Discover The Delicious Taste Of Corn Fufu And Ogbono Soup

Getting back from work and in need of something quite simple to prepare, I found myself thinking of soup and fufu to eat it with.

There are some soups and fufu that I am so used to and can make them even in my dreams.

One of them is Ogbono soup with corn fufu meal. Yes! You heard me right.

This is the meal I was brought up with; I mean if you go to my parent’s home this very moment you can be sure to eat ogbono soup and corn fufu meal.

I have lots of interesting experiences surrounding this side dish.

We resorted to eating corn fufu meal back then in Enugu State (Eastern Nigeria) when Garri became too expensive to purchase all of a sudden.

My parents switched to corn fufu, popularly called Alibo and we loved it especially when eaten with draw soup (ogbono or okra soup).

My mother having mostly girls had to make sure we knew how to prepare the best corn fufu, which must be smooth, soft and without small lumps.

Corn fufu is a stable food that has been, and will remain, in the Nigerian culture for years to come.

Ingredients For Corn Fufu

Only three ingredients are needed:

  1. Corn flour
  2. Cassava flour
  3. Water


  1. Preparing corn fufu is very easy. Despite the name, the quantity of corn used is very small. The cassava flour should be more than the corn flour. The more the cassava flours the better because it helps the food to stretch. I like using 4 cups of cassava flour to one cup of corn flour to achieve the consistency that I want.
  2. The corn flour comes in two colors-yellow and white. There is really no difference between the two. It all depends on the colour of corn that was used in the preparation. In case you don’t have corn flour, pap (popularly called akamu, ogi) either white or yellow is a good alternative.

Directions For Making Corn Fufu:

  1. Add 4 cups of water in a pot and bring it to boiling point.
  2. Mix corn flour with 1 cup of water until a smooth thick pasty mixture is formed.
  3. Pour the mixture into the boiling water while stirring to prevent lumps from forming.
  4. Stir and stir the mixture to prevent lumps until it starts boiling
  5. Gradually add cassava flour, Start with ½ cup of cassava flour, slowly increase the quantity at the same time as you stir until a smooth, dense, elastic-like ball of dough is formed.
  6. Add a few drops of water to the Corn Fufu, cover the pot and allow to simmer all over, it will take at most 2 minutes.
  7. When it has really boiled, stir again till everything is well formed.
  8. Serve the Corn Fufu with your favorite Nigerian Soup.

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