GoronTula Sexual Health Benefits

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Sexual Health Benefits of Goron Tula ‘Miracle Fruit’
Sexual Health Benefits of Goron Tula ‘Miracle Fruit’

Although many people are unaware of its existence, Goron Tula is regarded as a “miracle fruit” by those who are aware of its numerous health benefits.

The goron tula, also known as the tree hibiscus, Azanza, and snot apple in English, is found in northern Nigeria.

It is also sweet and chewy, which is why it is also called “African Chewing Gum” fruit.

Goron Tula fruit (kola of Tula), botanically known as Azanza garckeana, is abundant in the Tula village of Gombe State’s Kaltungo Local Government Area.

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It is both a deciduous shrub and an important edible fruit tree. Because of the numerous sexual benefits, it is known as the miracle fruit.

The goron tula fruit contains a fleshy gumming pulp and five seeds. The flesh is high in protein, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It, like bitter kola, has both nutritional and medicinal value.

This article focuses on the sexual health benefits of goron tula, which has several health benefits.

GoronTula Sexual Health Benefits
Sexual Health Benefits of Goron Tula ‘Miracle Fruit’
Sexual Health Benefits of Goron Tula ‘Miracle Fruit’
Libido stimulation

Goron tula is used to boost libido because the fruit aids in the development of strong desires for sexual intercourse and also acts as an aphrodisiac after several rounds of intimacy with your partner.

People who have a low libido as a result of stress or other medical conditions can try goron tula.

Lubrication of the vaginal canal

Goron tula is recommended for women who have dry vagina because it stimulates the production of vaginal wetness and is ideal for keeping the vaginal area moist and wet. Goron Tula has been recommended for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm.

You need to chew about 5-10 pieces to feel the effect very well down there, but depending on your body type, you may need to chew more or less.

Increase fertility

Researchers believe that goron tula can be used as a fertility enhancer, reducing the need for synthetic drugs as fertility enhancers.

According to research published in the Journal of Biology, Agriculture, and Healthcare, the fruit should be encouraged.

Removes vaginal odor

Gorontula is effective in removing bad odors from the vagina because it acts as a vagina cleanser, cleaning it.

Goron Tula Uses (Health Benefits)

Some phytochemicals found in the fruit, such as flavonoids, glycosides, and terpenes, help control blood sugar levels. As a result, they are beneficial to diabetic patients.


Goron tula fruits are eaten for their fertility-boosting properties.

It improves the immune system and increases female lubrication. The fruit also aids in the treatment of menstrual problems.

Anti-microbial property

Goron tula contains a high concentration of phenolic compounds such as alkaloids and saponins, which have antimicrobial properties.

These compounds have antimicrobial properties against microbes like Klebsiella pneumoniae and can aid in the prevention of microbial infection and sexually transmitted diseases.


Goron tula is an effective aphrodisiac for both men and women who have low sexual drive.

FAQs about GoronTula Sexual Health Benefits

What does Goron Tula do?

Goron tula is used to boost libido because the fruit aids in the development of strong desires for sexual intercourse and also acts as an aphrodisiac after several rounds of having s*x with your partner.

People who have a low libido as a result of stress or other medical conditions can try goron tula.

How much Goron Tula should I take each day?

Every night, consume two goron tula fruits. Allow cooling for a few minutes after boiling for 10 minutes. Remove the seeds and chew the fruit. Swallow the juice and spit out the chaff.

What is the English name for Goron Tula?

The Goron Tula or Snot Apple, also known as African Chewing Gum, is an indigenous fruit from western Africa, especially Nigeria that looks like a Kola nut.

When is the best time to take Goron Tula?

If you want to use goron tula for vaginal wetness, the best time to take the fruits is 3 to 6 hours before intimacy.

Some people even start their days with time, because the effects of this fruit can last for days.

Can I drink Gorontula syrup?

It has been proven and tested to be an aphrodisiac. It can also help with bowel movements, digestion, and the immune system.

Perhaps most importantly, it is suitable for people of all ages to consume.

How do you use a Gorontula and sugar lump?

Use goron tula for hip enlargement and lump sugar for libido combo to keep your boyfriend close to you.

Lick 5-10 lumps of sugar at a time for 2 hours to see if it works.

Then, chew 5-10 gorontula seeds and fly away to that lovely dream world.

Where can I find Goron Tula in Nigeria?

Snot apple is another name for it. This miraculous fruit is edible and is mostly found in Tula, a community in Gombe State’s Kaltungo Local Government Area, and Michika, a community in Adamawa State, both in Nigeria.

Which part of the goron tula is consumed?

The flesh; as we say in Nigerian slang, is the koko (the most important part).

It is the part that contains the juice that performs the function for which you wish to consume goron tula.

If this part is not soft, leave it in warm water for a few minutes longer and check it.

What is the nutritional value of Goron Tula? 

Protein, Fat, Fibre, Ash, Moisture, and Carbohydrate values were 9.85 0.01%, 2.45 0.01%, 12.40 0.02%, 4.50 0.01%, 10.23 0.00%, and 60.57 0.03 respectively

What are the benefits of silky kola? GoronTula Sexual Health Benefits

Health benefits

  • Increased metabolism

Kola nut products contain caffeine, which may increase a person’s metabolism.

  • Digestive aid

Kola nut powder and extract may aid digestion.

  • Increased circulation: The caffeine and theobromine in kola nuts may increase heart rate and circulation.
What is the name given to Gorontula in Ghana?

The fruit is also known as Azanza Garckeana, tree hibiscus, and snot apple.

When you learn about the numerous benefits of eating this fruit, you’ll understand why many of its users refer to it as a miracle fruit.

Goron Tula is a semi-domesticated indigenous fruit grown by the Tula people of Gombe state.

What is best for conceiving?

Couples who have s*x every day or every other day have the highest pregnancy rates. Have intimacy right before ovulation.

If having s*x every day isn’t possible or enjoyable start having s*x every 2 to 3 days a week soon after your period ends.

Goron tula for Men

Because Goron tula seed contains a few anti-nutrients like oxalate, phytate, and tannins, it can help with fertility.

Goron Tula for Fertility ~ GoronTula Sexual Health Benefits

The goron tula fruit is an aphrodisiac and a private tightening agent.

It is used to increase vaginal wetness, making it slippery, in order to improve intimacy and eliminate dryness.

Syrup from Gorontula

An organic and natural syrup can be made from goron tula. Other ingredients such as cloves and dates fruit can be mixed into the syrup.

The formulation is available in a variety of strengths and dosage forms, including 100 mL, 150 mL, and 250 mL

Side effects of Goron tula fruit

Though the goron tula fruits have many health benefits, they also have some unfavorable side effects such as microbial contamination and adulteration.

A high polyphenol content can also lead to kidney problems and increased cancer risk.

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