5 Delicious Meals to Relish While In Edo State

Delicious Meals are synonymous to Edo state, located in the south-south region of Nigeria; the state is rich in cultures, values, and traditions.

It is an ancient state where you find antique artworks, crafts, old buildings, and of course some delicious local cuisines.

Edo state, the heartbeat of Nigeria, is home to many national tourist attractions and also to some of the best delicious local soups especially in Benin City (the state capital).

Some Traditional healthy Nigerian Meals are peculiar to Edo people, and they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or any time of the day.

Although these indigenous meals have variants in other cultures and places, they are common within the state and have come to be known as Edo food.

This is because it is believed to have originated from the area.

Aside from the state’s rich history and festivals, it’s widely renowned indigenous soups should be relished when visiting its locales.

Therefore, if you are visiting Edo state, you mustn’t just explore the locales but also have a taste of their delicious meals.

5 Of Edo’s Most Popular Delicious Meals to Try

  1. Black Soup (Omoebe)

This is the most popular Edo state soup, also known as omoebe soup. It is an easy tasty soup made from local herbs, bitter leaves, and spices.

Delicious Meals: Best Nigerian Black Soup Recipe
Delicious Meals: Best Nigerian Black Soup Recipe

The soup got its name from its color due to the vegetables used – Bitter leaf and Efirin (Scent Leaf) – when grounded gives off a very dark color.

It is highly nutritious and can help in reducing calories. It is best served with pounded yam, starch, Eba or Semo

  1. Bini Owo Soup
    Named after Owo, a fairly large town about seventy miles north of Benin, Owo soup is one of the oldest dishes prepared and eaten by the Edo people.
Bini Owo Soup
Bini Owo Soup

Unlike most healthy Nigerian soups which are cooked with vegetables like spinach, greens, fluted pumpkin leaf, etc. Owo soup is usually thick and bare.

  1. Omisagwe Soup

Omisagwe soup can also be referred to as Nigerian groundnut soup; it is a very popular soup in Edo State and about the tastiest.

Omisagwe soup
Omisagwe soup

It is similar to Miyan Taushe (a delicacy from Northern Nigeria) and Satay Sauce (an Asian sauce).

To learn how to make groundnut soup, please click here: Nigerian Groundnut Soup

  1. Omi Ukpoka (Corn soup) Omi Ukpoka, generally known as Corn soup, is a meal common with the Afemai people, mainly from Agenebode in northern Edo state. It has a unique aroma and is best cooked and eaten at once as it tends to thicken further when cool.
Omi Ukpoka (Corn soup)
Omi Ukpoka (Corn soup)

It is not recommended for people on keto and diabetic diet due to its high-carb content. It is best served with Pounded yam or wheat.

  1. Pepper rice

Pepper rice is not necessarily an indigenous Edo meal but it is one of the most consumed meals in Edo State; it is very common in the state capital.

Delicious meals: Pepper rice stew
Delicious meals: Pepper rice stew

It is usually cooked with extra spicy tomato stew with beef and probably goat meat or chicken. It is always wrapped with green Uma leaves.

The green leaves give the rice a very unique aroma, setting it apart from the regular boiled rice served across the country.

Almost every restaurant in Benin City includes this meal in their menu


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