How to Make Bitter Leaf Juice

How to Make Bitter Leaf Juice. Please Watch >>>>

How to Make Bitter Leaf Juice
How to Make Bitter Leaf Juice

We get it; drinking bitter leaf water is not certainly the most amusing thing to do in the world but trust us when we say it has nothing but sweet advantages for your general well-being.

Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) is a medicinal plant used in cooking, disease prevention, and therapy, among other things. It is widely grown in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bitter leaf, as the name suggests, is a green leafy plant with a bitter taste. When taken as a tea, the flavor can be so irritating that it causes you to create weird facial expressions.

Bitter leaf is extremely healthful and therapeutic, and there are numerous Health advantages to using bitter leaf juice.

Health benefits of Bitterleaf juice
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Reduces Cancer Risks
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure
  • Aids in the Treatment of Abdominal Issues
  • Enhances Fertility
  • Good during Pregnancy and for diabetes
  • Good for face and skin
How to prepare bitterleaf juice for weight loss and flat tummy ~ Juicing Bitter leaf

Preparation and Cautions

Bitter leaf is commonly taken for traditional medical purposes by chewing the delicate stem to release a bitter juice.

Alternatively, you can pound the fresh leaves in a mortar to get the juice. Add a pinch of salt to three tablespoons of the undiluted liquid (optional) and drink.


Always ask your doctor about any medical problems, ailments, or supplements you may be taking.

When deciding how to proceed with your treatment, always seek the opinion of a medical practitioner.

People Also Ask

Can I take bitter leaf every day? What are the benefits of drinking bitter-leaf juice?

Health benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice

  • Cures Insomnia
  • Tones up the liver and the kidney
  • Detoxifies the whole body
  • It helps pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Aids to protect the body against pollutants
  • It Helps prevents and cure diseases
  • Controls the synthesis of female hormones
  • It helps cure memory loss
Does bitter leaf juice affect the kidney?

In addition, the bitter leaf extract protects against kidney injury by restoring normal values the theobromine-induced increase in the serum concentrations of urea and creatinine

Can i drink bitter leaf juice every day?

Assists in the treatment of abdominal problems

Bitter leaf is used in the treatment of stomach distress, diarrhea, dysentery, and other gastrointestinal tract illnesses.

A cup of bitter leaf juice twice daily can help relieve gastrointestinal troubles.

What diseases can bitter leaf treat? Bitterleaf juice benefits

It is known as bitter leaf and has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, and anti-parasitic properties.

This plant has a variety of active components that are pharmacologically beneficial.

Is bitter leaf good for kidneys?

Bitter Leaf extract also protects against kidney injury by restoring normal values. Theobromine caused a rise in serum urea and creatinine values.

Is it OK to drink boiled bitter leaf water?

Certain ailments can be helped by boiling bitter leaves.

There are numerous methods to ingest bitter leaves to reap the most benefits and improve your health.

Some people enjoy making and drinking bitter-leaf water. Others incorporate fresh leaves into their everyday diets.

Can I season bitter leaf juice with salt?

Prepare Bitter Leaf juice by adding a sprinkle of salt to 3 tablespoons of undiluted juice.

Consuming this juice will provide you with instant energy. Or to combat Fatigue

Can bitter leaf water help lower blood sugar levels?

African bitter leaf/plant aids diabetic people in lowering blood sugar levels.

Is bitter leaf used as an antibiotic?

Vernonia amygdalina is a significant medicinal plant found throughout West Africa.

It is known as bitter leaf because of its characteristic bitter taste and flavor, and it can be utilized as an active anticancer, antibacterial, antimalarial, and anti-parasitic agent.

Is bitter leaf beneficial to sp*rm?

Bitter leaf (BL) has been proven to increase sp*rm parameters, although its benefits on immunosuppression-related infertility are unknown.

Is it okay to chew bitter leaf raw?

Because of the bitterness, chewing fresh bitter leaves or drinking the juice derived from the leaves is well-recognized to lower blood sugar and control blood pressure.

It is true because bitter leaf contains andrographolide, which contributes to blood sugar reduction and lowers the risk of diabetes.

How do you extract the bitter leaf juice? Is bitter leaf good for your cholesterol?

Bitter leaf, according to the February 2008 issue of the “Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management,” can lower both bad and total cholesterol.

In an animal model, bitter leaf extract administration lowered LDL cholesterol by 50% while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol.

Is there sugar in the bitter leaf?

Vitamin C, B1, B2, and B6, as well as free sugars, have been identified as phytochemical constituents.

What is the English name for bitter leaf?

Vernonia amygdalina, often known as the bitter leaf, is a shrub that can reach a height of 3 meters in the African tropics and other parts of Africa, including Nigeria, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe.

What else can I combine with the bitter leaf?

Simply combine the bitter leaf juice with spinach or Ugwu (fluted pumpkin) to decrease its bitterness.

If you still find it bitter, try adding some sweet fruit juices, such as pineapple, apples, or oranges

Dry bitter leaf is also effective, but it must be thoroughly cleansed before usage.

Does bitter leaf increase fertility?

According to Grace Johnson, a dietician, bitter leaf can increase fertility by boosting reproductive system performance, balancing hormones, and assisting the ovary to release healthy eggs.

What are the advantages of bitter leaf and milk?

Because the bitter leaf contains anti-oxidants, drinking a cup of bitter leaf juice every day is an excellent approach to rid the body of dangerous pollutants.

Breast milk production in nursing moms is claimed to be increased by bitter leaf juice.

What role does bitter leaf play in the body?

Bitter leaf also aids in the cleansing of key organs such as the liver and kidney. Bitter leaf is also used to cure skin diseases such as rashes, ringworm, and eczema.

Does bitter leaf help you to burn fat?

Assists with Weight Loss

Bitter leaf juice’s components make it an excellent therapy for burning off that extra fat you’ve been trying to get rid of.

A daily dose of bitter-leaf juice in your diet will help you get rid of bad cholesterol and lose weight.

Is bitter leaf good for the skin?

However, bitter leaf is a really remarkable skin and health aid. It not only reduces the possibilities of skin aging, but it also combats the impacts of free radicals.

The bitter extract can aid in the smoothing of your skin and the prevention of various skin issues. You can use bitter leaf extract to make a face mask or to wash your face.

How can diabetes be permanently cured?

Although there is no treatment for type 2 diabetes, research demonstrates that some people can reverse it.

You may be able to achieve and maintain normal blood sugar levels without medication by making dietary adjustments and losing weight.

Side Effects of Bitter Leaf Juice/Water

If a dosage is not followed and you self-medicate, bitter leaf water can cause high blood pressure, major cardiac problems, and a rise in glucose levels in your blood.

As a result, it is necessary to utilize bitter leaf only after consulting with a doctor.

How to Prepare Bitter Leaf Juice

Making bitter-leaf juice is quite simple. Firstly, make sure you have the ingredients needed and they are:

  • Fresh bitter leaf
  • Strainer, sieve, or cheesecloth
  • Blender
  • Clean water

Follow the steps mentioned below to make your bitter leaf juice:

  1. Firstly, wash your bitter leaves thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt
  2. Then, put your clean bitter leaves in the blender and pour a glass of clean water into your blender as well
  3. After that, blend until you get a fine texture
  4. Lastly, pour your blended bitter leaf into a sieve, cheesecloth, or strainer to separate the juice from the leaf



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