Health Benefits of Golden Melon Fruit & Seed

Golden melon fruit is a healthy food packed with nutrients. Of the many melon varieties, Golden melons offer the most vibrant taste.

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It is seasonal, and available right now in Nigeria. As we are already in the dry season, you can see the mallams pushing some of these golden melons around.

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Please, do not just pass by because are healthy foods laden with nutrients.

Due to the fact that there are numerous species of melon, this article, however, emphases on the golden melon species. But the key question is;

Golden Melon Fruit Health Benefits
Golden Melon Fruit Health Benefits

What is Golden Melon Fruit?

Golden Melon Fruit is large, bright-yellowish melon with a pale green to white inner flesh. Known as Cucumis melo botanically and in the family of Cucurbitaceae (Cucurbit), the golden melon is originally from Europe and Africa before spreading to other parts of the world.

The Golden Melon Fruit has the same body composition as the casaba melon and the Galia melon though, the obvious difference is that its skin is smoother while others have patterned skin.

It is renowned for its bright golden-colored skin with a firm skin with succulent juicy sweet flesh.

From the cultivar’s family of muskmelons, golden melons is present in several species for instance the Crenshaw, Casaba (coming from Kasaba, an urban area in Turkey), winter, and Persian.

Gold melons or honeydew as it is called sometimes, are among the best picks to get a quick bite, especially for those who always wanted to live a healthier life.

The flavor of honeydew melon is subtler. It is a delicious and nutritious fruit.

Fleshy, juicy, sweet, soft, refreshing, and healthy are some of the words you hear the moment someone calls “MELONI”.

How to Eat Golden Melon Fruit

  • Firstly, wash thoroughly with soap and clean water.
  • After that, you can eat with the peel as part of the fruit because it contains fiber and it’s also very delicious.
  • Lastly, cut open, scoop out the seeds just like you would do with pawpaw, and eat to your fill.

I bet you would love it

  • Although not everyone has the same perception about this fruit. Here are some of the essential nutrients in honeydew melon:
Golden Melon Fruit Nutrition

Golden melon is low in Sugar (6%), has plenty of water (90%) and other nutrients such as potassium (228mg/100g), Folate (19microgram/100g), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, antioxidant (Zeaxanthin) and Fibre.
Due to its low sugar content, it is one fruit that is highly put forward for diabetic patients.

1. Golden melon fruit during pregnancy –  It contains folic acid that promotes fetal health, making it ideal for pregnant women.
2. Potassium in golden melons helps the heartbeat better.
3. Source of Copper – Copper helps to rejuvenate the skin which leaves your skin shiny and soft.
4. Vitamin C- Enhances the immune system and helps keep sicknesses at an arm’s length.
5. Source of B vitamins- Thiamin and niacin, are important anti-oxidants that keep your system toxin-free.
6. No Carbohydrates and zero cholesterol which means diabetic patients can enjoy it too.
7. Suitable for weight loss diets. You can mix it with watermelon to get a refreshing little fruit salad because it tastes so bland and not as sweet as red watermelon

One of the most interesting facts about the golden watermelon is its low fat, non-cholesterol content, and also, low-calorie fruit which adds to its fitness for diabetics.

15 Noteworthy Health Benefits of Golden Melon Fruit for Body and Skin

Here are some Golden Melon fruit benefits

  • Reduce blood pressure

We have known about the quality of the melon family in controlling blood pressure. This juicy fruit has that kind of ability as it contains a good amount of potassium.

  • Control cholesterol

The high fiber content in gold melons is beneficial to control cholesterol levels. Fiber can flush toxins and quickly deplete bad cholesterol in the blood.

  • Improve cardiovascular health

The pale yellow flesh of the golden melon is amazingly good for heart health. As mentioned above that gold melon is effective in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, we know that those health benefits of the golden melon can improve cardiovascular health.

  • Ease digestion

Like other types of fruit, the golden melon is excellent for digestion. The high content of fiber and water in gold melons can improve digestive health.

  • Manage weight

It may be because gold watermelon contains beneficial minerals that can improve the body’s metabolism and weight loss.

Alternatively, the content of vitamin B6 in golden melons can control your appetite so that you do not eat emotionally.

The other health benefits of golden melon are:

  • Hydrate the body
  • Good for skin
  • Enhance mood
  • Support better sleep quality
  1. Improve eye health
  2. Good for hair
  3. Good for pregnancy
  4. Improve immunity
  5. Reduce fever
  6. Improve memory
10 Important Information/facts to Know about Golden Melon

As I am always fascinated by the variety of fruits globally, in this case, the fruit I am looking at is golden melon also known as sweet melon.

  • The golden melon or sweet melon is scientifically known as the Cucumis melo and belongs to the family, Cucurbitaceae.
  • This slightly egg-shaped melon fruit somehow has a smooth, waxy yellow rind/skin, creamy white flesh, and seeds.
  • The fruit has the taste of apple, melon, and guava joint. Yes! It is simply a complete package of fruit with a taste that you cannot describe.
  • The skin is edible; just like a cucumber, unlike watermelon whose skin edibility is quite controversial.
  • Golden melon seeds can be dried (for an easy-to-use snack), roasted, or pressed into seed oil. Therefore, all components are usable. Also, seeds are planted to grow fruit.
  • It smells slightly like the wild mango of the southwest part of Nigeria which is traditionally called “Oro” and its seed are useful when making ogbono soup.
  • Golden melon contains vitamin C, pantothenic acid, calcium, zinc, vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and omega-3 & 6.
  • It contains about 90% water therefore, hydrates the body extremely well. It contains potassium which according to current studies releases signals that help to stimulate and regulate the nerves and muscle contractions within the body.
  • The fruit averts cardiovascular diseases due to its high level of vitamin B6 and Omega 3 & 6.
  1. It also prevents constipation owing to its dietary fiber content. It’s good for healthy weight management and cholesterol control.
Is Golden melon seed edible?

Yes, the seeds of golden melon are edible, highly nutritious, and contain minerals for example calcium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, and many vitamins. You can eat it raw or roast it.

Bottom Line

Fruits and vegetables are very vital for health. Even though it is impossible to do without processed foods, fruits and vegetables are important as they promote a healthier and longer life.

So when you come across a fruit or vegetable that you like, get it and eat it. Don’t forget to buy for your children. They will definitely love it either in the whole form or as juice. Besides, these fruits are a natural gift for you to stay healthy.

“Never go to the market and come back without a fruit or vegetable in your basket again.”

In Nigeria, you can find golden melon near you in fruit stores.

Finally, my advice is this if you want to stay healthy, eat this fruit a lot.


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