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Dambun Shinkafa Recipe: A Northern Nigeria Delicacy

Dambun shinkafa is a delicacy widely enjoyed in the north and gradually finding its way into the home of many Nigerians. It is a welcome option for everyday rice.

Dambun Shinkafa Recipe
Dambun Shinkafa Recipe

There are many types of dambu, such as dambun gero, dambun masara, dambun acca etc. But today, we will be making dambun shinkafa.

Even though it can be eaten anytime it is usually prepared during family gatherings such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions

This delicacy brings together a combination of all the six classes of food simply and healthily. The broken rice, oil, moringa leaves, green pepper, carrot, makes it comparable to fried rice.

Broken rice is the favored rice for making Dambun shinkafa, though Jasmine rice can be used in making this remarkable meal.

The broken rice is the same type used in cooking tuwo shinkafa.

On the other hand, if the mentioned rice is not available, you can grind the rice you have into coarse grits with a good blender.

Dambun Shinkafa Recipe

Traditionally cooked by combining all the ingredients before steaming

But to retain the nutrients in the vegetables, things will be done differently. Follow me as I show you how


  • 2 cups rice grits (crushed rice)
  • 4 large diced onions
  • ½ cup blended atarugu
  • A big bowl of zogale (Moringa leaf)
  • 2 cups of spring onion
  • Seasoning cubes
  • 1 cup oil
  • 2 cups crushed groundnuts
  • Salt for taste


  1. Firstly, rinse the rice. Use a colander to strain the water then set it aside for later use.
  2. Then, in a steamer, place the Moringa leaves onto the rack, to prevent from the rice pouring and overcooking
  3. After that, pour the crushed rice and steam until soft/half-cooked for about 20 minutes
  4. Fourthly, remove it from the heat and transfer to a bowl
  5. Then, mix the steamed rice with Moringa, onion, salt, atarugu, groundnut and seasoning cubes
  6. Mix completely and take it back to the steamer. Adjust for seasoning
  7. Now, steam for another 20 minutes or until completely cooked
  8. Lastly, remove from heat and drizzle oil

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