Milk Popcorn: The Ultimate Cinema Happy Food

Milk Popcorn is a much loved and on the go snack, it is not surprising that it’s such a common party appetizer, night-time snack, and above all, the ultimate companion for movie nights.


Popcorn is a vital happy food because studies have shown that the serotonin seen in the gluten-free grain can have relaxing, mood-lifting effects.

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Serotonin is an essential chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body believed to aid in controlling mood and social behavior, sleep, memory, appetite and digestion, and function

Milk Popcorn Health Benefits

Milk popcorn is one of the likely healthy snacks out there so let’s bring popcorn on! Organic corn is a delicious snack that comes with a lot of health benefits.

Whole grains, fiber, and antioxidants are all enfolded in this simple snack.

  • Firstly, it’s a natural whole grain that is high in dietary fiber, rich in complex carbohydrates, and is low in fat. It also contains important nutrients which include vitamins and minerals thereby making it a healthy snack.
  • Secondly, it’s low in calories because it is filled with air. It is surprising how a small kernel turns out big after being popped, meaning you get a large quantity without a lot of calories.

While popping the kernels over the stove or in the popcorn maker, the pop pop pop sounds always make my kids very excited.

The commercially sold popcorn at gatherings and other fun places where there are kids’ activities can be high in sugar thereby making homemade milk popcorn a better alternative.

Homemade Milk Popcorn Recipe

There are several varieties; you can adapt this recipe for microwave popcorn.


  • 1 cup popcorn (ask for a variety of corn used in making popcorn, it’s usually small and yellowish)

  • Runny/melted honey
  • Powdered milk to taste
  • 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil
  1. Firstly, put a deep dry pot on medium heat and pour in the oil. As soon as it’s heated, add the popcorn, then shake the pot to make sure a uniform spread, cover, and allow popping while shaking occasionally.
  2. After that, the minute the popping sound stops, remove from heat and transfer to a bowl instantly.
  3. Then, stir in the powdered milk and toss well, add the honey and mix thoroughly.
  4. Alternatively, if you like you can spread on a tray and put in the oven for about 3 minutes, if not stop at step 3 and serve

Kids of every age will love these crunchy Milk Popcorn treats!  Try this recipe and tell us what you think.


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