Tuwo Shinkafa: Traditional Rice Fufu from Nigeria

Tuwo shinkafa is a Nigerian “Swallow” which originates from northern Nigeria, popular among the Hausas. It is a thick pudding prepared from local rice that is soft and sticky.

You cannot be in the northern cities of Kano, Gusau, Sokoto, Minna, Yola, Damaturu, and Kebbi without having a taste of this food.

It is a thick pudding prepared from local rice that is soft and sticky.

It is usually served with different types of soup like Miyan Kuka, Miyan taushe and Miyan Wake which  is simply Beans soup, similar to the popular Yoruba Gbegiri soup.

Tuwo Shinkafa (Tuwon Shinkafa) – is a Nigerian local dish made from raw rice and also with Rice flour.

You can prepare it from scratch with short-grain rice (local rice), however, it can also be prepared with rice flour (which is the easiest & fastest method).

I’ve also seen varieties of tuwo made from sorghum, cornmeal and yams. Tuwo is like the cooked rice for the Asian people.

It comes with a lot of health benefits and a good alternative for Fufu and Eba that is if you’re watching your gluten intake or cholesterol.

Tuwo Shinkafa Recipe

The Rice tuwo is cooked into a thick consistency and then shaped into a smooth rounded shape.


  • Rice (medium or short grain)
  • Water


  1. Firstly, wash the rice. Then, pour it in a pot, pour enough water just above the rice, and cook on medium heat.
  2. After that, allow the water to dry up, mash it between your fingers to check the softness, if it is still a little hard, pour more water and leave to cook on low heat.
  3. Thirdly, use a wooden spoon or potato masher to mash the rice to bring it together.
  4. Fourthly, once satisfied, pick the rice in little quantities and mash with a spatula. Fold until it turns into a mass of Tuwo.
  5. On the other hand, you can continue to stir and mash until it forms a nice lump.
  6. Lastly, cover and leave for two minutes to steam. Mix thoroughly and your Tuwo shinkafa is ready. Wet your hands, mold into balls and Serve the dish with preferred soup.

Overview about the Food

  • Tuwo shinkafa or Rice tuwo is a unique Nigerian dish consisting of rice flour or soft, short-grained rice and water.
  • The combination of those ingredients is cooked, mashed, and formed into large balls.
  • It is popular throughout the northern parts of the country and is often served as an accompaniment to various soups and stews.
tuwo-shinkafa -rice fufu
tuwo-shinkafa -rice fufu

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