Foodstuff List / Food Ingredients in Nigeria – 50+ Top List

Foodstuff list became necessary because a lot of Nigerians within and outside the country are in search of articles providing a list of Nigeria foodstuffs.

People often ask for the essential Nigerian food ingredients especially those traveling abroad or in need of a list of Nigeria foodstuffs for their recipes.

There is a wide variety of Nigerian staple foodstuffs and ingredients. Prices are relatively affordable too.

The compiled list will hopefully make it easier for you to recognize them when you see them in Nigerian markets or in African food stores outside Nigeria.

So here is a basic list Nigerian food lovers should always have in their kitchen.

We can only provide a list of basic foodstuffs because Nigeria foodstuffs are so many making it impossible to list all of them.

Foodstuff List – Under soup things we have:

  • Egusi (Melon Seed)
    Ogbono (bush Mango seed)
    Achi (Soup thickener)
  • Cocoyam (Ede ofe – soup thickener)
    Ofor (Soup thickener)
    Palm oil
    Dried fish (like Mangala, Asa, catfish, ile, etc.)
    Stockfish (head only, flesh only, Grass Cod, etc.)
  • Dried Prawn
  • Crayfish
  • Dried Snail
  •  Periwinkles
  • Iru (locust beans)
    Ogiri (locust beans)


There are many types of vegetables in Nigeria, and all these vegetables are eaten every day by Nigerians, in large quantities.

  • Dry Okra
    Okazi leaves
    Ora leaves
    Bitter leaves
  • Utazi Leaves
  • Scent Leaves
    Uziza leaves
  • Zobo Leaves


  • Garri (Ijebu, Yellow, white)
  • Cassava fufu
  • Pounded Yam Flour
  • Yam Flour – Elubo
  • Plantain fufu

Other Foodstuff List

  • Ukwa (Breadfruit)
  • Abacha (Cassava flask)
  • Black Beans (Akidi)
    Okpa Seed
  • Rice
  • Maize
    Guinea corn
    Ugba (African Salad)

    Nigerian Nuts/Snacks

  • Ground Nut
    Dry Tiger nuts (Aki Hausa)
    Fried Ukwa
    Groundnut Snack (Kulikuli)
    Cashew Nuts
    Plantain Chips
  • Chin Chin
  • Bitter kola

    Nigerian Spice

  • Ehuru
    Cameroon Pepper (Scent Pepper)
  • Pepper Soup Spice
  • Yellow pepper (Ose Nsukka)
  • Suya Spice
  • Banga Spice
  • Jollof Rice Spice

    Nigerian Fruits
  • Agbalumo (Yoruba), Udara (Igbo)
    Soursop fruit
    Avocado pear
  • Monkey kola

I hope you have learned the Food Stuff List in Nigeria. If you have further questions, please ask in the comments below.

I take pleasure in reading from you.


Food Stuff List in Nigeria
Food Stuff List in Nigeria



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