How to Bleach Palm Oil for Cooking and Side Effects

Bleach Palm oil is oil made by bleaching red palm oil further until it has a lighter shade and looks to some extent like vegetable oil.

Bleach Palm Oil for cooking
Bleach Palm Oil for Cooking

Understanding how to bleach Palm oil without smoking up your household is vital especially if you are a fan of Nigerian local stew and many other food delicacies made with Bleached Palm oil

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Bleach Palm Oil: Is Bleaching Palm Oil Necessary?

Bleached Palm oil though optional has an exceptional local taste especially when bleached correctly

This oil lends its unique flavor to local dishes like the Ayamase stew, obe ata iru, Ofada Stew, and many others.

Uses of Bleach Palm oil

Bleached Palm oil is used as the basis of soap products and Palmolive brand

Kitchen Notes and Tips to Keep You Safe during Palm Oil Bleaching Process
  • To avoid fire disaster – Always, bleach Palm oil in a well-ventilated kitchen. Also, never overheat palm oil or it will “catch fire” and result in serious burns.
  • Bleach for about 10 minutes and turn off the heat. The residual heat from the pot will continue to work on the oil until it cools completely.
  • Lastly, cover your pot when you want to bleach and leave it covered until the oil cools down to avoid choking and enable the smoke to settle.
How to Bleach Red Oil (Palm oil)

Simply follow the below instructions
Ingredients and Tools

  • Good quality Palm oil
  • Stainless steel pot if possible one with a tight- fitting see-through lid
  • A storage container


  1. Firstly, Pour Palm oil into a clean dry pot, cover pot, and turn on the heat for about 10-20 minutes.
  2. Secondly, after bleaching the oil turn the stove off and allow the palm oil to cool completely. Do not forget to keep the cover on and do not open the entire time
  3. After that, the pot gets cold, and the smoke abated. Your palm oil bleached is ready.
  4. Lastly, transfer the cooled oil into a clean dry container for storage.
How to Store
  • Store in a bottle with a cover or glass jar with lid, also you can store in a plastic bottle, as long as it’s not hot.
  • The Palm oil can last for up to 6 months in a cool dry place.
Side Effects

Please note, bleaching of palm oil is unhealthy. This is a result of heating the palm oil above the smoke point which increases the trans-fat levels thus making it carcinogenic.

Also, bleaching palm oil reduces its nutritional value.

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