Fried Grasshoppers Recipe – Edible Insect with Chili powder

Margaret Joseph sells grasshoppers at her stall in the Maiduguri market.

Recipe for Fried Grasshoppers – Could I muster the courage to eat a deep-fried grasshopper?

That’s a bone of contention.

It’s an excellent idea to consider eating insects. Food experts want people all across the world to consider eating insects, which are a great source of protein.

Fried Grasshoppers Recipe – Is eating grasshoppers healthy?

Grasshoppers Contain Antioxidants That Fight Disease

The wings and legs are removed to make them palatable. You might want to incorporate these into your disease-fighting diet:

According to an article published in Frontiers in Nutrition in July 2019, grasshoppers are among the most antioxidant-rich insects.

For obvious reasons, not everyone is a fan of this concept.

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But, deep-fried grasshoppers with powdered chili are a local specialty in north-eastern Nigeria.

Grasshoppers are edible insects, and spicy fried grasshoppers have a crunchy prawn flavor. Grasshoppers, known as Fara in Hausa, are a popular snack in Nigeria’s northern regions.

This popular spicy snack is frequently served with suya spice (chili powder) as a dipping sauce, and it’s pretty excellent. Some have claimed that it tastes like sardine, but I know that it is crunchy on the outside.

Where do they eat fried grasshoppers? Fried grasshoppers near me?


In Mexico, edible grasshoppers are a delicacy. Many people in Mexico eat their burritos with chicken or beef, but not in Oaxaca!

In this city, the inhabitants eat them with chapulines, edible grasshoppers that are gently fried in oil and seasoned with pepper, garlic, and lemon.

Also, Thailand, Uganda, Spain, Cicadas, and Nigeria are among the countries where fried grasshoppers are popular.

What are fried grasshoppers called?


Oaxaca is one of the most popular places in Mexico for chapulines, where they sell it as snacks during local sporting events and are gaining popularity among foodies. [Will update with other countries name]

Fried Grasshoppers Seattle Mariners

Grasshoppers are a common treat in many regions of the world, yet they are rarely found on the menus of most countries.

To change that, the Mariners teamed up with Poquitos, a local restaurant, to bring the “chapulines” to the stadium, and they’ve made the Mexican delicacy a sensation.

Even so, not everyone is a fan of this delicacy; some regard it as a local delicacy or nibble. To be honest, if you haven’t tried hoppers, you’re losing out on a lot.

Protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and fiber are all abundant in them.

Protein, as we all know, is an essential macronutrient for human survival and serves as the building block of the human body.

However, as the world’s population grows, so does the demand for protein. As a result, it is important to seek out alternate protein sources for consumption.

In some regions, eating grasshoppers was a result of a lack of protein back in the day.

While some countries have excessive amounts of fats and cholesterol, they all need to balance their diets by including this locust in their meals.

However, according to new research, grasshoppers’ nutritional content can be bioengineered for the treatment of diabetes;

Arthritis, cancer, obesity, (HIV) Human Immunodeficiency Virus, malnutrition, wounds, and other conditions.

How do you cook fried grasshoppers? How to Pan Fry Grasshoppers


  • 1 kg grasshoppers (chapulines)
  • Oil
  • Seasoning cube
  • Yaji spice (Chili powder spices)


  • Firstly, clean up your grasshoppers, thereafter, pour boiled water into the hoppers; stir for some minutes, and drain into a sieve.
  • After that, heat your skillet pan; pour in the green locust and stir consistently until dry and no trace of water. Then, remove from heat and transfer into another dry bowl.
  • Lastly, in a frying pan bring the oil to heat just a little drop of oil. Then, stir in the hoppers and fry until the color turns slightly brown, and the locust is dry and crunchy.

At this point, your spicy snack is ready to eat. Serve with Yaji chili spice and enjoy.

Please Note!

Grasshoppers should cook thoroughly before eating since they can harbor an undesirable parasite that can induce an allergic reaction if not properly prepared.

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