Green Tea Shot Recipe with Jameson Whiskey

Green Tea Shot – Here’s How to Make with Jameson Whiskey

Green Tea Shot Recipe
Green Tea Shot Recipe

With this Irish whiskey shot, you can go green! Despite the fact that this Green Tea Shot does not contain green tea, it tastes as it does.

Ideal for those who are just starting out in the world of whiskey, this green tea shot, similar to a kamikaze but brighter and more refreshing, is sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party!

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A simple drink with an irresistible sweet and sour flavor and a vibrant green hue, the classic green tea shot recipe has a distinct sweet and sour taste that is sure to please.

In most bars in the United States, green tea shots cost around $10. This is a fun and easy cocktail shot to make at home when you have friends over

It’s ideal for a green-themed party, the holidays, or an Irish St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Origin of Green Tea Shot

The Jameson whiskey company invented this whiskey-based cocktail recipe, which is sometimes referred to as “Jameson Green Tea.”

So, if you want to stay true to its roots, stick with Jameson. However, feel free to use other favorite Japanese, Irish, or American whiskey instead.

Jameson is the market leader in the Irish whiskey market, and the spirits continue to dominate the markets due to their high quality, triple distillation, great taste, and crafted with a smooth flavor that is meant to be shared with friends.

The combination of ingredients has a delicious peachy, citrus flavor that does not taste like green tea.

What is a Green Tea Shot?

A green tea shot is a four-ingredient whiskey-based cocktail:

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Sour mix
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Lemonade or Sprite/ Splash lemon-lime soda
Why is it called green tea shot?

The name is derived from the color green, not from the ingredients.

If you’re expecting an alcoholic drink with green tea in it, you might be surprised to learn that a Green Tea Shot contains no green tea.

Some compare it to a soothing cup of green tea. The sweet and sour taste, on the other hand, is quite different.

The green tea shot is a popular party shooter that is simple to make at home.

Green Tea Shot  Recipe

Despite the name, this little drink contains no green tea (or any tea, for that matter).

Instead, it’s a straightforward whiskey shot made with only four common bar ingredients, and it’s quite tasty.

Green Tea Shot Ingredients
Green Tea Shot Ingredients
  • 1 ounce Jameson whiskey or other Irish whiskeys
  • 1-ounce peach schnapps
  • 1-ounce sour mix
  • 1/4 ounce lemon-lime soda or lemonade
  •   2 – 4 ice cubes
  • Firstly, gather the ingredients.
  • Secondly, pour the Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix in a cocktail shaker filled with ice,
  • Then shake well
  • After that, strain into 2 shot glasses.
  • Lastly, add a splash of lemon-lime soda. Serve and enjoy.

The flavor is sweet and peachy, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t a fan of peach schnapps because you can definitely taste the schnapps!

If you don’t have a bottle of Jameson on hand, feel free to substitute another whiskey. It’s not like you’ll be drinking it neat or on the rocks, so the minor differences won’t matter much

Green tea shot calories – Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Amazingly, this Green shot has some amazing nutritious facts that are mentioned here by keeping the serving of 2 oz in mind:

  • Calories – 280
  • Total fat – 11 g
  • Sodium – 360 mg
  • Sugars – 23 g
  • Total carbs – 34 g
  • Cholesterol – 25 mg
  • Dietary fiber – 4 g
  • Protein – 11 g
Do I need Green Tea to make this Drink?

No, because a green tea shot recipe Jameson contains no actual green tea.

The cocktail gets its name from its greenish-yellow color, which is similar to a cup of green tea.

So, if you were hoping for a boost of antioxidants with your libation, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

This tea will not make you live longer, but it is a lot of fun to drink!

Recipe tips and variations
  • The sour mix is primarily responsible for the green tea shot’s color. Some are more vibrant than others, and those with more lime juice may have a greener color.
  • Making sour mix at home is simple. It’s not only cheap, but it also gives you control over the taste because you can add more lemon or lime juice as you see fit.
  • Do you want a drink that will last a little longer? Increase the Irish whiskey to 1 ½ ounce, shake, and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass, then top with 1 to 2 ounces of soda.
  • When experimenting with different whiskey styles, try to stick to blended whiskeys. Canadian whisky and American blends with a smooth profile pair better than bourbons, scotches, or other bolder-flavored whiskeys.
  • If you’re only going to make one shot, cut the ingredients in half.
  • Instead of Sprite, try it with a splash of lemonade
  • Prepare the sour mix and soda by chilling them ahead of time. That way, they won’t melt too much ice in the shaker and dilute the shot.
  • What if you don’t have a cocktail shaker? To shake your drink, combine the ingredients in a Mason jar or other container with a lid.
How Strong Is the Green Tea Shot? Green tea shot alcohol percentage

The alcohol content is determined primarily by the strength of the peach schnapps.

When made with 80-proof whiskey, this shooter has an ABV of up to 16% (32 proof) on the low end.

It will be more potent if you use high-proof schnapps or whiskey.

While it’s not the lightest or strongest shot you’ll ever drink, one round is roughly equivalent to a full glass of wine.

How strong are Jameson’s green tea shots?

These shots don’t have a strong taste, but they do contain a good amount of alcohol and have a powerful kick.

They’re so tasty that it’s easy to consume too many if you’re not careful.

Is it possible to turn this shot into a cocktail?

If you don’t like drinking in one gulp, try making it a cocktail.

Pour it into a larger glass, such as a martini glass or a short cocktail glass, and top with a splash of Sprite.

You can also serve it with ice for a colder drink.

People also ask
What is a green tea shot made of?

It’s made with equal parts Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix, with a splash of citrus soda on top.

The green tea shot tastes like a sweet-sour whiskey drink with a peachy twist, and it’s one of the better-tasting shooters you can make.

Are green tea shots good for you? Are green healthy?

This means that a green tea shot can help to give you a natural energy boost while also promoting concentration without making you feel jittery.

It also contains Vitamin C, which can aid in energy preservation. If you want an even stronger boost, try a matcha and espresso fusion!

Why are green tea shots so good?

It calms down sensitive taste buds. Improves the taste of alcohol. It also relaxes nerves and gives new meaning to the phrase “a good night out.”

It’s Smokes’ Green Tea shot, and it’s here to change your life.

Why is it called a green tea shot?

Because of its greenish color,  was originally made with Jameson whiskey, it is also known as Jameson Green Tea.

How many Oz are there in a shot?

1.5 ounces

The standard amount of liquor served in a shot glass in the United States is 1.5 ounces (44 milliliters).

Despite the fact that the government has never established a standard measurement for a shot, the state of Utah formally defines it as 1.5 fluid ounces.

What drink is shots?

A shooter, also known as a shot, is a small serving of spirits or a mixed drink (typically about one ounce) that is typically consumed quickly, often in a single gulp.

A shooter is commonly served as a “side” to a larger drink. Shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured, shooters can be shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured.

Do green tea shots make you intoxicated? Alcohol Content

It has a much lower alcohol content than whiskey, ranging between 15% and 20% ABV. The majority of Jameson whiskeys contain 40% alcohol by volume.

As a result, your green tea shot contains enough alcohol to get you drunk quickly.

How many calories are there in a green shot tea?

This tea has some amazing nutritious facts, which are listed below while keeping the serving size of 2 oz in mind: 280 calories. 11 g total fat, and 360 mg sodium

What constitutes a good shot? Is a green tea shot supposed to taste like green tea?

What is a Green Tea Shot?

This pale yellow-green whiskey-based alcohol shot, created by Jameson, is sweet and does not taste like green tea.

It tastes like a combination of peach, lemon, and lime.

What size is a shot glass? How large is a shot glass?

Except in Utah, where a shot is defined as 1.5 US fl oz, there is no standard size for a single shot (44.4 ml).

In the rest of the United States, the standard size is 1.25–1.5 US fl oz (37–44 ml). In the United States, a double shot can be 2 fluid ounces or more.

White Tea Shot 

A white tea shot may appear to be an oxymoron, but it’s actually quite simple to make, and the end result can be one of the healthiest shots you’ve ever had!

Green Tea Shots vs. White Green Tea Shots – What is the distinction between a green tea shot and a white tea shot?

Green tea leaves are plucked, oxidized for a longer period of time than white tea leaves, and then heated, resulting in a less expensive type of tea. Both white and green tea shots are high in antioxidants, but the taste differs slightly.

What mixes well with green tea?

5 Thrilling Ingredients You Can Add To Your Green Tea

  • Add some sliced mint leaves to your green tea and realize immediate refreshment
  • Ginger Tea is usually, a tea lover’s paradise!
  • Lemon
  • Tulsi
  • Despite sweetening tea and hence, your life, honey bears a lot of health benefits
What type of alcohol goes well with hot green tea?

Green and Whiskey

Make the green tea first. The whiskey is then added. It’s that easy.

This cocktail is ideal to serve with meals or on its alone because the tea gives the whiskey a grassy, savory flavor.

Are shots of green tea healthy?

Therefore, a green tea shot might aid in giving you a boost of natural energy and enhancing focus without possibly making you nervous.

It also has vitamin C, which helps support energy protection. If you want an even stronger boost, you can make a fusion of matcha and espresso!

What does a green tea shot cost in a bar?

Roughly $10 each

Making it at home and sharing it with friends is significantly less expensive!

In reality, the whole cost of the materials for the booze is roughly $50, and you receive far more than 5 shots!

Does a green tea shot contain caffeine?

6.25 mg of caffeine are included in one fl oz of Sencha Green Tea Shot (21.13 mg per 100 ml).

The caffeine content in a 6.4 fl oz can is 40 mg overall.

What is the calorie count of a green tea shot?

Remarkably, Green Tea Shot has some amazing nutritious specifics that are stated here by keeping the serving of 2 oz in mind:

  • Calories – 280
  • Total fat – 11 g
  • Sodium – 360 mg
Is a sweet and sour mix the same as a sour mix?

A yellow-green mixer called a sour mix, commonly referred to as sweet and sour mix, is a staple of many cocktails.

It is produced by briskly shaking simple syrup and lemon or lime juice in a proportion that is close to equal.

Can alcohol be mixed with green tea?

While some recipes call for freshly brewed green tea, others ask for simple syrup or liquor that has been steeped with green tea.

Vodka is a fantastic choice because it doesn’t have much flavor on its own, allowing the tea flavor to really pop.

Just keep in mind to buy quality products!

What type of alcohol is mixed with tea?

The traditional Hot Toddy recipe can be slightly modified by tastefully adding alcohol to your preferred tea.

Select your favorite spirits, such as rum, gin, whiskey, or vodka, then add a little honey and lemon spritz to a cup before adding tea on top in place of hot water.

How do I make green tea?


  • Firstly, heat water to 80-85ºC/176-185ºF* (not boiling – this is the best green tea temperature to avoid a bitter taste)
  • Secondly, pour water into your glass/mug first
  • After that, add the tea leaves to the water
  • Then, steep the tea for three minutes
  • Lastly, add in the sweetener of your choice or any ‘extras’, and enjoy
Do green tea shots make you poop?

Epigallocatechin gallate  (EGCG) is one of the most often found components in green tea extracts.

This substance is catechin, which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

But scientists haven’t discovered that EGCG has a laxative effect.

Do green tea beverages turn your stools green?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, matcha may turn your poop green even though there is no proof that drinking ordinary tea can cause green stools or dark green diarrhea.

Who should not take green tea?

Precautions. Green tea should also be avoided by those who are expecting or nursing, young children, and those with heart ailments, stomach ulcers, and psychiatric issues.

It should also be avoided by people with diabetes, glaucoma, anemia, liver illness, and osteoporosis.

How many shots of vodka does it take to get drunk?

How Much Vodka Can Make You Intoxicated?

A typical person would require between two and four shots of vodka to become a little tipsy.

With 5 to 9 shots, you might begin to feel inebriated. More than ten shots of vodka, in our opinion, will make you feel really inebriated.

What is there in green tea?

Green tea products are naturally standardized to the number of polyphenols or antioxidants they offer.

Drinks made from green tea typically contain 178–823 mg of a particular type of polyphenol known as catechin per cup. Caffeine is also present in green tea.

What ingredients are in a white tea shot?

Black Tea Shot Tequila

  • 1-ounce peach schnapps.
  • ½ ounce lemon juice.
  • ½ ounce simple syrup.
  • Ice cubes
How much is a regular shot?

1.5 ounces

In the United States, 1.5 ounces (44 milliliters) of alcohol is the maximum serving size for a shot glass.

Although there is no official government definition of a shot, the state of Utah does so formally as 1.5 fluid ounces.

What improves the taste of green tea?

If you’ve soaked the tea for too long, you can add a little fresh lemon juice or lemon slices to balance out any bitter aromas.

Alternately, adding some honey, raw sugar, or a stevia leaf can make this earthy tea become a little bit sweeter.

Herbs and spices can also be used to enhance the flavor of green tea.

What are good shots?

Incredibly Good-Tasting Shots

  • Bazooka Joe.
  • Cherry Cheesecake.
  • Chuck Norris.
  • Jägerbomb.
  • Kamikaze
  • Mad Dog.
  • Melon Ball.
Is green tea a mate?

Similar to tea, yerba mate is produced as an infusion. It doesn’t, however, actually have any tea leaves in it.

It’s vital to remember that yerba mate is a completely different beverage even though many people consume it the same way they would green tea (or any other kind of tea).

Do shots of green tea have a taste of green tea?

A green tea shot is what?

This sweet whiskey-based alcohol shot, made by Jameson, does not taste like green tea and is a light yellow-green color.

Actually, it has a peach, lemon, and lime taste

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