Tomato Paste & Coke as Urgent Blood Tonic? NEVER

Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic? Impossible

Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic
Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic
  • Tomato Paste and Coke as an emergency tonic for blood donors in Nigeria; No, says expert
  • Why You Should Not Take Coke and Tomato as Your Emergency Blood Tonic
  • The combination of Coca-Cola drink and tomato paste in the management of anemia – how true?

“A recent study reveals interesting findings”

I questioned how the tonic, a concoction of Coca-Cola and tomato paste even functions and how it came to be.

And how many of us still think of it as our go-to method for a blood boost over the years;

But as I normally do when something prompts my interest, I read about it; read, reflect, and read even more.

But again, is Tomato Paste & Coke mixture even effective?

There is ‘no medical basis’ for this combination.

According to records, this mixture gained popularity in Nigeria among students and the poor, where many of them signed up to donate blood at least once a week in order to pay for their maintenance.

A considerable percentage of them responded that they combine one bottle of coke (or malt) with one of the smallest cans of tomato paste or milk when asked how they manage to refill their blood in a short amount of time.

And as they claimed; it worked

However, some experts beg to disagree.

Akanmu Sulaimon, a professor of hematology and blood transfusion at the University of Lagos, College of Medicine, said the mixture wasn’t a blood tonic. And I quote;

“It sounds funny to me. I have never heard of this combination. It is not on the pages of my textbook. I haven’t heard colleagues make such a claim. It is definitely not an emergency blood tonic. It doesn’t make sense in the first place.”

The World Health Organization states that there are three different types of blood donors. These include paid commercial or professional donors, compensated family replacement donors, and voluntary, unpaid donors.

WHO and UN advice to blood donors

The World Health Organization advises blood donors to drink plenty of fluids to replenish the fluids lost during donation.

Donors are encouraged to sit or lie down right away, ideally with their feet raised, until they feel better if they become lightheaded.

The global health organization “certainly has no recommendation on drinking Coca-Cola,” according to Kia Engesveen, a technical officer at the UN agency’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development.

Both ketchup (tomato paste) and Coca-Cola contain excessive amounts of sugar, which is against WHO recommendations for sugar intake.

Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic
Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic
Frequently Asked Questions about Tomato Paste & Coke as Emergency Blood Tonic;

Benefits of drinking Coca-Cola with a raw egg Why do people do this?

One bold blogger made the decision to replicate the beverage in 2009. Interesting replies were received: Some reported it made it simpler for them to fall asleep, while others recalled it was used to increase stamina.

Is drinking Coke with an egg okay?

Salmonella contamination of uncooked eggs makes them not entirely safe. Cola is unrelated to the situation.

What advantages come from consuming milk and raw eggs?

Both eggs and milk are full of the goodness of calcium, which is essential for the growth and better health of the body and brain, as well as the goodness of healthy fats, proteins, and amino acids.

 Is mixing milk and raw eggs a healthy combination?

Consuming raw eggs along with milk results in elevated cholesterol levels, which are detrimental to the heart and increase fat storage;

These two items cannot be processed together by the body, hence it is recommended to eat them cooked.

A mixture of tomato paste and Fanta; What beverages in Nigeria give blood?

Typical Nigerian foods that cause blood transfusions include:

Veggies with leaves: Iron is a mineral that is essential for the development of red blood cells and is abundant in leafy green vegetables such spinach, fluted pumpkin leaves (ugwu), waterleaf, and bitter leaf.

That implies that consuming ugwu and milk can help the body produce more blood.

Is it possible to combine milk and tomato paste?

You can indeed combine tomato with milk. Milk and tomato are frequently combined in dishes, including creamy tomato soup, milk- and tomato-based pasta sauces, and milk- and cream-based Indian tomato curries.

A creamy and tasty dish can be made by combining tomato and milk.

Does milk pair well with tomato sauce?

Serve your favorite pasta with a perfectly balanced combination of creamy cream and zesty tomato sauce.

A quick meal for entertaining guests or weeknight dinners

Tomato paste for weight gain ~ is tomato good for weight gain?

Only 16 calories are in one medium tomato. Therefore, eating two tomatoes will not only fill you up but also reduce your calorie intake and aid in helping you achieve the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

Both soluble and insoluble fiber is important for weight loss.

 Does tomato sauce aid in gaining weight?

Although it can be a low-calorie, healthful addition to meals, label reading is essential when using tomato sauce, advises London.

Many tomato sauce types are fortified with sugar and sodium, which results in extra calories and bloating.

Milk and malt for blood

Since certain malts are also vitamin-fortified, eating all of these will provide the body with nutrition.

But the idea that combining milk and malt can enhance blood volume is unrealistic. That is not supported by science.

Do raw eggs and milk give blood?

No scientific research has shown that eating raw eggs increases blood or energy levels; on the contrary, eating contaminated raw eggs can be harmful to humans.

Can I mix milk and malt? How do I blend malt and milk?

Since certain malts are also vitamin-fortified, eating all of these will provide the body with nutrition.

But the idea that combining milk and malt can enhance blood volume is ridiculous. That is not supported by science.

Nigerian blood tonic for weight growth

A blood tonic is a supplement that is frequently taken in liquid form to encourage the body to manufacture more and new blood cells.

They are primarily used to treat nutritional anemia in any form, including iron deficiency anemia.

Iron and other types of Vitamins are mostly found in the recipe, which varies.

The best blood tonics for weight gain in Nigeria.

  • Astyfer Blood Tonic
  • Bunto Blood Tonics for Weight Gain
  • Chemiron Blood Nourishing Tonic
  • Vita Globin Blood Tonics For Weight Gain
  • Astymin Blood Tonics For Weight Gain In Nigeria
  • Children’s multivitamins & minerals
  • Liquid Iron Blood Tonic
  • Vitabiotics



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