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Is Garri Healthy: Health Benefits & Side Effects of Garri

Is Garri Healthy: Health Benefits & Side Effects of Cassava Flakes

Is Garri Healthy Side Effects of Cassava Flakes
Is Garri Healthy Side Effects of Cassava Flakes

Cassava flakes, commonly known as Garri or Eba, are one of the most widely consumed foods in Nigeria and the African subregion.

What is Garri? Is Garri Healthy to Eat?

Although garri is a starchy food, it is low in calories and high in fiber, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. Hence, the desire to eat in excessive quantities is lessened.

Garri aids in the absorption of toxins that enter your intestines.  This, in turn, can help improve your digestive health.

Garri is processed from Cassava into powdery food flour that is either yellow (with palm oil) or white (without palm oil)

Apart from Garri or Eba, cassava can also be used to make Fufu (Akpu or Santana), Bobozee (commonly known as Abacha), and chips for snacks.

Cassava is commonly cultivated in Nigeria, and it offers a variety of byproducts that are useful in both retail and commercial food production.

About Garri ~ Is Garri Healthy?

Garium sulphate is the name given to a water-soaked snack known as garri. It can be eaten alone or mixed with cold water as a snack; in Nigeria, it is used to produce a gruel known as “fufu.” It can also be used as a starch side dish to any Nigerian soup, similar to rice or couscous.

Garri, eba, fufu (akpu), ijebu garri, and other cassava end products have been saving the lives of ordinary Nigerians from the beginning of time and will continue to do so till the end of time.

In Nigeria, it is a household name and one of our staple foods. Drinking or soaking garri is a popular means of preparing quick cereal among Nigerians nowadays.

Health Benefits of Drinking Garri

Drinking Garri has several health benefits.

I’ve heard that “drinking soaked garri at night used to blind eyes,” yet soaking garri can be healthy because it is a true source of energy, and there has never been proven that drinking soaked garri caused blindness.

You can drink garri with milk, garri with groundnut, or a combination of garri, milk, sugar, and groundnut.

Is Garri Healthy? Nutritional Value of Garri Food 

Garri Food’s Nutritional Value – garri is high in nutrients that are both healthy and useful to our health. Sodium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, and other nutrients can be found in garri.

How To Make Garri from Cassava

Raw cassava is used to make Garri (Cassava Flour). Cassava is a tuber crop with a high starch content that may be processed in a variety of ways to produce an edible end product.

Quick Steps for Preparation of Eba from Garri.

The simplest way to eat Garri is to soak it in cold water with milk, sugar, and whatever else you choose to put in it.

If you prefer to eat Garri as Eba, here are some simple instructions to follow:

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Health Benefits and Effects of Garri on the body 

Apart from being a rich source of energy due to its carbohydrate content, garri provides a good dose of fiber, which aids bowel emptying and prevents stomach cancer, according to garri nutrition facts.

The core side effect of garri consumption is related to the cyanide content of cassava from which garri is produced. More on the dangers of Garri

Side Effects of Garri
  • Even though cassava and its by-products like garri can cause more harm than good especially when taken too much, It’s also good to know that, when consumed in moderation, its nutritional values are beneficial to the body.
  • Garri, which is made from cassava, contains cyanide, which can cause mild to severe eye problems if consumed in large amounts. It can also irritate the intestines, leading to or worsening the case of an ulcer due to its acidic nature.
  • Garri can be fattening – Carbohydrate is the most abundant nutrient in cassava and its derivatives and the primary source of energy in the body, where it is converted into glucose and then glycogen. However, consuming too much carbohydrates can lead to weight gain and obesity-related health problems.
  • While cassava’s mineral and vitamin content are low, it is a rich source of other minerals such as potassium and vitamin A. Minerals and vitamins are beneficial to the body because they help the body’s tissues develop and function properly.
Bottom Line

Garri is made from cassava, which is a significant food crop in Nigeria since it can be used for various purposes. It contains nutrients that are beneficial to the body and overall wellness.

Garri has numerous health benefits, including aiding in food digestion, strengthening the immune system, and many others.

The main benefit of eating garri is that it provides a lot of fiber and carbohydrates to the body and protein and vitamins.


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