Soaked Garri: Nigerian Well-Known Cereal

Soaked garri is best taken in the busy hour of the day like in the afternoon to replenish lost energy and to allow burning more energy.

In West Africa, most especially Nigeria, one very indispensable food is garri.

The food which is derived from cassava tubers is locally called “Garri” by many Nigerian tribes and is pronounced as ‘garry’.

Other names that it is called are ‘African or cassava flakes, gari, garry, or gali’.

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What Is Soaked Garri?

Garri is a grain-like (cereal) food substance that is derived from fermented cassava.

Cassava is used to produce two popular local food types called Garri and Akpu (or Fufu).

In processing garri, cassava tubers are harvested from farms, peeled, washed, milled and tied in bags to ferment for one to three days before further dry frying.

Once the cassava is completely pan-fried, it’s taken out, cooled, aired and packed in sacks for sale or consumption.

Garri can be taken on its own by soaking in water and drinking, but it could also be mixed with hot water (Eba/utara), and be eaten with any Nigerian soup like Egusi soup to give a balanced diet.

The best Garri to use to make this soaked Garri ‘cereal’ is the

Ijebu garri version.

It’s sour so the sugar or sugar and milk as the case may give it a sweet and sour taste that is to die for.

Despite that, some people still prefer the yellow or white garri to the ijebu garri.

How do you Soak Garri?

Garri can be eaten without further cooking, as a snack, by placing it in a bowl and adding cold water, sugar, groundnut, and milk usually called garri soakings

Benefits of Soaked Garri

As a snack, Cereal, or light meal, garri can be soaked in cold water (in which case it settles to the bottom), mixed with sugar or honey, and sometimes roasted.

Peanuts, kuli kuli or groundnut with/or evaporated milk are sometimes added. The amount of water needed for soaked garri is 3:1.

Soaked garri is considered a lifesaving meal eaten by an average Nigerian man. Secondary School or High school students are not left out.

The major nutritional content of garri is carbohydrates. It is a cheap and indigenous source of energy.

If you have never soaked garri, it means you never went to boarding school in Nigeria.

During our high school days, we called it GSM meaning Garri, sugar, and milk. Some call it soakis, asoaks, while the ajebutters gave it the English name of cassava flakes.

Garri Is Everything

Consumption of garri is as important as anything among the populace of West Africa like Togo, Nigeria, Benin Republic, and others.

It gains this importance not only because of its cheap and readily available source of food but also fast food. The rich and the poor all consume garri.

It requires sugar, coconut, groundnut, meat, fish, or processed preferred foods like Kulikuli (Yoruba) and water for the readiness of its consumption.

Its transformation into other foods like Eba also increases its consumption among the African populace.

This pan-fried cassava flakes sales on its own and calls for no public advertisement.

Different Ways We Love Drinking Garri in Nigeria

Soaked Garri compliments a number of Nigerian dishes like the ones listed below:

  • Gari served with fish
  • Soaked garri with fish, coconuts, and groundnuts
  • Going down with cashew nuts, milk, and sugar served with a side of corned beef moi moi.
  • Moi moi served with cold garri.
  • Garri is served with cashew nuts, milk, and sugar. It’s delicious and filling. Adding moi moi as seen above makes it a complete Nigerian meal.
  • Soaked garri with bananas, coconuts, groundnuts, milk, and sugar.
  • Garri served with milk, coconuts, and sweetener of choice.
  • Gari with milk and crunchy chin chin.
  • Cassava flakes are served with groundnut milk and bananas.
  • Gari with avocado pear, milk, and sugar.
  • Garri served with avocado pear, milk sugar, and groundnut
  • Cassava flakes with tiger nuts, coconuts, and groundnuts.
  • Garri with Akara balls.
  • Add milk, sugar, and almonds to your garri. Very delicious.
  • Gari with Roasted Nigerian pear.
  • Garri served with Beans porridge
Side Effects

Even though it is a staple food for many people in Africa, consuming too much garri is not a very good thing.

As cassava used for making garri contains hydrocyanic acid (in other words, cyanide), one should not consume it if it is not properly processed.

In such cases, the effect of drinking garri will be mostly negative, as it might cause intestinal issues, worsening of ulcers, and serious eye defects.

Is Drinking Garri Good For A Pregnant Woman?

Many expectant mothers enjoy drinking garri first thing in the morning or in the evenings, as its sour taste prevents them from vomiting. But should they actually be drinking it?

The Lassa fever was transmitted by rats that came into contact with cassava.

However, back in 2016, many Nigerians, including several pregnant women, suffered severely from the outbreak of this fever, and some even died from it.

Thus, drinking raw soaked garri led to contracting the fever and several fatalities. If you want to avoid such fate, it is best to stay away from drinking garri during pregnancy.

If you still want to have garri in your diet, make sure it is thoroughly processed.

You can still eat it in the form of Utara/eba, as long as you cook it properly.

How Many Calories Are In a Cup of Garri?

Cassava which is the crop from which garri is derived is rich in carbohydrates.

A cup of garri contains about 360 calories, out of which 99 percent is carbohydrate.

Hence, consuming too much garri can lead to excess storage of carbs in the body and this can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

So, now you know, garri is not good for weight loss.

Above all, it is advisable that you purchase your garri from a trusted source and moderate your overall consumption of garri.

People also ask on soaked garri

What is soaked garri?

Soaked garri, commonly known as cassava flakes, is a popular Nigerian cereal.

Garri can also be consumed as a snack without cooking by putting it into a large dish and then adding sugar or honey, milk, groundnuts, and cold water.

Is it okay to soak garri? Is garri soaking good?

Garri aids in the absorption of poisons that enter your intestines.

As a result, your gut health may improve. To get a synergistic effect, soak garri in water with milk.

That example, the vitamins in milk combined with those in garri make for an excellent combination.

What foods should I pair with soaked garri?

Soaked Garri as a ‘cereal,’ made with lukewarm water, milk, and sugar, with or without roasted groundnuts.

It is eaten as eba, which is cooked with boiling hot water and served with your favorite Nigerian soup.

What are the benefits of drinking garri? The Health Benefits of Garri:
  • Aids in Digestion. Garri is rich in high fiber content which helps in digestive health
  • Improves Immune System
  • Reduce Age-Related Illness
  • It’s Gluten-Free
  • Promote Eye health
  • Energizes & Cools The Body
  • Prevents Cancer

How do you soak garri? How do you make soaked Gari?


  • Firstly, pour the garri into a bowl or cup, wash it twice and add more water to it.
  • Then, add sugar, milk, groundnut, and even coconut
  • Finally, drink your garri.
Is it advisable to soak garri at night?

There has been no research conducted on the effects of drinking garri at night.

Garri has not been shown to make people fatigued or weak. It has no effect on sleep.

Can drinking garri cause me to gain weight?

Cassava, the crop from which garri is derived, is high in carbohydrates. A cup of garri contains roughly 360 calories, 99 percent of which are carbohydrates.

As a result, eating too much garri causes extra carbohydrate storage in the body, which can contribute to excessive weight gain.

What are the side effects of eating garri?

Garri, which is made from cassava, contains cyanide, which can cause mild to severe eye problems if ingested in large quantities.

It can also irritate the digestive tracts, leading to or worsening the development of an ulcer due to its acidic nature.

Which garri is best for drinking?

White garri can be socked and drunk with sugar or German stone, but Ijebu garri is the greatest.

Is it good to drink garri without milk?

It dries the blood

Although this has not been scientifically confirmed, many people believe that drinking too much garri causes blood to dry out.

Especially when consumed without the addition of milk.

Which garri in Nigeria is the best garri?

GARRI IKEJI is the best Garri on the planet. Please sample Garri Ikeji if you believe that “the flavor of the pudding is in the eating.”

How is Gari porridge made? Ghana Gari is made of what?

Gari Soaking is a traditional Ghanaian dessert prepared from gari (powdery food material flour made from the tuberous roots of a cassava plant).

It is created by soaking the gari in water or milk, as the name suggests

What do you do with Gari? Uses of Garri

Garri can be consumed as a snack without further cooking by placing it in a bowl and adding cold water, sugar, groundnuts, and milk.

This is sometimes referred to as garri soakings. Ijebu-garri, for example, is prepared with finer grains and has a pleasantly acidic taste, making it ideal for this use.

How do you roast Gari? Does EBA make you fat? Does Akpu cause weight gain?

Eba, akpu, fufu, and all of our heavy dishes are overly starchy and high in carbs, adding to your belly fat.

Eating it in moderation (small servings) should help you lose weight.

Does garri increase blood sugar levels?

There is no statistically significant difference in blood glucose response in subjects on the consumption of biofortified and non-biofortified Garri.

Does garri cause you to poop? It Makes Digestion Easier

Regular use of Garri-as a drink or cereal-is beneficial to your digestion and will significantly reduce your chances of constipation.

If you suffer from these painful and uncomfortable circumstances on a regular basis, you will be relieved to hear that Garri is a natural source of fiber.

Is drinking garri good for a pregnant woman?

Rats infected with Lassa disease came into touch with cassava. Thus, ingesting raw soaking garri resulted in fever and multiple fatalities.

If you wish to prevent this fate, it is recommended to avoid consuming garri while pregnant.

Can I drink garri with groundnut?

Garri can be consumed as a snack without additional cooking by placing it in a dish and adding cold water;

Ijebu-garri is created with finer grains and a pleasantly sour taste, making it ideal for this purpose.

Sugar or honey, as well as chunks of coconut, groundnuts, tiger nuts, and cashew nuts, are then added.

Is garri the same as fufu?

In Nigeria, garri is a popular fufu preparation. It is made from cassava. I’m not sure where the word Garri came from, although it appears to be taken from the Hausa word for grain: garin.

The staple is known as Garri in its grain form (or Gari in other West African countries).

How do you make a gari in Ghana? How do you make cassava flakes? Does drinking garri affect the eyes?

He provided this statement while dispelling one of the eye myths, which claimed that drinking garri excessively will harm your vision.

According to Dr. Alabi, this is no longer the case because badly processed garri, which was mostly responsible for causing vision damage, is no longer often found in markets.

Does garri help with diarrhea? Ideal for diarrhoea

Your mother’s stories about the healing properties of garri are real. It also treats conditions like diarrhea.

Simply chew it or drink it with water twice a day to notice the difference.

Is garri a high carbohydrate food?

Gari is widely accepted and consumed in Nigeria by both the poor, middlemen, or typical Nigerians and the rich because it is a key source of carbohydrates.

Gari can be consumed in a variety of ways; some people use it to makeeba or soak it in water with groundnut, mashed beans, or bean cake (Akara).

What is the calorie count of soaked garri? How many calories are in soaked garri?

Garri contains 357 calories per 100g, while 1 cup contains around 857 calories.

This is how much you consume when you eat only one cup of garri, which is quite a little, in fact.

Is cyanide present in garri? Does garri contain cyanide?

Garri, a cassava derivative, is one of Nigeria’s staple foods that provides a lot of energy.

However, if not adequately treated, it exposes the population to the risk of gradual cyanide poisoning.

Is garri acidic or alkaline?

Carbohydrate foods such as cassava, yam, cocoyam, plantain, bananas, and maize in their raw, semi-processed, and processed forms such as garri, cassava flour, yam flour (amala), and maize flour are staples in most Nigerian communities’ diets. These are acidic foods.

What’s the difference between white and yellow Garri?

Yellow garri is made by adding palm oil right before the cassava mash ferments. It can also be prepared using the yellow-fleshed strain of cassava.

White garri, on the other hand, is prepared without the use of palm oil. Yellow and white garri varieties are prevalent in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Is yellow garri superior to white garri?

Because it is cooked with palm oil, which contains vitamins A and C, yellow gari contains more nutrients than white gari.

Gari is delicious on its own, but it should be eaten with soup for a complete meal.

What effect does cassava have on your body?

Cassava contains resistant starch, which promotes gut health and blood sugar control.

It also contains vitamin C, a vital ingredient that boosts immune function and collagen formation.

How much is 50kg of garri in Nigeria? Prices of Garri in Nigeria Today

Garri Type Quantity Current Price
White Garri 50 kg ₦17,000
White Garri 100 kg ₦34,000
Yellow Garri Per paint ₦1,000
White Garri Per paint ₦900
What is Ijebu garri?

Ijebu Garri is one of the varieties of Garri made in West Africa. It is mostly manufactured by the Yoruba of Ijebu origin in Nigeria.

It has a pleasantly acidic taste that is perfect for soaking – when you add cold, room temperature, or milk and consume it with a spoon like cereal.

In Nigeria, how much does a ton of garri cost?

1 ton of garri (20 bags) = N100,000.00 multiplied by 2 = N200,000.00. As a result, revenue minus expenditure = profit.

How many types of garri are there?

Garri comes in three varieties: fine, medium, and coarse. This is heavily influenced by how the cassava tubers are milled/blended, sieved, then fried.

The cassava grits are fried simply to make white garri. To make yellow garri, however, red palm oil is combined with cassava cake before sieving and frying.

Is it possible to fry garri?

Another way to enjoy this tropical carbohydrate staple is with buttered fried Garri. This Buttered Fried Garri is great with Ijebu Garri.

Ijebu Garri, on the other hand, is more fermented than southern garri, giving it a tart flavor.

Who invented garri?

Cassava came originally from South America and was introduced to West Africa by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century.

Garri gained popularity in Nigeria in the nineteenth century as previously enslaved individuals returned from Portugal and introduced a way of preparing cassava.

What is the English name of garri?

Granulated cassava or cassava granules are more fitting English names for garri. Cassava with coarse grains also works.

What is the English name of EBA?

Abbreviation for Euro Banking Association: a European organization that organizes payments between banks:

Developing countries participating in the EBA initiative would lower their export earnings.

Is Gari the same as cassava flour?

Cassava flour, also known as garri, is prepared from fresh cassava roots.

It’s popular in West African countries including Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

Making garri is not difficult, but it does need some traditional procedures that you may be unfamiliar with

How is garri fermented?

Gari was historically made at home but is now commercially produced. To produce Gari, the cassava roots are cleaned, grated, and fermented in jute bags for 3 to 7 days.

The fermenting process is critical because it eliminates the prussic acid poisons found naturally in the root.

How is Gari fried?

Gari is created from fresh cassava that has been grated and the excess liquid drained out.

The remaining cassava is then fried over an open fire in a large metal pan greased with a little oil, which could be palm oil or another vegetable fat.

How do you process Gari?

Gari is prepared by sifting the wet cake into small pieces called grits and then roasting or frying the grits on a heated frying tray or pan to form the final dry and crispy result.

Gari is typically white or cream in color, but can be yellow when made with yellow cassava roots or fried in palm oil.

How do I get a flat stomach in Nigeria? What food makes your bum bigger? What swallow is best for weight gain?

Nigerian foods that can help you gain weight include akpu or fufu, amala, eba, and semolina. Pounded yam is another healthful option.

Pounded yam is abundant in carbs and calories, both of which are necessary for weight gain.

Is Gari good for diabetics?

Because “garri” has trace levels of protein as well as significant carbohydrate and fiber components, diabetics are advised not to ingest it

Is garri high in cholesterol?

Although the concentration of most minerals and vitamins in garri is low, it is a rich source of other minerals such as copper and magnesium, which assist to maintain the immune system healthy.

Nutritional values of Garri (cassava flakes) Does garri have any nutritional value?

Although garri is a starchy food, it is low in calories and high in fiber, which will help you remain fuller for longer.

As a result, the desire to consume in excessive quantities is reduced. Garri aids in the absorption of poisons that enter your intestines.

As a result, your gut health may improve.

What is the effect of eating dry garri?

Garri, which is made from cassava, contains cyanide, which can cause mild to severe eye problems if ingested in large quantities.

It can also irritate the digestive tracts, leading to or worsening the development of an ulcer due to its acidic nature.

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