Confectioners’ Sugar: Homemade Icing | Powdered Sugar

Confectioners’ sugar (aka icing sugar or powdered sugar) is granulated sugar that’s been ground to a powder.

It’s a staple ingredient in baking that needs a fine consistency, for example, butter-creams and icing.

Confectioners' sugar recipe
Confectioners’ sugar recipe

This sugar melts easily into fillings and toppings where granulated sugar would create a grainy texture.

There are different stages of fineness, that’s why confectioners’ sugar is called 10× sugar which refers to the number of times the sugar is processed to produce a fine powder.

Have you ever been short of powdered sugar in the middle of a recipe? Well, today I’m sharing a super simple tutorial on how to make your powdered sugar.

It takes about 5 minutes. All you need is granulated sugar and a blender or food processor.

Why Homemade Confectioners’ Sugar?

  • I prefer making powdered sugar at home because I can choose if I’d like to add starch or not.
  • If I’m just using the powdered sugar for dusting on top of a cake or dessert, I’ll probably skip the starch.
  • But if I’m making a batch to store in my pantry, then I’ll add a starch to keep it dry.

Homemade Confectioners’ Sugar Recipe

How to Make Powdered Sugar right at home for those moments when you just need some in a pinch!

Takes about 5 minutes and you can prepare it ahead of time.


  • ½ as much granulated sugar as you need powdered sugar


  1. Firstly, pour the granulated sugar into the bowl of a powerful blender.
  2. Then, blend until the sugar is fine, fluffy, and powdered. Keep the lid on until the powder has completely settled.
  3. Thirdly if using immediately filter before adding to a recipe. If storing for later use, add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch or arrowroot then sieve the sugar into a storage container.
  4. Above all, this assists in preventing the sugar from clumping and caking.
Which Sugar Do I Use To Make Icing Sugar?
  • You can use either caster or granulated sugar. The grainier the sugar, the more evenly your icing sugar will blend though caster also does a pretty good job.
  • In summary, go with whatever you have in the pantry.
What Is The Difference Between Powdered Sugar And Confectioners’ Sugar?
  • There is no modification between powdered sugar and icing sugar or between powdered sugar and confectioners’ sugar; they are all the same sugar, just called by different names.

Can You Use One In Place Of the Other?

  • It does not matter if you use a 3 x powdered sugar as an alternative for a 10 x grind or vice versa.
  • Even the larger grinds are still good enough for the sugar to melt swiftly. However, when a recipe stipulates one over the other, there must be a reason.


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