Poundo Yam: How to Make Poundo Yam Flour

Poundo yam is a Nigerian staple side dish to dozens of soups or other meals. It is made from yam flour and a good substitute to pounded yam which is made using fresh yam.

It’s obvious that the powdered version is simply not the same with the fresh pounded yam, but it is pretty darn close!

The stress and difficulty involved in making pounded yam through the orthodox way of using mortar and pestle have led many people to delete the meal from their family’s menu.

Similarly, yam is expensive especially during the dry season that’s if you’re even lucky to find the good ones.

And again, when you live with the landlord or worse off when you have people leaving beneath you, the noise coming from your pounding might bring unnecessary quarrel.

In recent times, the proliferation of an alternative- poundo yam; a powder/ flour type that produces a similar result appears to be the way out. It’s faster and a less laborious process.

This food, is one of my favorite swallows because of the stretchy texture and somewhat sweet flavor.

There Are Two Methods to Preparing Poundo Yam


  • Poundo yam flour
  • Water

First Method

  1. Firstly, mix 2 tablespoons of poundo flour with ¼ cup of water to form a light mixture.
  2. Now, combine the flour mixture with 2 cups water in a medium pot; bring to the boil
  3. Thirdly, gently pour poundo flour into boiling water; reduce heat; stir constantly with a wooden spoon till it starts to forms a solid mass.
  4. Then, while stirring, add leftover water occasionally; and poke holes to let steam escape and cook the flour.
  5. Lastly, stir until all water evaporates and it forms a solid lump. The lump should not be too soft or too hard, but moderate and stretchy to touch.

Serve with your favorite Nigerian soup.

For The 2nd Method

  1. Firstly, add in one cup of poundo flour to boiling water
  2. Please Note: My main tip to making any morsel is to start with the same amount of water, as the powder.
  3. Stir with a wooden spoon till it is a whole solid lump.
  4. Now, the lump will usually be too thick to eat, so add as much of the remaining ½ cup of water as you would like to get the consistency you want.
  5. Remember to add the water in bits. Add more than the remaining ½ cup of water if you’d like.
  6. Similarly, poundo yam can also be prepared in the same manner using poundo yam flour just like you prepare Semo, Eba, Amala, Starch and the likes.
  7. Now you can enjoy preparing pounded yam in the most stress-free way as possible.

Poundo Yam near Me

Poundo Yam Flour
Poundo Yam Flour

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