Edible Worms | Edible Maggots “Unusual Nigerian Food”

Some people prefer to eat it raw, boiled, fried, but I love it roasted. If you like “Roundabout (cow intestine),” Edible worms or maggots are for you.

Edible Worms Unconventional Nigerian Food
Edible Worms Unconventional Nigerian Food

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As you are all aware, the term “unconventional” is a subject of perception. What is normal to one person may be strange to another.

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It is usually known as edible maggots. It’s yellowish in color, although it can also be white. It’s difficult to come by in the city, but if you’re desperate, you may hire a local palm wine tapper to help you out.

They are experts in spotting fine wine and Larvae-infested trees, and they would gladly get it for you for a fee.

When traveling from Benin to Warri and back, I used to buy edible worms in Sapele. In truth, I don’t travel direct from Lagos to Warri because of the edible worm. Typically, I’ll travel to Benin and then drive to Warri, stopping at Sapele to fill my soul with this edible palm worm delicacy.

It’s called Eruru in my dialect, and my family used to eat it when we went to the village when I was small. It’s not a maggot, but an insect- beetle larva that lives in the palm tree.

When I was pregnant, I desired it and was overjoyed when my husband surprised me with them. It’s so yummy that I’m salivating right now!

Edible Worms Typical names

Most indigenous people living in areas where palm trees (oil, raphia, and coconut) are present or cultivated like the Palm Tree Beetle Larva (Rhynchophorus phoenicis). In many parts of the world, it’s known by different names.

This larva is typically a prized delicacy in Nigeria’s Niger Delta and the Eastern States. In fact, it is commonly sold along major roadways and markets in Nigeria’s Edo and Delta states.

It is known as edible worm or maggot in Sapele. It is referred to as “diet” in Warri. It’s known as “orhu” in Benin, the Esans (Edo) call it “okhin”, The Ibibios from Akwa Ibom call it “nten”, the Igbos from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria call it “eruru” or “akwangwo” or “nza”,

The Idiomas from Benue state calls it “Eko-Ali”, the Isoko from Delta state call it odo, the Itsekiris from Delta state call it “ikolo”, the Urhobos also from Delta calls it edon, the Yorubas from the South Western part of Nigeria call it “awon” or “ekuku” or “IPA”.

Edible Worms Recipe – How it is prepared and consumed

It’s normally eaten raw, boiled, fried, smoked, and occasionally used in stews and soups, either as part of a meal or as a complete meal.

The larvae are rinsed and fastened to a skewer, and a pinch of salt and pepper is sprinkled over the maggots.

After that, it’s grilled for a few minutes to ensure it’s well done. Eating edible maggots is a very juicy experience.

Torso or cow Intestines are examples of flavors (roundabout). Edible worms are packed full with health benefits

Edible Worm Nutrition

The larvae are thought to have a large protein, lipid, and carbohydrate reserve. Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Zinc, Fibre, and other minerals are present in significant amounts. It’s usually served with palm wine or KpoKpo garri as a snack.

What is your region’s name for it, and how do you prepare it? Please let me know in the comment section below. I take pleasure in reading from you

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