Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits

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Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits
Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits
  • Do you know about the spirituality of bitter kola?
  • 5 amazing spiritual benefits of bitter Kola
  • How you can use bitter kola for spiritual benefits: the knowledge that makes a difference
  • Bitter kola, the sex machine of health and spiritual power
  • What are the spiritual benefits of bitter kola? The spiritual benefits of bitter kola you should know

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Bitter Kola spiritual benefits

In African cultures, bitter kola (garcinia) is more frequently used for both medical and spiritual purposes.

In spiritual practices, bitter kola is particularly effective.

Be aware, though, that, unlike kolanut and others, bitter kola does not appear in any ritual that pertains to progress.

Anytime you witness a spiritualist using bitter kola in a ritual, it denotes evil.

For the destruction of juju and other spells, we use bitter kola.

About bitter kola

A species of flowering plant belonging to the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family is called orogbo/bitter kola/garcinia kola.

It is present in sierra leone, senegal, ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, the Congo, the democratic republic of the Congo, the ivory coast, and Gabon

Garcinia kola, also referred to as bitter kola, is a tropical flowering plant that grows in western and central Africa.

Its seeds resemble nuts and are brown in color. It is covered by a deep brown to dark brown peel.

Before eating, the peel is removed. When eaten, it leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Its name is derived from this bitterness.

It has been utilized for centuries in African culture for both traditional and medicinal uses.

The name for the bitter kola nut is ‘akiilu’ in Igbo, ‘orogbo’ in Yoruba, and ‘na mijin gworo’ in Hausa Nigerian.

Origin of bitter Kola

According to the myth surrounding the origin of bitter kola, the initial diet of the gods consisted of kola nuts.

One of the gods left a portion of this nut on earth one day while visiting, and humanity later discovered it.

Since then, the bitter kola tree root and its fruits have gained fame for their stimulant effects as well as for having some spiritual benefits.

They have also started to be utilized in magic and as a form of aphrodisiac

Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits  ~ What are the spiritual benefits of bitter kola (garcinia)?

In African traditions and cultures, it is thought that certain nuts have supernatural abilities. Information is looked up using fruit peelings or shelves.

Additionally, they are employed in an ancient method of divination known as obi divination. The united states and the Caribbean are currently experiencing increased growth in this ancient practice.

Garcinia kola of various kinds is used as a religious object and sacred offering during prayers, ancestor veneration, and significant life events, such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and funerals.

Kola was first mentioned in the pre-colonial West African book tarikh al-fattash.

The five spiritual benefits of bitter kola (garcinia) are as follows:

  1. Spiritually linked infertility

Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that affects both men and women and is a worldwide phenomenon.

However, on a developing continent like Africa, it is a very serious health issue.

  1. Bitter kola and evil spirits

It is impossible to evaluate the effects of bitter kola on bad spirits experimentally.

It’s vital to note, however, that the concept of religion in Africa assumes the existence of a supra-sensory or supernatural world of existence.

  1. Bitter kola and longevity

Bitter kola is primarily used by the elderly because traditional African worshippers think it can extend life.

This assertion is supported by scientific research, as bitter kola seeds are frequently consumed in Africa to treat inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

  1. Poisoning treatment ~ antidote for poisoning

Studies have revealed that poisoning is a frequent practice throughout Africa, particularly in west Africa.

This practice was used in the experiment to shed light on the overall lack of trust in relationships, which is made explicit by emotions of dread of being poisoned.

  1. Casting out evil spirits

Although individuals who do not believe in spirits may disagree, tribes and ancient peoples thought the plant had the capacity to ward off or drive away any demonic or satanic forces that might come your way.

Bitter kola, the sex machine of health and spiritual power

Garcinia kola, often known as bitter kola, has been demonstrated in studies to have aphrodisiac properties and to be an effective treatment for;

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Immunity
  • Healthy lungs
  • Helps lessens pregnancy complications
  • Anti-cancerous in nature
Amazing health benefits of bitter kola
  • Because they thought it could extend life, the elderly were the main consumers of this bitter fruit.
  • Bitter kola has potent spiritual characteristics that make it a potent healing agent.
  • Acts as a tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory tool; used in rituals and spiritual cleaning.
  • Used in unique defensive rites to stifle adversaries.
Benefits of Bitter Cola: Wide Range of Positive Effects

The benefits of bitter cola include a variety of advantageous outcomes.

Particularly in Nigeria, the fruits of the kola tree have a variety of medical purposes. To cure diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and weariness, bitter kola is primarily used as a tonic and stimulant.

Bitter kola has potent spiritual characteristics that make it a potent healing agent.

Acts as a tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory tool; used in rituals and spiritual cleaning.

Used in unique defensive rites to stifle adversaries

Bitter cola can reduce asthma symptoms and function as a diuretic and antioxidant.

When used, it promotes physical performance and alertness. Because caffeine is one of its ingredients, it elevates mood, curbs hunger, and increases libido.

Do you know that using bitter kola is one of the simplest ways to boost your sperm naturally?

According to the examination, people who swallow two slices every day virtually never get sperm court problems.

When chewed, bitter kola has several health benefits for both men and women

Cola is soaked for two days, combined with warm water to remove the extract, and then filtered to get the unmixed, unflavored solution.

Some individuals like to remove the back, which is the outer layer, but mixing it altogether increases the strength of the bitter kola’s effect on sperm. Impotence in men is supposedly treated by it.

Unlimited Enhancer of Sexual Performance:

The best supplement for weak men’s sexual performance is bitter kola. The sexual benefits of bitter kola are unmatched by any other product since it gives you limitless performance in bed!

This recent finding has elevated the popularity of this product.

Additional Benefits of Bitter Kola Nuts

Bitter kola has natural anti-microbial and anti-parasitic properties and is used to treat bacterial infections, bronchitis, typhoid, TB, diarrhea, and other illnesses.

It is thought that bitter kola has chemical characteristics that make it a catalyst for an antimalarial drug.

It also has potent antimalarial activities because it includes phytochemicals that are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Helps with Losing Weight

Bitter kola is well recognized for being a natural appetite suppressant and a powerful thirst stimulant, and as such helps to reduce weight loss because a decreased intake of food and a big intake of water is needed by the body to get rid of extra fat and maintain health.


Bitter kola seeds may be used as a therapy for diabetes since it is thought that they can lower blood sugar levels, Miletus.

Glaucoma protection

A team of experts has established that using an eye drop containing garcinia kola extract on a regular basis can help treat glaucoma.

Treatment for fever and colds

Bitter kola relieves chest colds and then prevents colds altogether by having the capacity to expand the alveolar sac and duct.

How to Use bitter kola in Ceremonies

Depending on the individual’s unique spiritual beliefs, there might be a wide range of advantages to utilizing bitter kola in ceremonies.

Some people could view bitter kola as a potent spiritual tool that can aid in fostering harmony and tranquillity during rituals.

Some people might view it as a method to communicate with ancestors’ spirits or gods.

Whatever the circumstances, bitter kola can play a significant role in a number of religious rituals.

Benefits of using bitter kola
Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits
Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits

For ages, Africans have utilized the stimulant bitter kola to boost their energy and alertness.

Today, bitter kola is well-liked for its spiritual properties and as a natural energy enhancer. Incorporate bitter kola into your daily regimen for the following five reasons:

  1. Bitter kola increases your level of energy and alertness.
  2. It enhances concentration and focus.
  3. It can keep you alert when working or studying for extended periods of time.
  4. It can improve your disposition and increase your productivity.
  5. It can aid in problem-solving and boost your self-assurance.
Honey and bitter kola

Honey and bitter kola Honey has long been known to have therapeutic benefits. Both honey and bitter kola have the ability to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Combining honey and bitter kola, two naturally occurring antibiotics doubles their effectiveness.

Honey and bitter kola are used to cure sore throats and hoarse voices because they encourage the production of mucus and soothe dry throats.

Because these two products have anti-inflammatory qualities, they are also combined to treat acne.

Now that you are aware of the medicinal benefits of bitter kola and honey, you can use them to cure a variety of health issues.

Why not make use of what nature has provided?

Bitter kola can be chewed to reduce throat, bronchial, and cough discomfort.

Numerous studies have shown bitter kola to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, diarrhea, and poisoning in addition to being an aphrodisiac.

Importance of orogbo (bitter kola)

It is crucial to understand that Orogbo during divination is equally important, even if only to be in Babalawo’s pocket.

The importance of Orogbo during the initiation process, sacrifice, propitiation of the head, prayer, and other crucial spiritual steps, before and after Orisha’s activities, cannot be quantified.

Orogbo’s presence indicates long life for Babalawo and the people around him, just as Obi’s presence indicates that evil has no place in the vicinity of a highly revered and honored Babalawo

The words oro and gbo were combined to form the word orogbo, just like all other Yoruba words. Gbo signifies longevity, eternal, and everlasting, whereas Oro means very little and spherical.

The two words are combined to form the word Orogbo, which means “round fruits that attract longevity,” “everlasting blessing,” “enduring health,” and “perpetual blessing of longevity” when pronounced correctly.

Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits  ~ Bitter Kola Spirituality 

Orogbo is used to pray for longevity, good health, peace, harmony, and happiness at initiations or any other sacrificial steps, rituals, or propitiations.

In the jungle of life, which is full of mishaps, untimely death, and sadness, a man who enjoys the blessing of long life and good health, as well as the enjoyment of the same degree of health and longevity by his loved ones, is undoubtedly blessed.

The fruit’s name, Orogbo, was created to represent Iwure (prayer); it is a spiritual seed that establishes the power of divinities and has a wealth of characteristics that promote long life and good health.

5 Incredible Spiritual Benefits of Bitter Kola

Few people are aware of the incredible spiritual benefits that the bitter kola nut has to offer, despite the fact that it is frequently praised for its many medical advantages.

Here are five benefits of bitter kola for spirituality that you probably aren’t aware of.

  1. Prevents snakes from entering your surroundings.

Snakes have been known to be successfully repelled by bitter kola. To deter deadly snakes from entering your property, surround your residence with a well-ground paste of the bitter kola plant.

  1. Bitter kola functions as an anti-poison.

It is well known that bitter kola is useful for reducing the negative effects of poison. If you believe you have been poisoned or are in charge of someone who has been poisoned, chew one or two bitter kola nuts.

  1. Promotes business and draws in customers.

Bitter kola is thought to drive away negative energy and bring good vibes to people’s businesses. Some people have credited the powerful influence of bitter kola for their success in business.

  1. Neutralizes magical effects/spells

The effectiveness of astounding power of the bitter kola has been used to successfully neutralize spells. Put two or three bitter kola nuts under the pillow to dispel any enchantment.

  1. Stop Negative Dreams

Bitter kola is thought to assist in ending bad dreams in addition to expelling negative energy. The swaying of obstinate spirits may be the cause of recurring terrible dreams. It’s thought that bitter kola can stop such dreams.

Bitter Kola spiritual benefits ~ the Conclusion

The uses of bitter kola for spiritual purposes are numerous and diverse, and some of them include:

Act as a tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory tool, and lipolytic;

Employed in certain protection rites to stifle adversaries.

Bitter cola can reduce asthma symptoms and function as a diuretic and antioxidant. When used, it promotes physical performance and alertness.

Due to caffeine being one of its ingredients, it elevates mood, curbs appetite, and increases libido.

The effectiveness of this caffeine-containing substance in treating rheumatism, hepatitis, STIs, and urinary tract infections as well as lowering blood pressure was proven by scientists.

Homemade liqueurs can also be prepared with coke powder or crushed seeds.

This African herb has a lot to offer individuals seeking a little extra assistance in their spiritual lives, from easing anxiety to aiding in meditation and prayer.

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