoy swallow and still shed weight?

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  • There are different types of Nigerian swallows namely:

Pounded yam

  • Swallows can also be made from some of the popular Nigerian staple foods like
    Corn (Maize)

And oats-surprised!

7 Popular Nigerian Swallows

  1. Amala

Àmàlà is a made out of yam or cassava flour. Yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into flour, also called elubo. This elubo is used to make Amala.

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  1. Pounded yam

Pounded yam known as Iyan is made by boiling several yams and pounding it until smooth. Luckily, there is now a food processor/machine for pounding yam.

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Pounded Yam | How to Pound Yam from Scratch

  1. Eba

Garri which is used to make Eba is made from grated cassava. Eba is rich in carbohydrates and it comes in two colors-yellow and white.

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Eba Recipe – A Nigerian Garri Meal

  1. Akpu (fufu)

Fufu is very rich in carbohydrates. It has very low cholesterol content and it is made from cassava.

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  1. Tuwo Shinkafa

It is eaten mostly in Northern Nigeria and made from rice flour and usually served with Miyan Kuka soup.

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Tuwo Shinkafa: Traditional Rice Fufu from Nigeria

  1. Semolina

If you do not want to prepare Eba, then the best substitute is Semolina.

Semolina is produced by milling semolina grains into powder and this flour or powder is used to prepare the semolina fufu which is eaten with the various Nigerian soup recipes.

  1. Wheat

As the name suggests, Wheat is made from whole grain wheat and it contains protein and rich in fibers.

Delicious Nigerian Swallows
Delicious Nigerian Swallows

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