Nyanya Leaves for Fertility, Benefits & Side Effects

Nyanya Leaves for Fertility, Health Benefits & Side Effects. Please watch >>>>>

Nyanya Leaves for Fertility Health Benefits
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The Nyanya Leaves for Fertility ~ an Overview

Diet and drug use, among other things, play a role in determining fertility. If you and your spouse want to start a family, the first step is to clean up and go as natural as possible on those two aspects.

How Do Herbs Aid in Fertility?

Herbs can be used as a complement to a healthy diet to help your body function normally.

Some herbs help to detoxify the body, while others act to modify the immune system (which can mistake a fetus for an external threat and prevent pregnancy), and still others aid to stimulate the endocrine system, which regulates hormone production (fertility is mainly dependent on s^x hormones).

Pregnancy may come easily to some people, but to others, it may appear to be a hard goal to complete as the months pass without success, accompanied by costly treatment and emotional rollercoasters.

Our forefathers used herbs and massages to treat infertility. The practice is still in use today.

Many herbs are effective in treating infertility, but we will concentrate on one. The bitter gourd (NYANYA)

Nyanya fruit

Bitter gourd, also known as Nyanya in Akan and Momodica Charantia in botanical terms, is a highly powerful herb to consider when it comes to fertility.

The fruit is a prolate spheroid, 3.5–7.5 cm long and 2.5–5 cm wide, bright orange, and covered with soft spines. When fully ripe it splits from the bottom

Nyanya Leaves for Fertility

The therapeutic efficacy of bitter gourd (nyanya) stems from its significant anti-oxidant capabilities due to phenols, flavonoids, isoflavones, terpenes, anthraquinone, and glucosamine, all of which contribute to the bitter taste of nyanya.

Drinking the juice from the leaves, fruit, and roots aids in liver cleansing draining out all toxins from the body

It also helps to wash out any blood clots from the uterus. It boosts general immunity and enhances blood circulation to vital organs such as the uterus.

This herb also helps to shrink tumors and kills malignant cells. According to studies, 60% of women who used bitter gourd saw a significant reduction in non-cancerous tumors.

Health benefits of drinking nyanya leaves

Bitter melon has two potent antioxidants that protect cells from damage: catechin gallic acid and chlorogenic acid. This substance helps your ovaries generate healthy egg cells.

With all of the nutrients provided by this miracle herb, the pituitary gland works well to balance hormones and aid in pregnancy.

Bitter gourd is high in B complex vitamins including niacin and pantothenic acid. It also has a high iron and folate content.

These two minerals are crucial in the treatment of infertility. Nyanya is high in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

This herb contains twice as much calcium as spinach, twice the potassium as a banana, and twice as much beta-carotene as broccoli.

With all of their potency, bitter herbs are one of the greatest herbal remedies for infertility.

How to Use Nyanya Leaves for Fertility

To use this herb, wash the fresh leaves, fruit, and roots with a salt solution.

For infertility, blend or crush herbs, mix with plenty of water, drain, and drink 100-150ml or a small glass twice a day.

To get results, drink this herb for 12 weeks.

Please keep the remainder refrigerated for no more than 36 hours. If any is left over, pour it out and start over. Best wishes.

Spiritual Benefits of Nyanya Leaves

Momodica Foetida, also known locally as Nyinya leaves, has various physical and spiritual benefits that have not been fully explored.

There are various plants around us that have significant spiritual benefits, but we weed them out or kill them with weedicides since we don’t know about them.

We’ve discussed the spiritual benefits of prekese in another post. This post also discusses nyanya leaves, their spiritual value, and other connected topics.

There are various ways to employ nyanya leaves for spiritual purposes which include’

  • Bathing with the leaves
  • Drinking the water from the boiled leaves.
Spiritual benefits of nyanya Leaves
  • For spiritual cleansing
  • Nyanya is used to drive away evil spirits
  • Chiefs harness the power of this leaf during durbars.
  • Nyanya leaves are used to drive bad luck
  • It is used to find the cause of unexplainable death
  • It is also used to preserve the destiny of a newborn
Other Herbs that can help you get pregnant

Here are a few special herbs that have been investigated and used to assist in conception and bringing a pregnancy to term healthily.

  • Black Cohosh
  • Licorice
  • Ashwagandha
  • Evening Primrose Oil – EPO
  • Shatavari
  • Castor Oil
  • Maca
  • Damiana
  • Milk Thistle
  • Cinnamon
  • White Peony
  • Dong Quai
FAQs about Nyanya Leaves for Fertility

Miracle leaf for fertility ~ Which Leaf is good for fertility?

Black cohosh

Female fertility is claimed to be improved by the herb. It is said to stimulate the ovaries and increase ovulation.

Herbs for fertility over 40 years

We know that hormones alter as we age; if fertility hormone levels are too high or too low, it may hinder pregnancy or induce miscarriage.

Here are some herbs to consider:
  • FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 (a liquid herbal blend)
  • Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus)
  • Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus)
  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
Nyanya leaves for gonorrhea ~ how to use Nyanya leaves to treat Chronic Gonorrhoea
  • Firstly, wash very well the roots of coffee Senna and leaves of Nyanya with rock salt to remove bacteria from it.
  • After that, allow boiling with water for about an hour and 30 minutes.
  • Finally, drink a cup of water from the mixture 3 times daily and experience results after 3 days.
What is the English name for Nyanya?

Bitter guard is botanically known as Momordica charantia L. of the Cucurbitaceae family.

Nyanya leaves are scientifically known as Momodica Foetida. Tropical African native, closely related to bitter melon

Local names for the plant include concombre Sauvage (French for “wild cucumber”), nyanya-nua, sprp, kakle, awoduan (“snake meal”), aoasongo, gaayama, nana, aoasongo, gaayama, nana, aoasongo, gaayama, nana, aoasongo, gaayama

What do nyanya leaves do to the body? nyanya leaves Side Effects

Bitter melon, when consumed in moderation, can be a healthy and nutritious addition to your diet.

However, drinking large amounts of bitter melon or using bitter melon supplements may result in a number of adverse effects.

Bitter melon, in particular, has been related to diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Pregnant women, persons with underlying health concerns, and those taking blood sugar-lowering drugs should seek medical advice before using this product.

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